I am startled awake to the sound of silence. Something woke me but I hear nothing except for the pounding noise of the blood rushing around my veins. I hold my breath and wait; I know something is ‘different’, I can feel it. I slowly let out my breath, wondering it if was a dream that woke me or... suddenly I hear noises coming from the hall way. I am the only one in the house and freeze at the thought of a stranger in my home. I slowly tiptoe to the doorway and peer thru. Not seeing anything different or hearing any noises I step through, only to be grabbed from behind and pushed up against the bedroom doorway.

"Don’t make a noise, do as you are told and you’ll be ok.” he whispers in my ear, the voice is familiar but I cannot place it to a face. I feel the weight of his chest as he presses me into the wall and I stand rigid; my breathing shallow as he starts to move his hands down to my bottom, lifting my t-shirt to reveal my warm skin. His hands are strong and firm on my cheeks, making circular movements as his hands move over my skin. He slips one arm around my waist and he pulls me hard against his body; I feel his erection as he pushed it against my buttocks, his body heat along the back of my thighs. His hand spans my waist as he holds me firmly to him.

His hand cups my breast, heavy and tingling in the cool night air. I close my eyes as I feel his fingers trace circles around my areole, skimming over my nipples, their nubs erect, hardened of their own volition. He traces lines on my breasts with his nails, teasing me by not touching the sensitive tips that are yearning the touch of his hands. In one swift movement his fingers tighten in a firm pinch on my nipple and his other hand moves between my thighs and slips easily along my smooth cleft, hitting my clit at the same time. He could not have timed it better. A shudder wracks through my body as he holds me tightly, his erection grinding into the curve of my buttocks.

He grabs my long hair and pulls it, forcing my head back, making me look at the ceiling; he lifts me and walks into my room and pushes me on the bed. I quickly try to turn to look at him, but he grabs me by my hips and forces me to a kneeling position. I hear his zipper as he releases himself and I feel the weight of his hot cock against my now cooled skin. I move to lie down, trying to protect my pussy and buttocks from him but he has other ideas. His hands are on my ankles as he turns me over, and now I am laying prone on the bed with my head almost over the edge. I grab my t-shirt and pull it down in an attempt to cover myself but he wants to see my flesh and rips my t-shirt in from hem to neck. I scream and he straddles me, one hand hard against my mouth. In the dim light I can make out his face and realise that this man is known to me, very well known and I know in my heart that he will not hurt me. We have played this game before with very explosive results, so with that knowledge I am a willing participant. I lick the palm of his hand, my tongue darting out to flick the skin that is now gentle against my lips. I can see his eyes gleam as he understands my intention to play along.

His weight is lifted from me as he moves away and stands at my head. He has placed my arms at the side of my body with firm pressure and I comply with his unspoken order. His hands are massaging my breasts and his cock is teasingly above my face, moving in time with his ministrations on my skin. I reach up to flick the underside of his balls with my tongue and feel a resounding slap on my left breast as a reward.

“So you want to suck it? Let’s see how good you are” are the words spoken softly as he removes his hands from my tits and place them on either side of my head. I can feel his cock knob as it is placed on my lips and open my mouth hungrily. His hips move and slide his cock into my willing mouth as his hands move behind my head and cradle my neck, pulling me closer to the edge of the bed so that my head is dangling over the side. I open my mouth wide and swirl my tongue around his thick shaft, paying attention to his knob, licking and sucking his cock. He pumps slowly into my mouth, each pump going deeper until he is at the back of my throat, going deeper until I am having trouble taking him and breathing, but still I want more. He pulls out, his cock shiny with my saliva and he moves so that his balls are now dangling in front of my face. Instantly I move my head forward and suck one smooth orb into my mouth. I hear his breath as he slowly inhales through clenched teeth. I sense his muscles tense as I work his ball around in my warm mouth; the skin tight and wrinkled as my tongue works its way around, teasing him.

Using my tongue I push his ball out of my mouth and move to the next one, licking and nipping his skin with my teeth. His hands are clenched in my hair and I feel the tightness of his fingers as they pull my head up to take his balls in deeper, encouraging me to suck harder, which I do with little hesitation. I feel a trickle of moisture as a thread of precum drips from his cock head and lands on my neck. I pull back from his balls and nudge my way to his cock. My tongue darts out and licks the drip, using the full width of my tongue to tease his hole and frenulum. Flicking along the length of his shaft, my mouth nibbles where my tongue has licked. His hands are tighter now and his hips are moving to allow him to slide his cock into my mouth, all the way to the depth of my throat. He pumps slowly and his hands are on my tits, squeezing them and his fingers are flicking my nipples. I move one hand down my body and slip it under my panties into my hot pussy, my fingers moving in tight circles over my clit. His fingers pinch harder as he fills my mouth harder and faster with his cock. I am in heaven as I keep in time with his thrusts, relaxing my throat and taking him in fully. He can feel the tightness of my throat massage his knob and with a few short thrusts he brings himself to the brink of orgasm, before pulling out to expose his hot cock to the cool air. He is watching me as I finger my pussy and rub my clit, his view obstructed by my panties.

