Last night our friends James (43) and Lisa (41) came over to watch the rugby test. They brought their kids over as well, after watching the game and another game we sent the kids (our two and their two) to bed, and we starting drinking port. up until this stage my wife, Emma (31) had been drinking wine and I, Karl (30) had been drinking beer, Lisa had been on the gin and James on red wine, so we weren’t feeling much pain. James had started to look as though he was about to go to sleep so Emma asked him if he would like to give her a neck rub, James has had the hots for Emma for a long time and he didn’t turn this down.

We got out the baby oil and Emma removed her top and lied down in her jeans and bra, I asked Lisa if she would like the same, I also am quite smitten by Lisa and have a on a few previous occasions have had my head buried between her large breasts (my wife is quite small, in that department, but not extremely,) so Lisa came over and removed her top also and lay in front of Emma in just her bra and trousers.

After a while of rubbing Lisa’s back and shoulders I looked back at my wife and James and saw James undo Emma’s bra strap and running his hands a little bit lower on the sides of her trim body, but not quite touching her nipples yet, so I removed Lisa’s bra completely and progressed to doing the same as James was, to her. Soon my wife mouthed to me that she wanted me to have a go at her back, so James and I swapped over and I continued on my wife’s back. From the position I was now in I could see every move that James was making with Lisa and it started to excite me watching him caress her breasts from the side so I started to work my wife’s nipples and it was clear she also enjoyed the attention she was getting, and what she could also see what was going on.

I’ll state at this point that Both James and myself where still fully clothed, and the four of us have been in a similar situation a couple of times before but a couple of years ago when we where on holiday and once at their place where we went to separate rooms with each others partners. But these times we where extremely drunk not like last night when we where just happy. Also James and me have had a MFM threesome with Emma a long time ago but near the end James had to take her away to the bedroom cause he couldn’t preform with an audience, (that’s another story).

We soon decided to swap back over again and this time both James and I had a good feel of each others partners breasts while we continued on our shoulder rubs, I looked back at James and Emma and saw that her trousers had been lowered and now James was concentrating on her ass and back of her thighs with that, I lowered Lisa's trousers and panties and started to massage her ass and legs as well.

I then swapped back to my wife and swiftly removed her panties down to her ankles and start to massage her ass and slipt my finger further and further down until I could tease her now moist pussy, and as I did so, she got hotter and hotter, James had removed Lisa’s panties fully now and he was also teasing her, I rolled Emma onto her side (facing away from James and Lisa) and started to work her pussy more and more, enough so our friends could tell what I was doing but not see.

James then jumped up and decided to remove his clothes and so I did also and James went straight to Emma and pushed his hard cock right against her as he rubbed her shoulders. I rolled Lisa onto her side so that both Emma and James could see and I really started to work her hot pussy with my finger, I could James trying to push his cock into Emmas doggy style but she really did not want it so I said lets go back to our partners, so I went up to Emma rolled her over and started to lick her pussy, we both get extremely carried away usually when I eat her and this was no exception. It must have been about ten minutes later James came over and stuck his cock in my wife’s mouth as I ate her and I felt a pair of lips engulf my rock hard dick, then Lisa pulls me off Emma and pushes my head down to her waiting pussy so I look over and watch James push his cock into Emma and start pumping away so then I moved around and pushed my hard cock slowly into Lisa’s waiting pussy.

Both of us guys had a great time while we fucked each others partner but the funny thing was that neither of us actually managed to come, so we stopped there and kissed each other with a big group hug and James and Lisa left their kids at our place for the night and headed home as soon as the door closed me and Emma ran to the bedroom and made love for over an hour before we went to sleep.

The next day the kids were picked up nothing was said except we all stayed up too late and felt a little worse for wear, but it was a good night had by all.