Written by [Anonymous]


You may be aware that I work as a legal secretary in a five person law firm and have been here for three years. My boss, who is now seventy-three, comes in for about an hour a day, if in fact he comes in at all. Consequently I spend most of my time by myself, which is great for getting work done. In the past few years I have discovered the power of the internet and have become addicted to chatting on such programs as AOL, Mirc, ICQ, Hello, MSN Messsenger and now Yahoo.
I have made many friends and have actually met people in real life, both here and abroad. One of my favourite people is Larry, a fellow Canadian. I have not met him in person, but he stands out above the rest, mainly because he cares about me and my feelings. Most of the men on here want to either watch me on cam, have me watch them, both or neither, as long as they can reach an orgasm. Rather shallow and typical of the male species.
Larry and I have done a few role-plays, where we pretend to be different ages in different circumstances. I have always found these 'play-times' quite exciting, until recently when, as in the past Larry and I were getting 'into' it once again. The scenario was that I pretended to be a young girl and he was an older man. It was so hot and exciting. I often masturbate at my desk and have reached the point where I take my panties off in the morning and leave them tucked in my purse all day.
Our scenario heightened and I was ready to cum again. I was engrossed in the role-play and worked my fingers deep into my vagina. What I didn't realise was that the cleaner had come in and was watching me from the lobby. I looked up and was so shocked I almost passed out. He had a clear view of me with my hand between my legs, under my skirt and furiously pleasuring myself.
I immediately stopped, of course and I felt my face flush with embarrassment. I pretended to continue working, as if nothing happened. Larry must have wondered where I went, but I had to disconnect. I couldn't concentrate on anything other than my humiliation.
A few minutes later the cleaner, a man of about sixty, walked into my office to get my garbage. He didn't say anything and reached under my desk for the recycling bin. As I pulled my chair back I realised that my red skirt was still hiked around my upper thighs. He picked up the bin and I saw him stare at the fleshy parts of my upper legs. I made eye contact with him, but was unsure of what to do or say.
He smiled and spoke to me in a heavy, East Indian accent. "You are very pretty," he said. "I watch you sometimes through door." I knew exactly what he was saying and it did not help to ease my discomfort.
"I hope I can rely on your discretion," I said. He stared at me, unsure of my meaning. "You will not tell anyone?" I asked. I thought that directness would be the best approach.
"He smiled." Then he stared at my legs again. "I not tell anyone what I see." A broad smile crossed his lips. "You show me more."
I stared at him for a minute, as his words sank in. "Pardon?" I asked, in disbelief.
"He smiled and looked at my legs." He paused a moment. "You do what you do when on telephone."
I certainly understood his meaning this time and felt extremely uncomfortable. "I... I don't understand," I stammered.
"I no tell your boss. You show me more." He put the recycling bin on the floor and sat in one of the chairs in my office.
He had a clear view of me and was staring, waiting for me to 'perform' for him. I was nervous and felt my hands trembling. Slowly I moved my right hand to my leg and slid it between my thighs. He smiled as my hand moved higher until at last it came in contact with my womanhood. My mound was moist. The excitement from my earlier chat session with Larry was still evident. Mingled with the events of the last few minutes my libido was heightened, in a perverse way.
"You do good," he said. I stared at him, somehow beginning to enjoy the control I had over him. I moved my hand higher and inserted a finger into the opening between my legs. Slowly I pulled it out and moved it over my clitoris, which had instantly grown hard at my touch. I continued to slide my finger down and in, out, up and over my clit. It felt good and the fact that I was being watched by a sixty year old was somehow exciting.
I must admit I have always enjoyed being watched while I sunbathe or sit where men can look up my skirt, but only when I pretend not to be seen. This was much more direct and somehow heightened my excitement.
I began to get into the passion of the moment and was now vigorously fingering myself. At first it was difficult to look at the stranger across from me, but as the passion grew within me I found myself staring directly into his brown eyes as I brought myself closer to the moment of extreme pleasure.
