Written by Lena


We were at dinner with friends on a warm Christchurch night where as usual the conversation had sexual undertones. They new I am bi and had never hidden from it, I had told my husband not long after we were married and has been part of my and our life ever since. We were seated at the table with her beside me and our guys opposite when the conversation got on to the benefits of my recently having my pussy hair fully removed by laser treatment and how smooth it was. I jokingly said " do you want to feel", she and I were seated on the booth side of the table and couldn't be seen so I lifted my dress and put her hand between my legs. This night was no different to any other when we go out that to tease my husband I didn't wear underwear. Beth and were great friends but had never been in to each other so when she touched my crotch it was a pleasant surprise. I had quite a high split in my skirt and was able to move her hand so she she could feel my smoothness.

They had left their car at our home and had traveled together to the restaurant. On the way to our home there was a sense of anticipation as we new we had started something that wasn't going to finish at the restaurant. When we arrived home my husband had to drop off the baby sitter leaving Beth and her husband and I alone. On getting us drinks I suggested a spa would be nice. Getting naked together with them seemed natural this night when it never had before. The jets of our spa are my best friends and once we were in had no hesitation in positioning myself over one. It wasn't long before i was shuddering with my first orgasm of the night. I suggested Beth should try, as she positioned herself in front of the same jet I moved behind her, reaching with each arm around her to spread her pussy lips while kissing her on the back of her neck. She leaned back against me and pushing her pussy forward over the jet her orgasm was almost immediate. She then turned to me and gave me a beautiful hug, we always hugged but this time was different as our boobs pressed against each other we gently kissed. By now her husband was obviously horny and had positioned himself behind her Beth put her arms each side of me holding on to the spa edge as she pushed herself on to his cock. I raised myself up sitting on the edge of the spa with my pussy directly in front of her face, for the first time ever my good friend Beth was licking at my pussy lips, this was perfect timing when my husband arrived home to see a sight he never imagined.

We dried off but remaining naked the four of us moved to our lounge. Being actively bi has certain erotic requirements when getting together with other women, which I do often, so in my wardrobe i have my special bag. In it I have dildo's of varying sizes, a strap on but also a large double ended dildo and a large bottle of baby oil. I went to our bedroom and got my bag and then reached under the bed for my large black plastic sheet and took them both in to the lounge. The lights were on dim but I turned them off completely and lit a candle. I laid the sheet on the floor and suggested Beth should lay on it. As our husbands watched I stood over her pouring oil over my breasts so it would flow down over my pussy on to her. I then lowered myself and sat over her pouring even more oil over her. She was rubbing it in to her breast as I slid down her body and between her legs. Taking her waist I pulled her in to me pushing her legs up and back towards her head. Her pussy and arse was facing straight upwards in front of my face, after giving both her holes a flick with my tongue I reached for my double dildo and eased it in to her. The guys held her legs back in place so she wouldn't slip back down as i stood up and lowered my pussy over the other end of the dildo. I new it was a fantastic position and an especially amazing sight for our two guys. With us covered in oil the dildo slid inside us so easily to the point where it had almost disappeared from sight between us. I came before Beth but kept riding until she had too.

We thought it was time we treated our guys, they laid on the mat and just as I had we stood over them, initially Beth was over her man so I suggested we swap positions. I firstly poured oil over Beth and them myself so the guys too were covered. It was natural that we lower ourselves over their hard and slippery cocks, Beth took my queue and leaned back holding the guys ankles for support as we rode them, our oiled pussies in their full view. I lifted myself off her husbands beautiful cock and then lowered down again so he would slip inside my bum hole, anal comes easy to me "excuse the pun", Beth seeing what I had done tried the same, it wasn't quite as easy for her being her first anal experience but she got there and was loving it as much as me when she and my hubby came, as she did she let out a little squirt of her pussy juices over his chest. I thought she would have had enough but her fingers found their way in to my pussy just as I came. I was amazed her hubby hadn't cum by now but as he did we both shared in every droplet, kissing each other with our cum filled mouths.

This was the first of many foursomes since but also the start of Beth's introduction to my bi lifestyle which she still enjoys both with me and others with the full support of her husband.