Written by anon


So I picked you up, I had told you to put on your best panties and be ready for anything fun!

Mmm that’s hot - I get ready put my best panties on x I’m so horny and wet already with the anticipation

I blindfold you. I haven’t hinted anything of what’s in store for you ...you’re trembling with anticipation as I guide you to my car

Mmm exciting I’m getting impatient ... you play it cool you’re driving me insane!

You feel my car stop, I walk you in the club like the princess you are, you smell the scent of a couple of different aftershaves, nice bit of Ibiza trance in the background

Mmm we get a drink; I can feel your hard cock pressing behind me

Yes, I’m holding you by your sleek hips … you’re against the bar

You notice a different scent… it’s not an aftershave … it’s a lady’s perfume

She slides up next to you, casually caressing you, without pushing you...you feel totally at ease straight away …

You turn towards her, searching for her lips

She kisses me passionately. I feel your fingers slip between my legs and inside my wetness.

Or you think it’s me

She alternates kissing me and you and you and I, I think you both are teasing me with your fingers

I stand back to watch two strangers caressing you without you know who they are, or even if it’s me!?

Ok, the scar is off, you’re happy with your new play friends

Mm I’m loving the feeling. I’m so wet and wanting, I open my eyes and see you taking photos, we move into a bedroom

We all can’t wait to take it into the next room

Hot- I’m so turned on that you have arranged all this.

I crawl onto the bed on all fours with the two other girls we are kissing and caressing and touching each other

Trying hard not to get involved … such an exciting sight!...

It turns me on knowing you are watching us perform for you.

Myself and 4 other guys are standing there watching with the same thoughts & approach (I assume) as we all have hard cocks in hand watching

Wow we are lucky girls tonight! Anything goes in here

The guys around me have bigger cocks, but that’s ok it turns me on to know you’re going to feel at least one of them fill you more than I could

Someone takes my hips and enters their big hard cock inside my wet pussy, I gasp as I get slow fucked deep

Too much to handle I think, just when I think I can’t take much more, this guy indicates to his mate that you may be up for a DP...

Mmm he pulls out of my soaking pussy. I climb on top of another guy and his giant cock and lower myself down on him, I fuck him hard and come hard then I feel the other guy licking my arse and I know what’s going to happen

He climbs in behind you, bit by bit gets in position, he lubes his big fat cock, you reach back easily grab its huge size and direct it into your awaiting tight little ass hole ...he slowly sinks in his enormous head bit by bit… you push back as if asking for it , all the while the guy below you is punishing your pussy ...

I’m in heaven! We fuck rhythmically. I can feel an ultimate orgasm building, my body is trembling, another guy puts his cock in my mouth I catch your eye and the look on your face sends me over and I come intensely and loudly

Crazy! ...there’s my girl full of cock, big cocks, much larger than mine , and it drives me crazy horny..

The guys leave you in a trembling content mess, knowing they have other girls to see too...

Mmm another girl is riding you, I kiss her and play with her breasts you are holding on and loving it.

I’m ready to cum.... I pull out and usher you together so I can wank all over your faces

I let go of a load I didn’t imagine...I blow the biggest load all over and paste your faces … you turn to each other and lick it off each other

Mmm you taste so good, we are loving it, we lick each other clean

I stay hard … there’s other girl wants anal and I’m up for it

You slide into her, she wants a dp too, I watch as you fuck her hard

I want her ass

Her husband has been watching everything, he finally gets involved

He sides under her, she mounts his impressive cock

She rides him for a bit while I kiss and fondle you

I slowly side in between his legs and direct my rock hard cock at her ass hole after loosening her up for a bit with a few fingers deep inside her ass

I’m taking photos loving what I’m seeing x

I mount her, cock just slips in and no further, I wait patiently, then I feel her give, I push all the way in, feeling her man pounding away, with only a leaf of shin between us

New guy has joined you, and has actually managed to start fucking you straight away while you’re standing ...

Mmm he’s really rough, I like, I fall to my knees on the bed and he fucks me hard from behind you right next to you

You’re pounding the girl next to me, we are kissing when we can, both in ecstasy

I pull out and cum all over her

We are all satisfied, time for a drink I think xxx