He opened the door and could tell by the noises coming from the kitchen that his entry had gone unheard. Quietly he walked to the kitchen door and was surprised by what he saw. She was wearing a light summer dress, her hair tied up, making her appear younger than she was. With the sun shining thru the windows, her dress was almost transparent, and he was seized by desire for the womyn. He went quickly in search of what he needed to fulfil his plans...

She was grabbed from behind with gentle force, her mouth and eyes being covered while being pushed into to counter top. "Quiet" he whispered "or this will not be enjoyable". She knew by his nature that he would not hurt her, but she had to do as he said.

He covered her eyes with a scarf that he'd found, and then took her hands behind her and tied them together using a silk belt from the dressing gown in the bedroom.

He turned the womyn to face him and tenderly touched her face, teasing her lips with his fingertips and tracing the contours of her face. He could tell by the flush on her face that she was anxious, perhaps even aroused. Her breath quickened, her chest heaving under the dress. He could see she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples where hard and pointing at him, seemingly in accusation. As one hand continued to move over her face, the other moved to the buttons on the dress, undoing them slowly as to bring more emphasis to his actions.

He knelt before her to undo the remaining buttons. He smiled as he discovered her lack of panties. He let his hands trail to the floor, to tease her toes, her feet. To feel her ankles and move slowly up her legs, he deliberately missed her groin. He noticed that she had moved toward him in anticipation of his touch to her delicately fur-covered mound, but to touch her there was not in his plans yet. He heard her moan in disappointment, but he knew she would not be feeling that emotion for long. His fingers feathered over her waist, moving up to touch her breast's, teasing the nipples with the tips of his fingers, pulling on them and rolling them around between his thumb and finger.

He leant down and brought her breasts to his mouth and pinched her nipples with his lips. His hands moved behind her to cup her buttocks. He pulled her to him, spreading her cheeks she moved up against him, her moans registering her pleasure at his force.

He turned her and pushed her into the counter top, bending her over exposing her buttocks, and her sensitive crack. He undid his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor, allowing his manly-hood to spring forward and free. He kicked his trousers away and lifted the womyns dress. Teasing the womyn with the tip of his penis, sliding it around her curvaceous butt, he made her skin slippery and shiny with his juices. He could see that she was clenching her hands. His fingers made a trail over her arms, slowly making their way down to her wrists and then back up to gently caress her shoulders, sweeping the tendrils of hair aside. He lowered his mouth and bit into her neck, gently but with increasing pressure. He felt her moan and move against him, her bum clenching his penis in the cleft, trying to manoeuvre herself above him, to envelope him in her thighs. Her nails were raking his stomach, digging into him with a teasing motion. He moved away from her and untied her arms. Quickly removing her dress, he moved her hands to her front, and retied them, tightly, and fastened her to the faucets over the sink. She couldn't move and was lying prone, open to his machinations, whatever they may be.

She felt a cold liquid on her back, running in rivulets down her sides, between her buttock cheeks and down her legs. Something hard and flexible was being rubbed over her chest, teasing her nipples. It slid lower to the cleft between her thighs and was being rubbed lightly over her clit, and teasing her anus, pressure building along with her anticipation.

She felt hands on her ankles as they were spread apart, the liquid making the contact even more sensual. She was prepared for what was to come.

He was on his knees behind her, his eyes transfixed on her pussy, he could see her lips wet and glistening. His hands slid up her legs to rub the oil into them, feeling her skin become slick and slippery, his motions were firm but gentle. Drawing circles in her skin, using his nails to make red lines, he worked his way up over her buttock cheeks and over her back, feeling her muscles tense under his fingers. He pushed his penis into her legs, teasing her butt with the slippery knob that was sliding between her thighs. His hands moved to her breasts, pulling on them. He teased her nipples by pinching them and kneading her breasts as he rubbed his hardening cock over her thighs...

She pushed back into him in the same rythym as his hands on her breasts, wanting him in her to feel him pulsate inside her was what she wanted right now. And she wanted him hard!

He gripped her shoulders and pulled her back into him, feeling his cock sliding hard against her pussy lips. He rubbed the oil into her shoulders and onto her breasts, pulling on them. His hands moved down between her legs and felt his knob thru her fur, he applied pressure and could feel her muscles quiver against his cock, the rubbing stirring awake the clit, making it stand out hard and awaiting more attention. One of his arms slid around her waist and held her fast while he bent his knees and teased her cleft, only allowing a minute portion of his cock entry into her...