He holds his knob between his thumb and finger, suppressing the orgasm that threatens to explode and he moves to the other side of the bed, so he is now standing between my feet. Reaching up he rips the panties from my quivering body and watches as I continue to pleasure myself, one hand, with my fingers splayed, holding my pussy open while the other is alternating between rubbing my clit and delving two fingers into my soaking pussy, rubbing my juices over my clit. He starts to stroke his cock while watching, his eyes intent on my pussy. I watch the rhythm of his strokes, noting when he moves his hand faster and I slow my own movements, prolonging the game we play. My hips are moving, thrusting upwards to allow him greater viewing pleasure, my pussy opening wide. Knowing that he is watching encourages me to perform, for both his and my own pleasure.

He kneels between my thighs and presses his face against my fingers, nudging them, urging me to move them out of the way. I obligingly move my fingers aside and allow him access and I feel a wave of heat as his mouth is pressed against my smooth lips, his tongue darting into me and the tip of his nose teasing my clit as he kisses my pussy. His lips totally cover mine as he feasts on my pussy, tasting and lapping at my juices, alternating between thrusting his tongue into me and licking at me gently, the tip of his tongue playing across my clit. He nips it between his lips, holding it between them as his tongue flicks across the sensitive hood, encouraging me to cum on his face. He has reached up and around my hips with his hands and they hold me to him, spreading my pussy lips wide as he uses his face to pleasure me. My legs straddle his shoulders, allowing him full access to my sex, to do with it as he wants. I flick my nipples and pinch them between my fingers as he sucks and licks my clit. He slips two fingers into me, moving them in circles around my g-spot and I feel a fullness as he rubs it firmly. I cannot help it but react to his ministrations and my thighs start to quiver as he licks and fingers and nibbles, the combined actions take me to the brink of an orgasm and his sudden, sharp bite on my inner thigh pushes me over the edge and I muffle a scream with my fist. My body is shaking as he continues to suck on my clit and slide his fingers into my pussy, prolonging my orgasm. Another nip from his sharp teeth and I slide into more, less intense but nonetheless, gratifying spasms of a follow-on orgasm.

I feel my heart slow and he raises his head to look at me in my afterglow of pleasure. The gleam in his eyes warn me that he is not finished with me yet and there is more to come, I am willing in my submission.

He flips me over onto my belly and grips my hips firmly, pulling me back toward him in a kneeling position. I move to lay down but he pulls me up on my knees and slaps me soundly on my buttocks. I am face down, leaning into my pillow as he rubs my reddened cheek, smoothing the heat away with his gentle hands. I grip the sheets knowing what is about to happen. My muscles are tight with tension but still, his hands are gentle and I can feel a cool breeze from his mouth, blowing on my skin. Another resounding slap is quickly followed by another. I stifle a scream as another slap, harder this time makes contact with my now flaming skin. I hold my breath as I wait for the next hit, tensing and waiting in anticipation of the pleasurable pain I desire, but nothing happens. I can feel him moving between my feet as he reaches for something on the floor next to him. Suddenly there is a cold feeling on my arse and wetness over my thighs, he is pouring liquid over my skin and this instantly relieves the stinging left by his hands. The slick oil is spread over my taut skin, his hands massaging it in gently, caressing the marks he has left. I feel his weight as he kneels on the bed behind me, and now another, more sensual feeling as he uses his cock to spread the oil over my skin. I can feel his hands as he cradles his cock between his hands and guides it, sliding over my butt cheeks, around, across and under one, before sliding up the crevice, teasing my anus on the way to caress my other cheek, repeating his actions. I slide back into his hands, becoming mesmerised by his actions, they were lulling me into a sensual security, the warmth of his skin against mine, the slickness of his cock as it teased me, probing my anus with his cock head, each time pressing harder. I push back, enticing him to push deeper, if he so desired to.