He moved his hand to his lap and I could see him rubbing a bulge, which had developed. "Show your tits," he said to me. I stared at him and did as he said. I felt my inhibitions disappearing as I unbuttoned my blouse. The pink bra I was wearing, unclasped from the front and a moment later I was sitting with both my breasts exposed. I had always been a 36 'B' cup, but in the past few years my breasts had grown (another downfall of the aging process). They were now a full 36 'C' cup and thankfully my regular aerobics classes had kept them as firm as was physically possible. They were not the breasts of a thirty year old, but they still turned the heads of many men.
I continued to masturbate in front of the cleaner and with my other hand rubbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. He was enjoying the show and began to rub his crotch harder. I looked down at the sizeable mound, which had developed in his trousers.
He saw me stare and a broad smile came to his face. With his other hand he unzipped his pants and slipped his hand inside. A moment later he removed his member which seemed to have grown substantially. As he fully freed his meat from the confines of his trousers I stared in awe at the size of hi magnificent tool.
It looked to be about seven, perhaps eight inches long (my husband is six, so I tried to compare based on that). Regardless of its length it looked huge. What struck me more was the thickness. It looked to be nearly two inches in diameter. I don't believe I have ever seen a cock that fat.
He watched me stare and squeezed his cock harder. He began to rub his hand up and down along the shaft, a motion which increased the hardness of his tool. I watched in awe at the wonder of this stranger's love muscle.
Watching him masturbate his massive cock heightened my own excitement. I feverishly moved two, then three fingers into my cunt and pushed them in and out as fast as I could. I was close to cumming and sensed he was too as I saw small droplets of pre-cum ooze from the hole at the top of his shaft.
As we neared orgasms he stood and undid his belt, allowing his trousers to fall to the floor. He pushed his underpants down and stepped out of both. He moved closer toward me and, as I sat in my chair fingers masturbating my pussy, I could only watch. I knew this was so wrong, but my excitement would not let me stop. As he came closer I could smell the odour of his sex and stared at the shine on the deep purple head of his dark skinned penis, as it neared my face.
I opened my mouth. My eyes fell shut and I felt the moist tip of his throbbing cock push between my parted lips. He pushed harder and I thought the corners of my mouth were going to tear at the thickness of his massive tool. He pushed harder and I felt my throat wanting to gag. I fought the feeling and tried to accommodate the hard thrusts of his cock as he pushed and pulled it in and out of my mouth.
It wasn't long before I felt the muscles in my groin tense. I knew my orgasm was inevitable and I fought back no longer. I opened my legs and pushed my fingers in as hard as I could. I feverishly worked my other hand over my clit. A few seconds before orgasm filled my body with pleasure I felt the cleaner's cock pulsate and throb. Suddenly, without warning, he stiffened and grabbed my hair with such force that the pain riveted throughout my body. I heard him groan loudly, at the same time feeling his warm semen squirt hard against the back of my throat. It felt thick and slimy and it quickly coated the inside of my mouth, as he continued to shoot juice from the end of his thick, throbbing cock.
It felt as if he had an endless supply of cum and, because his cock was so thick, I felt like I was going to gag. Instead I swallowed several times and felt his love juice slide along my throat passage deep into my stomach. I swallow cum regularly and have developed a taste for the creamy smooth liquid, which represents the ultimate condition of sex.
After, what seemed like an eternity, the cleaner began to pull his cock out of my mouth. My jaw was aching and it took a few seconds before I could actually close my mouth. Remnants of his cum were dripping from my lips and I wiped them with the back of my hand as I looked up and smiled at the satisfaction in his eyes.
He replaced his limp member in his trousers and stooped over to pick up my recycling bin. He walked out of my office and I suddenly felt embarrassed and guilty. I quickly stepped to my car and drove home. It was dark and as I relived the events of the past few hours, I felt a stirring resurge in my groin. My route home is mostly back roads and I often reach between my legs to satisfy the aching needs that arise. Today was no different.
I pictured his thick cock sliding back and forth in my mouth and felt a moistness develop between my legs. It wasn't long before I reached the nearness of an orgasm and enjoyed the pleasure as long as I could. I came with satisfaction and felt distraught, as I thought about the cleaner who tomorrow would lose his job for all the wrong reasons.