Frankie and Jack were very much in love with each other. They had been together for 15 years and life was great. Their sex life was good and strong and their discussion’s about visiting a swingers club was exciting them as well as scaring Frankie, just a little. They had discussed going with another couple to help take the apprehension out of their first visit.

They had played with the other couple a few times in the past so they were the perfect pair to go to CCK with and really explore this swinger lifestyle.

The foursome had enjoyed and beautiful dinner down in the viaduct precinct and polished off a couple of bottles of bubbles to help keep the nerves at bay. Both the girls were dressed to impress, Frankie was in a simple but very short black dress revealing her long black stocking clad legs and killer heels. The Uber ride from the viaduct had them all chattering nervously about what might happen tonight. The club was located inside a private gated driveway and as the Uber drove in Frankie was starting to freak out just a little.

Rocking up to the red front door and pressing the buzzer was about as much as the girls could take. This was a huge step outside everyone’s comfort zone but the excitement of what might happen tonight keep them walking through the now opened red door. The clubs host was very reassuring and soon made them all feel very welcome. They received and quick tour of the club and it’s facilities and all nervously took in the various spaces and the erotic play that was starting to happen. This was shaping up to be a busy night at CCK and the atmosphere as already super charged sexy.

Frankie loved the concept of the grope tent. Either putting yourself inside the tent and allowing who ever to reach in and grope or staying on the outside and reaching through the the holes in the tent to grope either a male or female without knowing who was doing what. Very fucking hot ! Frankie thought as they all sat down at the bar and ordered another bottle of bubbles. There was so much to take in and even more to explore but for now the safety of the bar area was what Frankie needed. Discussing what they had all just seen and what they all were liking to explore further the four of them chatted about how very cool this place was. Jack and Charlotte decided to go for another explore and see what more action had started. They were a little more adventurous and not so nervous so they headed off to the far end of the club where the swing and whips were . A very hot girl was naked in the swing with a group of five guys all around her. Her hands were cuffed along with her legs to the swings chains. They watched as each guy took his turn fucking this very hot girl bound in the swing. Jesus this was sexy and the hard cock sitting in Jacks jeans need some action. Charlotte was an expert cock sucker and had blown Jack numerous times before. She needed no encouragement and dropped to her knees just to the side of the swing. Engulfing Jacks very hard cock in her mouth and delivering one of her expert blowjobs. This action had a couple of the guys from the swing starting to crowd around her with their cocks on offer and all looking for a sample of Charlotte’s expert cock sucking skills. Jack checked to make sure Charlotte was cool with these two guys offering their cocks for her to blow. She was loving the attention and excitement of a couple of new lads to enjoy.

Jack was wondering where Frankie and Mark had ventured to. He kissed Charlotte on the hand as she filled her mouth with new fresh cock. Wandering up the dark corridor towards the grope tent, Jack spotted his hot wife’s long legs and killer heels hanging off the end of one of the beds. As he rounded the corner he saw Frankie lying on the bed next to the tent. She had ditched her black dress and was currently lounging back in her stockings and killer lingerie. As Jack took in the site of his wife in her lingerie he also spotted the fully naked stranger lying next to her and his very hard cock currently in her hand.

“What the fuck happened here “ was all Jack could say as he lay down next to Frankie.

“ Well while you guys were down by the swing I decided to stick my arm in to the grope tent and see what was on offer. I was having a good feel around when I came across a nice hard cock that needed me to give it a wanking. All I did was my usual expert hand job and left it at that, or at least that’s I thought was the end of it. To my surprise the cock I had just been wanking appeared in front of me looking for a bit more action and one thing lead to another and my dress was removed and I was pushed onto the bed, that’s when you caught me with my hand around a stranger’s cock.”

Jack found all of this very erotic and his cock was straining in his jeans for the second time tonight. Frankie loved being caught red handed and knew even if this was all she got up to tonight she was going to be punished sexually later that night.

