Written by Anon


So I was away for work on an overnight trip with my female boss Kate when our return flight was grounded due to an incoming storm. My boss Kate is in her mid 40's and i'm in my late 20's so there is a bit of an age gap between us. We returned to the motel we had stayed at the previous night but they only had one room left and we had heard that most of the accommodation was being booked out quickly so we took what we could get. We entered the room and saw the double bed, this situation was less than ideal but being the young gentleman I am I quickly suggested I sleep on the floor and Kate smiled and nodded in agreement.

After we got ourselves sorted we headed out for dinner together, the restaurant we went to was BYO so we dived out to grab some wine. We soon figured out that I only drink white wine and Kate drinks red so we decided to go all out and bought a bottle each. Over dinner the drinks flowed and we both managed to finish out bottles, now that our guards were down we were both having a really great time gossiping about our colleagues and office scandals.

We returned back to the motel stumbling through the door and Kate decided she was going to have a shower because there wasn't going to be much time before our flight in the morning. . After a very long time the shower was still running and she had not gotten out yet, I called out to her several times with no response which worried me so I slowly entered the bathroom to check on her. There she was laying in the batch with the shower still running over her body, I guess the wine had put her to sleep. I approached the bath to try and wake her and got an eyeful of my boss Kate's gorgeous mature body, she was very supple and petite, I noticed her nipples were very long and hard and her bush was neatly maintained with only a medium sized triangle of pubic hair above her lips leaving the rest of her pussy clean shaven. I was instantly aroused but also wondering what I should do next. I managed to pick her up out of the bath and carry her back to the bed without waking her. She lay there still dripping wet so I grabbed a towel and rubbed it all over her body to dry her off. She responded positively to my sweeping motions over her breasts and inner thighs as she gasped and groaned in her sleep. I went to her bag to find some underwear to put on her, as I searched I found her some lacy underwear as well as her purple vibrator she had hiding in the bottom. Since she was asleep I admired her toy which made myself extremely horny thinking about her using it the previous night. I slipped her underwear on and headed for the bathroom leaving her to sleep. I was in the shower for maybe 20 minutes when I finally exited I peered around the corner to see if Kate was awake. To my surprise she was awake and was laying on top of the bed again with her vibrator buried deep in her pussy, my cock went instantly hard again and I stayed out of sight so I could pleasure myself as I watched. After 5 minutes she turned her head towards me and spotted me holding my cock in my hand stroking it. She did not stop what she was doing and plunged her vibrator faster and deeper into her pussy as she watched me too. Realising i'd been sprung I dropped my towel completely and walked over to the bed, I climbed onto the bed and lowered my face into her dripping wet pussy. I took hold of her vibrator and began delicately licking around it teasing her clit every 5th stroke with my tongue. She soon motioned me to lay beside her, she wanted my cock right now and straddled me as I lay flat on the bed, her pussy was soo warm and gooey from all of her juices I was in heaven. She rode me hard and fast, before long I could tell she was reaching climax and so was I, I felt the pressure building in the tip of my penis and signaled to her that I was about to blow, this only made her breath heavier and bury my cock even deeper in her cunt. She exploded and let out a massive moan that might have woken the neighbors but I wasn't quite done yet so I flipped her onto her back driving my cock deep into her and finished the job myself sending spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. I withdrew my cock and watched thick globs of cum leak out of my bosses pussy. Both exhausted we fell asleep without any clothes on and cum still leaking from Kate's pussy but she didn't seem to care.

In the morning I woke in a panic wondering if Kate was going to think I had taken advantage of her intoxication last night. To my delight Kate's head bobbing up and down on my cock as she tried to swallow every possible inch, once she knew I was awake she turned around and straddled me, this time giving me a full on view of her ass as it went up and down my shaft. There was still a gooey mess in and around her pussy which caused grool to build up at the base of my cock. I didn't last long before I blew my load inside her again and she quickly dismounted throwing on a top and a business skirt, we had to be at the airport in 30 minutes which meant we were really pushed for time. I picked up her underwear from the floor and handed them to her, she stuffed them in her bag saying that they were all dirty anyway and she didn't need them. I followed Kate into the airport noticing that there was cum that had leaked out of her pussy and traveled all the way down the inside of her leg to her calf, I could say anything because there we were standing in a line of people and I decided to let it be. I did wonder though how she was going to explain it to her husband when she got off the plane and met him at the other end.

I can't wait for our next business trip.