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"She kept her body still, despite the overwhelming urge to grab his head and fuck his tongue back..."

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The mattress of his day bed finished just below the sill of the large window. The rain hit the glass then turned to droplets that ran the length of the pane crisscrossing and creating random patterns as they made there way down.

Two stories below she watched people come and go along the footpath, busy in their night.

Her forehead rested against the cool glass, as did her hands. It was warm inside, not as warm as the fire that grew between her legs, lit by the flicking and searching of his tongue at her cunt.

She could feel the rough stubble of his chin on each thigh and upon her folds, a small distraction to the soft persistent playing of his desiring mouth drinking and pulling at her clit.

She kept her body still, despite the overwhelming urge to grab his head and fuck his tongue back. No...she was going to milk his passion for an eternity, breathe in to each and everyone of his changes in pace and intensity.

The licking, the kissing the pulling and sucking, the pauses where he stopped completely and inhaled her scent.

Each of her outward breaths momentarily fogged the glass with an opaqueness that distorted her view outside. She wore a long white cotton nightshirt, the hem hitched above her hips revealing her tanned soft thighs straddling his face. She adjusted her hands, slipping a little in her eagerness creating that peculiar song, a low rubbing squeak of skin against damp glass.

His tongue adjusted and shifted within her pussy, sounds of a different kind.

His hands wrapped her ass encouraging her to slip further up onto his face, she felt his mouth glance across her open and swollen folds, a new sensation now, of a hard tongue circling her tight ass, then a stray finger pushing against it. The tongue, then a little more finger until as if satisfied with the depth of his touch his mouth and attentions returned to her pussy.

She gasped each time he pulled her clit into his mouth, and squirmed each time his finger entered her. A collision of pleasure deep inside her.

She turned her head to look at the outline of his straining cock against his tight black briefs. Twisting slowly not to change his rhythmic attentions she grab at his length pulling and stroking him through the fabric. His moaning and lifting of his hips the only way of communicating his approval of her actions. She felt the warmth of his breathe on her pussy, his pleasure obvious. He removed the hand that cupped her ass cheek leaving the other to continue its fingering and guided it to the side of his briefs.

‘Take them off, all the way’

He inched each side further down his legs until his hard cock was exposed to her she thought his touch.

‘Masturbate for me’

His hand wrapped his thick cock and she placed her hand to his and worked with him following his long slow strokes.

Her hand returned to the glass to support her once again. She could feel the jerking and pulling on his cock with the movement of his body beneath her, his tongue now fucked deep within her pussy.

She looked below to the city street wondering if the couple under the umbrella had purposely stopped where they stood. Her questioning was quickly answered when despite of the rain they turned and sat on a bench seat and looked up at her directly.

She froze contemplating whether to break this heavenly act and dive below the window and out of sight. He felt the change in her body.

‘Someone is watching...from the street, a couple.’

He pulled harder on his cock and his licking and fucking grew in intensity. She gave over almost instantly, not a second thought.

‘Fuck it’

She slipped her night shirt up and over her naked body and rested her tits against the window.

The couple sat still, transfixed.

Her grinding became important. She wondered what she looked like from their point of view. Were they piecing together what was happening to this woman whose fleshed was pushed against the window. Could they see the pleasure etched across her face or did the rain disguise her sharpness, did they just see an outline, a ghostly veneer caught up in some wonderful trip.

She noticed the mans hand stroking the woman’s thigh. Her legs were slightly apart.

She grew into her show, her role. She turned her head laying her cheek against the glass and panting mouth open. Her fingers found her nipples and she played for her audience.

‘They are watching me. It’s turning me on’

His mouth pulled and sucked harder from her pussy, on her clit. The stroking of his cock became aggressive, determined. She felt a finger pulling wetness from her sex and coating her ass and then a finger push deep into her.

She bucked against his mouth, grinding and begging for more of him. More of his mouth, his finger.

The couple below did not move, the woman’s eyes met hers, an understanding.

She felt his cum explode covering her ass and back as she bucked hard one last time and pushed her orgasm against him writhing across his face in desperate ecstasy.

Her last view was of the couple standing, smiling as she fell to the bed beside him, her head resting at his feet with the weight of his still throbbing cock against her thigh.

Written by RGoodcock

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