Dressing for his lover TV

They'd been talking for ages it seems... sometimes just talking, sometimes the conversation exploring the erotic. She knew his desires, his wants... knew that for years he wanted to explore this part of himself. For his whole life, he'd been interested in women who wore stunning lingerie, but that developed into an obsession... an obsession that gradually saw him explore further... first, to photographs of beautiful models, in stockings and su… Read more

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my wish for xmas TV

my big wish for xmas is to meet and enjoy the love and fun of a trangender ,where we can spend endless hours over summer nake eating and covering each other with food,and paint,sucking and fucking all day through,dress to kill ,and just seeing peoples reaction when they find out the truth,i don't care what they think,if she on my arm down town xmas shopping for all involved,so come on all you lovely trans,make my Christmas come ture with you… Read more

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