I have relaxed; still leaning into my pillows and feel his hands grip my buttocks, his fingers digging deep into my firm flesh as he pulls my cheeks apart. He has his cock head tensed at the entrance of my arse, I can feel his cock twitch and tease my hole. He pushes me forward and slips a finger into my arse, probing and stretching my tight hole. I tense and he slaps my arse and a harsh command “relax NOW” he whispers and I obey. I relax further as he fingers my arse, testing my tightness and coating my insides with lube. I push back, enjoying the feel of my arse being violated and I ride his probing fingertips, slowly at first and then I push back harder and faster, wanting more of him inside me. He stops fingering me and pulls me back into a kneeling position. He spreads my arse cheeks and teases my hole with his cock head, probing gently. I feel a cold wetness on my sphincter, he is dripping lube into my arse, slowly spreading it over me and his cock shaft. “O God please” I whisper as my muscles relax and he pushes the complete length of his shaft into my wanting arse. I can feel his balls slap against my clit, I am ready to explode in anticipation of the pounding he will give me. He withdraws slowly and slaps my butt hard before entering me again in one hard thrust. “YES” I moan as he slaps me again and starts to rhythmically slide into my hole. He leans forward, I can feel his weight on me as he reaches around and finds my nipple, teasing it, pulling and squeezing it in time with his thrusting. I scream into my pillow as I orgasm against his cock, milking it with the contractions that pulsate through my body. I know I have hand prints on my arse and am so ecstatic with the hot sensation on my skin from where his hands have branded me.

He allows me to slowly sink to my stomach and rest before rolling me over onto my back. In the light that falls thru my window I can make out the shadow of his face, and the fact that I know this man, all too well. It has been a long time coming, this encounter and my pussy becomes wetter at the thought of his cock penetrating me again.

He pounces on me, his legs straddling my waist and his hands pinning me down by my wrists, holding them above my head. I moan as he bites into my neck, sucking and tonguing me as I writhe beneath him. His mouth finds my breasts he firmly takes a mouthful and using his lips teases my nipples, they respond by becoming hard and aching for more. I watch him as he smiles at me, using his eyes to convey his desire my mind fires up as I feel his cock touch my pussy lips. They are puffy and wet, wanting him to enter me. I raise my hips to meet him but he pushes me back down.

He runs his hand thru my hair, he pulls me to him kissing me long and hard, I feel his tongue and taste him. I moan as he reaches down and pushes his fingers into me, teasing my clit with his slippery thumb. I climax then and scream his name into his neck as I find refuge from his look. This time I need to hide my desire but my body gives me away.

He rides me as I writhe under him, grinding my hips into him, he is about to be toppled and is unaware.

As I calm and stop loving, you relaxes your hold on me, which allows me to bring my hands to my side. I wrap my arms around you and flip you over, onto your back. I hear a gasp from you and envelope your mouth with mine, conveying the passion I have for you with the touch of my tongue. Your hands are kneading my back, making me arch with the pleasurable pain you give me.

I straddle you and sit down on your groin, rubbing my clit against your cock which is now pushed against your stomach. I work my way down and start to masturbate against your knee as I fondle your cock with my hands, and my lips.

I take your cock in my hand and rub the moisture from my pussy over it, paying special attention to your head, licking and tasting my juices. I hear you moan so I start to suck harder, my hands grip your shaft and move in time with my mouth. I gently suck and remove your cock and start on your balls, sucking and rolling them around, teasing with my tongue, licking them as I would an ice cream. Slowly teasing, I lick up and around your knob, teasing your hole with my lips, nibbling and nipping with my lips, not to cause you pain but the ultimate pleasure of orgasm.

My hand is on my clit and rubbing as I suck on his cock, my moans are deep in my throat and that makes his sigh, the vibrations on your shaft are awesome and you almost loose your control. I want you to cum in my mouth and I try harder to push you over the edge. I know that you like to watch, and using this knowledge against you, I look up and smile into your eyes as I show you what I am doing. You see and feel the action and you start to pump into me, your hands in my hair and urging your cock into my mouth, I can feel the tension building in your balls as I rub them with my hand.

I stop.

And teasingly, work my way up your body and show you your cock, as I lower myself onto it. I see your head push back into your pillow but your eyes are on me as I rock backwards on you. Raising your hands I place them on my tits and you start to massage them, pulling on my nipples and rubbing them together. I look into your eyes as I lick my fingers and place them on my clit, rubbing slowly at first. I lean back so you can see the full penetration of your cock into my pussy, my fingers working the tension to breaking point, I orgasm and ride it out by scratching your chest with my nails and biting down on my lips. Your cock feels like it is about to explode so I slide off and take it in my mouth, my hands simulating the feel of my wet pussy and my tongue sucking your juices as they start to leak from your shaft.

I lick you and start to suck you hard as I know you are cumming, taking you deep onto my throat I encourage you to fuck my mouth and find release there, knowing I have wanted to taste you for so long. Your hands are on my head, I feel you wanting to push harder, thrusting your cock into me, treating my mouth like my cunt, filling it with all your jism.

A loud moan escapes your lips as I push you over the edge, and I feel a hot sensation in my mouth, I swallow it hungrily, urging you to empty fully into my mouth. I hear nothing but feel everything as you give me what I have wanted.

You lay there, your hands stroking my hair as I rest against your stomach, smiling in absolute pleasure.