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Summer fun

Bisexual Male, 61 · Bi-curious Female, 59
Spencer Park Beach, Canterbury, New Zealand

We are looking to have summer fun at the beach and Forest. Who is interested.

Profile Summary

We are in a loving relationship, where my partner and I are free to play as singles. We love to play as a couple and have a fantastic relationship both in and out of the bedroom. I am bi she is straight but bi-friendly in the right setting. Neither of us is catwalk model material as we have lived life, but in our attitude, we are positive and young. What are we looking for Well I suppose the answer is real people and once we have a feel for you we'll know which road to travel with you or we may...
nr4tw69 ·
Bisexual Male
Age 61
Height 5' 7"
Build Medium
Assets No complaints
Drink Occasionally
Smoke I don't
NR4TW69-2 ·
Bi-curious Female
Age 59
Height 5' 6"
Build -
Assets -
Drink -
Smoke -