Written by Katz


It was a chilly night, but for you I slid into my silky hot pink number with the shoestring straps, short, just past my butt. Slinky and soft on my skin, I love fabric, the way it slides on, skimming down over my breasts, cool on my belly, lusciously caressing my butt.

You look at my curves filling out the little scrap of fabric. The silkiness of the fabric against my nipples is very sensuous, as they stand out under your gaze.

You breathe, “Hell woman you are making me horny over here, I want to kiss those nipples now and lick around them.” You reach for me, stroking them through the soft silk, making my belly warm. My nipples press through the silk, aching for your touch. I’m loving the feel of you kissing my neck, you draw a deep moan from my throat as your lips finally claim mine, inviting me to surrender, your arms around me pulling me against you. “That’s it baby, moan for me”. You whispered.

You slowly peel one hot pink shoestring strap from my shoulder, kissing into the crease in my neck as your hand slowly exposes my breast. You bend your head to capture the nipple in your mouth. My head drops back when you suck the whole nipple right into your mouth, tongue swirling around the tip, making me moan more.

As you hold my breasts, licking with a lovely slow, luscious tongue, it’s like there is a direct connection between them and my lady parts. I can feel the hard length of your body against my softness, my hard nipples against your chest, your hands running over my generous curves. Your hands drop down the back of my waist toward my butt, exploring every inch. As your hand skims over me I bury my face into your neck, biting my lip to keep you from knowing how eager I am.

You cup your hands under my arse, lifting it, pulling me in to you. I can feel you against my belly, showing me your need. As you pull me closer, I stretch my body to get maximum skin contact with you. My belly is pulsing with the warmth of you against me. My breasts are beginning to feel very tender, swollen with anticipation. Your hands are wandering under that silky top and massaging my aching breasts, as you kiss slowly down my neck. I am biting my lip and at the same time arching my breasts toward you, inviting you to bring your mouth back down to my nipple.

I feel like my nipples have homing beacons to your mouth, and lift my hands to hold my breasts, offering them both to you, holding them close together for you. Your tongue is circling the nipples slowly getting to the centre and gently pulling them with your lips. Then burying your face in my cleavage, I can feel the hardness of you against me. I relish the feel of your lean back under my wandering hands.

Stroking down your back, I find your tight buttocks, and hold them, pulling you closer to me. “Hmmm,” you murmur, “that feels sooo good.” By this time with the work you are doing on my breasts, the feel of your hardness on my belly and your butt under my hands, I am writhing against you. Trying to get some pressure into my special places.

You look up from my breasts, and putting a hand up behind my head, kiss me deeply, running your tongue over my lips. Very tentatively, I meet your tongue with mine. I love the feel of your tongue sliding across my lips. At the same time, you dip a hand down between my legs, running your fingers up my inner thigh. Not quite grazing high enough for me. As I groan, trying to sink down on your hand. You oblige, dipping under the silky fabric to tease me, moving higher, softly stroking my lips, your fingers rubbing against my secret place.

You pull me up slightly on your body, full body contact from knees to chest. I feel your hardness move from my belly to the cleft in my thighs. The silk of my garment allows you to slide, making it easy for you to move against me, to tease me, titillating my clit.

Your fingers begin to part me, opening me enough for you to place the end of your shaft against my clit. I am shaking with need for you. “Oh woman, it feels so good to feel your clit and pussy, and you shaking in my hands so full of desire for this, for me”. As you begin a soft rhythm of your cock against my clit, I can feel my legs falling helplessly open. Need driving me as I writhe against you. Wanting more, wanting you to take control, to take me.

You slide your hand around to my butt, grasping a good hold. Lowering your head to kiss me once more, with your lips locked on mine, you use your body weight to nudge me to the bed, lowering me onto my back, following with your body. As I relax, you cover me, kissing me deeply. I can feel the size of you and weight of you between my legs. Oh baby I am breathing heavily, almost panting with the need to have you in me.

