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Whilst browsing today I came across a photo that triggered a wonderful recollection. It was a beautiful woman, stocking and suspenders and a full, exquisitely manicured bush. A perfect triangle of dark brown public hair. I've not seen the like for many years and it took me back to the first.

I was young once, I remember it well, it was a Thursday.

It was a cold, wet winters evening, heavy rain on the slate roof of the bike sheds yielding loud, yet soothing white noise. I was staring at my bike, some little charmer had tried to steal it, failed to do so, and decided to fuck it up. Four miles home, in the rain, pushing a bike. I had just finished training, I was seventeen, a competitive swimmer. My club swam at a school pool, not my school, this was a private school, old, steeped in history and learning. Pity the pool was equally old, steeped in a complete lack of heating, must build character in the middle classes. It was nineteen eighty four, and I was seventeen, and a fit as it is possible for a human being to be.

I was going to be very cold and wet, dressed in only light track pants, singlet under a lightweight rain jacket. No underpants either, I'd dropped them on the wet floor getting changed, the cold wind was making itself felt sound my nuts. The pool was all locked up, everyone gone, it was 9pm, mobile phones existed only on American millionaire soap operas like Dallas. Which was on tonight. Mum and Dad, would be glued the box, probably wouldn't hear the phone even is I could ring home. Nearest phone box was on Eaton Rd, about a mile away.

I heard foot steps moving quickly, heels, trying to dodge the rain, "Hello David, everyone gone? I was hoping to catch Mary." It was Simon's mum, she saw my bike,

"Oh, how are you getting home? Called your mum and dad?" She asked

"No, it was locked up by the time I found it."

"I'll run you home, got to be quick, I'm out with the girls from work tonight. We'll stop at my place, I'll call ahead to the restaurant leave a message for the girls to order for me." She turned, flicked up her umbrella and glided towards the car park. She was dressed up, the epitome of an eighties woman, with the body of 1950's screen goddess. Simon's mum was what we now call a MILF. Dark brown hair, big brown eyes, fabulous figure, wonderful pert boobs, (the wonder bra was years away, but she wouldn't need one) narrow waist that flared out to the most womanly hips, pert bottom atop awesome legs. She was quite simply sex on legs. Even at training in a track suit, she was stunning. But now, I saw that perfect arse, in a close fitting knee length skirt wiggling away quickly. Stockings, seamed stockings! They may have been tights, but in my mind they were stockings. When I watch Donna, gliding through scenes, on Suits, that was Simon's mum's walk.

We got to the car and climbed in quickly, even sharing the umbrella the 25m to the car we got wet. My clothes were clinging to me, I placed my swim bag in my lap to hide my thickening cock.

"Throw that in the back, it's soaking" She said grabbing the bag and throwing it on to the back seat. Now at seventeen, an erection stood proudly parallel to my flat stomach and the tip was level with my belly button. (Erections like that are sadly only a fond memory at fifty. .) She'd looked at it, but not acknowledged it.....

We chatted on the short drive to her house, she swung onto her driveway.

"Come in, I'll just call the restaurant." We dashed on side.

I stood in the hallway, and watched her, I couldn't help myself, she dialled the number, slipping her finger into the little holes on the dial, rotating it all the way clockwise, then letting it loose to dial. The familiar winding noise seemed to take forever as my eyes roaming over every exquisite curve, from her cheekbones, her cute nose, her neck, broad shoulders, tapering back to a small waste, then the sweeping graceful arc to full hips, child bearing, they used call them. They screamed "WOMAN", this was no skinny schoolgirl runway model. She spoke to the Manager and left a message. Hung up and turned to the full length mirror on the wall in the hallway. She adjusted her hair, checked her make up, smoothed her top and skirt. Gave herself a good look over, then she turned round and looked over her shoulder, checking out the back view.

"Are my seams straight?" She asked, looking in the mirror. "Got to be straight, can't look like a tart."

