Written by Anonymous


We agreed to meet at the department store. I found her in the perfume section by calling her phone. She was dressed in Sunday best: a long navy coat, heels and pearl earrings. She was nervous. We went for a coffee nearby. Her eyes told me she was wet. I said I'd follow her back to the carpark at a safe distance. We left. I trailed her by about 50m. When she got inside the carpark I lost her but she texted me where she was. The park was full. Then I saw her standing outside the driver’s door. We kissed deeply without saying a word, my hand on her thigh, inching closer to the honey pot...

Inside the car feels nice and quiet like we are in our own little world. I could almost see the internal monologue going on in her head - I'm a respectable woman, this is a carpark but I want him. We kiss more, the back of her head in my hand as I massage her scalp. I reach an impasse at the top of her thighs. I pull back and tell her to open sesame so I can stroke her clit. She shuffles forward in her driver’s seat so that her pussy is near the edge and parts her thighs enough for me to get in. I reach the target and start to trace the outline of her lips through nice floral panties. With two fingers I start stroking her clit, she moans. It's the middle of the day in a downtown carpark. We go back to deep French kissing. Then I insert two fingers to tickle her g-spot. She is sopping wet. Luckily her car has all leather interior. Now I start to finger fuck her. Her breathing is getting heavy and she looks like she is about to cry but it is her way of coming. I pull her in for one big wet kiss as her body shakes. And I hold her close, while keeping an eye out for passers-by. Are you coming to my house tomorrow then, I ask. She mumbles yes. I say, good girl.