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8 hours ago
Bisexual Male, 61
Bi-curious Female, 59
0 km · Christchurch
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We are in a loving relationship, where my partner and I are free to play as singles. We love to play as a couple and have a fantastic relationship both in and out of the bedroom. I am bi she is straight but bi-friendly in the right setting. Neither of us is catwalk model material as we have lived life, but in our attitude, we are positive and young. What are we looking for Well I suppose the answer is real people and once we have a feel for you we'll know which road to travel with you or we may go on different forks not to see you again. We have all we need but are always open to more.

Ladies if a man speaks in a forest are the words he says wrong? :)

I suggest not as those words could have been "You can drop those panties now Bend over and brace yourself against that tree"

I am just saying sometimes it pays to be open to other ideas.


Nice to meet a good genuine people, no messing around, no stress or drama. I had a great time, would recomend them. Looking forward to meeting again

We had the pleasure of meeting this man, and positive conversation with his lovely lady. Polite, approachable, relaxed and clear. An Easy decision to invite him to Play. Such a great night. We both look forward to seeing you again, and meeting your lovely Lady.


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