She wanted to feel his cock in her, to rub her clit, she wanted orgasm and could feel it close. Her thighs had become slick and hot, her breath was short and she felt her nipples dangling on the counter top, teasing themselves with each of his thrusts.

He knelt and moved between the counter and her legs so he was facing her. He moved up and licked her clit, a short sharp darting thrust with his tongue while he teased her vagina with the vibrator he had taken from the bedroom. He could hear her moan and feel her thighs tense. He kept teasing and darting at her clit, tasting her juices that flowed from her. His hand reached up and started to flick her nipples, they were standing out hard and proud. His tongue continued to probe at her clit while the vibrator applied pressure to her anus.

He stood up and rubbed her butt cheeks firmly and then suddenly slapped them. She bucked under his hand, her cheeks turning pink and hot. He slapped again and his lips came down on her hip, nibbling and caressing her skin. He bit her and licked at the wound his teeth had made. He stood and thrust his groin into her, making his intentions clear. He leant over her and moved aside her hair, gently bitting into her neck with a passion that was gentle in its force...

She moaned and arched her back, her bum making the contact with his groin even more intense. She moved her head and freely gave him her neck. The tendons were standing out, her hands tense, but her heart bet with the anticipation of lust. The pressure on her neck increased but that added to her pleasure. He knew her well.

His hands moved down to her pubic area, spreading her lips to allow his fingers access to the hot haven within. He plunged a finger in without premise, all the way and ground his palm into her clit. He changed the angle and another finger found entry in her anus, probing gently. He stood and rubbed his cock up and down her crack, teasing all the way. He could feel her heat and her wetness, and he was patient in his ministrations. He handled the vibrator with ease, torturing her with its power, and entering into her vagina only a bit at a time. She pushed back hard, wanting more than he was giving. He was stroking his cock in time with the movement of the vibrator, teasing himself with the vision of her pussy, and her quivering anus. He applied jel to her anus and entered her a little at each stroke. She took the length easily and will pleasure. He put his cock into her pussy and entered her. Keeping in time with the motion of the vibrator, he could feel her tension building, her muscles contracting. He held her and pumped her hard, holding onto her hips he felt the full force of her orgasm, massaging the length of his cock. His strokes were long and hard into her. Her moans were filling his head and the house, he had had enuff. He removed his cock and untied her hands. Pushing her down onto her knees, he places his cock by her lips, teasing them and probing her mouth...

She took him in and sucked him gently. Tasting their juices combined, smelling the odour of their sex in the air was arousing. She felt his hands on her head and the rythem of his thrust's increased, she had to keep up with his needs. Relaxing she took him, his length was chocking but not dangerously so, he fucked her mouth in a manner similar to his lovemaking.

He enjoyed her lips and mouth around his cock but he wanted more from her. He stood her up and walked her the chair where he bent her over. Exposing her butt for his to glorify, he placed his cock at her back entrance, spread her cheeks and pushed...the sensation was exquisite. He felt her muscles tense in reaction to his entry, but she relaxed and used her technique to massage and tease him, telling him that this is what she wanted. He noticed that because he had not tied her hands again, her fingers had found the way to her clitoris, stroking it hard and fast, in time with him. He knew she could take him so he pushed into her, and pulled all the way out, teasing her while watching the vision of his cock entering her tight butt. Her body shook with another orgasm, and was meet with the sting of his hand on her buttocks...

She bucked against it in pleasure. More than once her cheeks felt the slap of his hand, this made the fine line between pleasure and pain non-existent. She felt pain, but she was having the ultimate pleasure of sexual gratification with a man who knew her.

He gripped her hips and bucked into her with a force, sweat running off his face and splashing onto her back, running down over her waist. He could feel her fingers inside herself and the pressure against his cock was almost too much. Her final orgasm was enuff and it pushed him over the edge, he was releasing his jism into her anus, his orgasmic moans joining hers. Her sphincter muscles were contracting around his spasming cock, seemingly sucking him dry, draining him of his juice and energy. He slipped from her and moved back, watching his juice flow down her legs. She still had her hand on her clit, rubbing gently and slowly. Savouring the feeling, the smell and the pain, she stood tall and proud, and faced him.

Smiling the smile of an angel, she raised her fingers and tasted their combined juices.