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CURIOSITY was created because I want to play in a chilled, playful, safe, respectful, edgy space with like minded people.

Creating a community where intimacy, embodiment, desire and pleasure are valued and celebrated! 

CURIOSITY is a sex party ( yes you can tick that off your bucket list!! ) where you are authentically welcomed into a safe consent based environment, given the tools to get involved to whatever level you choose and meet some super cool people! Imagine conscious sexuality meets kink, meets swinging, meets heart centered playfulness, wrapped up with great communication, common values and language. 

Based in Tauranga we provide an easeful and relaxed entry into the world of adult pleasure, whatever that looks or feels like for you!

Our parties are a great way for couples new to the scene, to dip their toes in gently and safely, with no expectation to play. 

The beginning of our evenings are facilitated to ensure everyone is aware of our "rules" and to introduce everyone in a playful lighthearted way. People are then encouraged to use the spaces ( including the spa pool ) in any and all the ways that is pleasurable to them

We want to keep it relaxed and fun for everyone, particularly newcomers to the space.

CURIOSITY is partly facilitated but mostly free exploration. Doors open at 7 pm and are locked at 7.30 pm when our opening ritual commences. THERE WILL BE NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 7.30 PM

CURIOSITY is for people of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship statuses. It is an inclusive, nonjudgmental space that allows people to play,connect, explore and engage with other humans!