She bent over and ran her hands up her legs from ankle to half way up her thigh raising her close fitting skirt. Fuck, my cock was rampant!

"No, not straight, I think I made them worse." She said "help me please? Like this." And she repeated the smoothing technique.

Oh my god......I walked to her, nearly breathing. Knelt down behind her. A gently wrapped both hands around her left ankle, and slowly, smoothly slid both hand up her stocking clad leg. The smooth shear silk, warm firm flesh underneath, I paused as I got to her thigh and the skirt hem. "All the way to the top please." She said. So as I smoothed and straightened the seam her hem lifted all the way to the lacy stocking top. "Is the clasp In line with the seam?" She asked

"No" I breathed, breath rushing from me. I had forgotten to breath while caressing her leg. "It needs to be." She said I moved the clasp "There, that's it" I said "Do that leg again and just make sure" she said.

As my hands reached the stocking top for a second time, she raised her skirt hem up over her hips, and held it there.

"Other leg now please " She asked.

Now I was kneeling behind the most fabulous sight. Perfect legs topped by a perfect bottom, stockings suspenders and shear brief panties right at my face height. I did her right leg, moved the clasp, then stroked the seam perfectly straight again.

"Good boy, thank you" She smiled down at me as she admired herself in the mirror.

She smoothed her skirt down the offered me a hand as a stood up. I took it, soft, gentle.

"Thank you " She said again, still holding my hand gently. She looked at my erection, it standing straight parallel to my tummy, level with my belly button, precum had soaked through the fabric at the swollen head. Still holding my hand in her left. Her right index finger touched the damp patch at the head and rubbed firmly small circular motion. Then she drew the cord, relaxing the bow that held my waistband, flipped the waistband over my cock freeing it to the warm air in the hallway. She gripped my cock, not gentle, a firm grip, tight, like she was holding the handle bar on a bike. She squeezed it. I have to say back them my hard -on's where just that. Fucking hard, like warm steel.

She smiled at me, let go of my hand and in silence led me up the stairs by my cock, never releasing the firm grip. So we went, her left hand on the banister, her right gripping my cock, I slipped my left hand under her pants and spender strap on her left buttock and cupped the most perfect butt cheek on the planet.

She led me to her bedroom, at her bedside she turned to me held me close with one arm and we kissed. Her thumb rubbing the precum flowing from me allow around my swollen helmet.

We kissed for a while I caressed every inch of her fabulous body, one handed she unbuttoned her top, to release her amazing Boobs, she slid the zip on her skirt at the small of her back. And stepped out of it. We separated momentarily, I looked her over? Stockings, suspenders, bra and shear panties. There at her core was a deep rich dark triangle of thick perfectly manicured public hair she hooked the thumb of her left hand under the waist band and bent slightly to remove them, her face and hair brushing against warm steel of my cock she gripped tightly.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" She asked. I shrugged, I'd only had two girlfriends, and was a virgin. "I watched a lot of Carey Grant and Clarke Gable movies." I said. I must gave looked sheepish or nervous, she smiled "Are you nervous? " She asked, I nodded, "yeah, I've never......" I stalled.

"No fucking way!" She said, " you're not a virgin! "

"Yes" I said. Fuck, I'd blown it.

"Mandy, Anne? You've kissed them like you just kissed me?" She asked, I nodded .

"Fuck! She said and giggled.

She pulled close, stood on tiptoe and kissed me, she lifted her leg and wrapped it around my waist pulling me too her core, gripping my cock tighter just under the swelling head, she stoked the head though her soft mound of hair to her swollen lips, stroked the head between, bathing it in her wetness.

She drew me to her bed and lay down , me on top between her thighs. We kissed again. she'd not released my cock since we'd been in front of the hallway mirror.

