After 5 years of marriage without a honeymoon, we finally settled on Hedo 3 in Jamaica. While there, we learned of a husband/wife nude 3 round boxing match. We decided to enter for fun, but to make it more interesting we made a side bet between us: the winner can have sex with anyone they want, anywhere, and the loser can only watch, masturbate, or join in, on request of the winner. The winner does not need to be with the spouse to have sex if need be.

For three days before the match, my wife would disappear, telling me she needed to get a massage from one of the guys at the resort. ( I think he gave her more than a massage, but what the heck, we were in Hedo). Sometimes, she would tell me she wanted to do some girly shopping, so I remained behind at the nude pool or nude beach, admiring the ladies.

What I was unaware of, was the fact that when my wife disappeared each day for a couple of hours, she was receiving boxing lessons from one of her "Male friends". Let me explain something at this piont, particularly to men who are overconfident as I was: I am very muscular from working out 4 times a week, as does she. I am also much bigger than her, and a whole lot stronger than her, too.

On the day of the fight, as the bell rang, she came out swinging wildly, missing me for the entire round. All I could do was laugh and taunt her. During the break, her "trainer" told her to slow down and look for an opening. Well, she did. Halfway through the second round, she caught me with my guard down, and punched my stomach so hard, I was stunned. She then followed up with a flurry of punches to my stomach, my legs got weak. The bell saved my butt...for now. During the break, I could see her "trainer" saying something to her, while rubbing her breasts with a sponge, but looking at me, as if he were taunting me. The bell rang, and I could here all the women screaming for her to finish me off, as I was still wobbly on my feet. And she did. Her punches were fast, hard, and furious, knocking the wind out of me, and I was too tired and unable to move to defend myself. I was told after the fight, that she landed 23 punches in seconds to my stomach. I went down and was out for 7 seconds. When I woke up, she had a foot on my chest, her arms held up in victory, and was smiling down at me.

I was helped up to my feet, and my stomach muscles hurt for the rest of the trip. But that is where the story really begins;

As a result of the loss to her, I had to and still must admit to her that she kicked my ass, the men are not better than women, and watch her have sex that very night with her trainer. I am also reqiuired to call her "champ", whenever she tells me to, which is usually when our friends are around. And of course they ask why, and she makes me tell them the story.

So guys, before you get too cocky with you male "superiority", remember this story, and be careful what you bet on...it could make you female dominated like me.