You slide down my body, your lips are everywhere, tantalizing me, teasing me, finding me in that place of warmth and desire. I arch my back, moaning as your lips find me; your hands pushing my thighs wider to give better access to the place that makes me shake on your tongue.

Your experienced tongue is running up and down my pussy, making me open willingly to you. Your tongue sneaks into me, penetrating just that little bit, making me squeak and curl my hips up toward you. I am wet, so wet, and you are soooooo very gooood at this. I’m wide and wet and waiting for you, but you are still teasing me, fingers holding me open as you dip in, running your tongue up to my clit, sucking it, making me rock on your tongue, my hips rolling from side to side, trying to get more of you.

I can feel my clit getting longer, sweeter, melting me until I am helpless under your expertise, your tongue creating magic on my clit and then pushing into my pussy. You reach up and grasp my breasts, flicking your thumbs across my nipples, I am almost done, wanting to let go. I reach down to hold your head, to guide you to where I want you. You lean back and grin at me. “Not yet sweetie“, you tell me.

Moving up my body, you come back to my breasts. I hold them for you, begging you to suck. As you take a nipple in your mouth sucking harder, the slight pain you are causing is soooo exquisite. I can feel you between my legs. You nudge me wider, your heavy cock at my entrance.

Ahhhh, slowly, so slowly, sliding into my wide wet pussy, your cock disappearing into the softness of my core. As I arch against you, you fill me, I am moaning, lifting my legs to wrap you, trying to draw you deeper. You bury yourself deeply into me, penetrating as far as you can; I feel your balls slap lightly against me. Your hands under my butt holding me, allowing you to penetrate deeper.

I am leaving the planet, moaning underneath the weight of your body. We find a common rhythm and it is just wonderful. You’re thrusting in the full length and then slowly pulling out just to enter me again. Each time you come into me, I feel your length, god I am wet, dripping on you. You are so gentle and yet so masterful, I am a core of sexual sensual delight.

Lifting my leg so you can reach around it, you finger my pussy holding my lips open even wider to give yourself better access, there is nothing in my mind except the sensation of you inside me, penetrating my pussy, making me so wet. Your hardness is a wonder; I can feel you pushing past that extra sensitive spot. It is making me quiver.

You kiss me, thrusting deeply, giving a slight groan, you say, “I can feel your whole body shiver and I must admit I like it hun”.

I can feel my orgasm beginning to build. Every time I think I have a grip on it, my mind is focused on it, you change your rhythm and I have to back down a little, it’s driving me crazy. I can feel the bed underneath me, your weight on top of me, and the length of you inside me. My pussy is stretched to its limit to accommodate you. Your cock is so hard, slurping in the wetness we are making together.

You sigh, “mmmm, it is wonderful with you woman, feels sooo good”. I wrap my legs tightly around you, digging my heels into your butt, holding you to me. Using my legs to pull you in, I match your strokes, I am panting with need as you are teasing me, short strokes, long strokes, tense with anticipation, not knowing what you will do next. You settle into some fast short stroking, in and out, teasing the head of your cock past my pussy lips, and back in again, I can see you love the feeling when your cock parts my lips.

I want you deep; you won't give it to me. I am pulling you in as best I can. I look up you are smiling at me; you drop a kiss on my lips as you slam into me and hold yourself in deep. I am shaking on your shaft, working my cunt on you, wanting to feel myself cum on you.

Holding me as I work, your arms tender, cock rock hard. I am sliding on you now, gushing everywhere as I can feel myself starting to crest. Hearing your breath hard in my ear, as you go into some short strokes and then push deeply once again. Suddenly you increase the rhythm. My muscles are contracting as I can feel it. I wail, “I can't wait, I’m cumming, please cum with me, pleaaseee cum with me.” I gush on your beautiful cock as my cunt contracts in the waves of pleasure you have brought me to.

You groaned, “I can feel you cumming, I can’t hold anymore!” as you shoot your load into my pussy, your hands gripping hard to my arse. Hands moving up to hold my face, you drop a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Ah woman, you’re good”.