"You're a good kisser" she sighed "I want you to kiss me like that." She said. I went to again, but she stopped me gently, left hand on my shoulder, she released my cock, ran her right hand through my hair. She pushed me down, right hand holding my head to her. I kissed everywhere as she guided me. Lower? Neck, shoulders, Breasts, tummy. I gently rubbed my face in the rich dark triangle of her soft mound. Lower to her core? Soft downy hair of her thick outer, swollen wet inner lips protruding. I paused momentarily. I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know where to start. I'd slipped Anne a couple of fingers, hand down the front of her jeans on our Saturday afternoon petting sessions. But that was the limit of my experience. she'd said kiss me like that. ........ so I'd did, I kissed, licked and sucked, Carey Grant would have been proud. I took her whole cunt into my mouth and loved it. This is where I belonged, pussy in my mouth, girl cream all over my face.

Shortly, her thighs clamped my head, and with my hair gripped in both her fists she came and came and came.

She pushed me off her, and pulled me to her. We kissed deeply, sharing her juices. Her left hand took hold of my cock now, she smoothly rolled me on my back, and straddled me, once again she stoked my helmet between her wet lips, paused at her entrance a slipped the head in. This was it. I was inside a woman. Gradually she worked my full length inside her. She ground down on the base, the lent forward to kiss me.

"Don't worry, don't try to hold back, to last longer, just relax and cum for me."

And she rode me, Slowly, full stroke length, one slow steady rhythm, all the way down to the base, grind pelvic bones together, slide up all of the shaft until the tip popped out, Cradled in her swollen lips, then down again.

Ecstasy flowed from her down through the rigid steel of my shafts and flooded my balls, it spread through my tummy and down my thighs like a liquid filling an empty vessel. It reached my toes, filled my abdomen, my chest, my mind. Then the heat, it felt like heat. It flowed like a tide, from the tip of my toes, from the top of my head, it flowed to the pit of my stomach, it gathered in my groin. Oh my God, I was cuming like never before. This was not just my cock cuming, it was my whole body. It was about to bust out up through my cock into this goddess.

I looked at her exquisite face, eyes closed, biting her lower lip, she sighed "I'm cuming " I think I went blind, I exploded inside her, spurting again and again and again. My mind bursting with Aurora.

We kissed holding each other close.

"Thank you " I said.

She smiled, and giggled.

She slid down and took my semi limp cock in her mouth, tasting and sucking our juices. She swung her leg round and over my head while she sucked my cock. I looked up at that perfect triangle, pointing towards her gaping pussy, lips red and wet, my thick cum trickling out of her. She didn't push that juicy box on to my face, she held it up above me, I was free to watch her suck me off. But I couldn't. I wanted to taste her, I wanted to taste our cum, I reached up to her waist, slid my hand over and down her back until my hands each held a cheek of her perfect arse, and I pulled myself up off the bed and devoured her cum filled pussy.

Kindly, she lowered her hips and sat gently on my face, when she realised I was loving this and was happy to keep at eating my cum from her pussy.

My cock got rigid again in minutes, the head swelling again as I approached my second orgasm. She stopped filating me and stroked the base firmly. She withdrew her cunt from my mouth and kissed me. Pulling me on top of her it was my turn to fuck her. I had no technique, I was beyond control, my cock was like warm steel pushing past her lips and bring itself deep as it could inside her. I paused feeling the wonderful soft yielding core. I was fully inside her, I could feel the nub of her cervix, the neck of her womb, rubbing the slit at the head of my cock like her thumb had when she gripped me in her hand. Now her cunt surrounded me, and gently sucked at me. And so I began full stokes, quickening to a relentless pounding. I was a middle distance swimmer, trained to go hard out at a set rhythm, so I fell into a rhythm, hard, fast, heart pounding lungs screaming, I nailed her. I came like a fire hose, and collapsed on top of her. She was gasping clinging to me both of us soaked in set.

I realized I didn't know if she'd cum, i'd been pounding away towards me own selfish orgasm. I asked if she was okay? Did she?

"Fuck Yeah! You're a fucking natural. Your my personal fuck machine."

"May I taste you again?" I asked.

"You never need to ask that question David"

And so I did, again and again. Fuck, eat, fuck eat.

She was magical