Not letting go of the strangers cock she kept on playing with it, delivering a superb handjob while letting the stranger feel her up. Frankie was whispering with the stranger while he was taking his turn to grope her through her lingerie. Frankie rolled her head to Jack and whispered “he’s asked if I will give him a blow job? Are you cool if i suck him for a while?”

Jack could not believe what he had just heard Frankie say. This was so fucking hot and he was never going to stop Frankie from exploring her naughty wild side.

Frankie rolled onto her knees and slipped her mouth down the length of this new cock she had been playing with. Jack could not believe how naughty she had suddenly become but there was no fucking way he was going to stop her. Frankie loved sucking dick and was very very good at it. This stranger was receiving a killer blowjob and loving every naughty moment, Charlotte had returned from her little adventure with a grin from ear to ear and a what looked like a little bit of cum on her face. She was impressed with Frankies blowjob and waited on the bed till Frankie finished blowing this new strangers cock. Frankies new conquest casually kissed Frankie and thanked her for her expert skills.

“Well that was very fucking hot!!! “ Frankie softly moaned as the four of them started laughing. This night was going extremely well and the foursome grabbed another round of drinks and caught up on everyone’s activity. Everyone wanted to keep playing so they decided to pair off again and go explore some more. Jack and Frankie headed back up to the tent area and were relaxing on the same bed Frankie had just played on when a very larger breasted hot female lay down next to Frankie. “I’m loving this lingerie “she whispered as she casually slid her hand over Frankies boobs. “Do you mind if i touch you ?”Slipping her hands down between Frankies legs sent a shiver through Frankie. This was not Frankies first rodeo with another girl so she was comfortable with this new stranger starting to feel her up. With a couple of extra helping hands Frankies heels and stockings were removed just leaving a tiny g string and bra. Slipping two fingers inside the front of the g string, Frankies new lover was starting to send the first waves of orgasm through Frankies body. Replacing her fingers with her tongue this beautiful new stranger was sending Frankie into orbit.

“Give me your cock now” Frankie demanded Jack to bring his rock hard cock to her mouth. From the corner of her eye Frankie spotted the guy she had blown earlier lying on the bed next to them watching. His cock was still rock hard while he watched this red hot MILF having her first threesome at the swingers club. Frankie was loving this erotic play but really wanted to be fucked and knowing that the stranger she blew earlier was looking at her thinking the same thing was sending her over the top. She knew what she had to do as the stranger just lay there wanking his cock while devouring Frankie with his blue eyes.

She very casually rolled over leaving Jacks cock inches from the mouth of the hot female who had been sending superb orgasms through her body. As Jack plunged his loaded cock into the hot females waiting mouth he looked at Frankie who was now reaching for a condom to give to her stranger. This was going to get really hot as Frankie jumped on the bed assuming the doggie position. Her stranger grabbed her hot arse and guided himself into this naughty MILFS soaked pussy. With one hard thrust he send Frankie over the top with one of several mind blowing orgasms. Grabbing both arse cheeks he started pounding himself into her. Pulling her body hard into each full thrust he delivered. Frankie was moaning and starting to shake as each orgasm ripped through her fully naked body.

It was during Frankies fourth orgasm that Jack could take no more and exploded into the hot mouth that had been wrapped around his cock the entire time his hot wife had been fucked for the first time by a stranger she had only just met.

Flipping Frankie over and pulling her legs up to his shoulders, the stranger plunged his cock back into this willing wet pussy. Forcing his cock as hard and deep inside her dripping hole sent Frankie into overload. Her fucked her in this position till Frankies begged him to stop. Asking her where she wanted him to cum, Frankie replied she wanted him to unload inside her. The two of them lasted about a minute before simultaneously exploding in what Frankie later described as one of her best orgasms ever. The stranger kissed Frankies lips and thanked her for an amazing fuck. Frankie very quietly thanks him for taking her swingers club virginity and opening her mind to becoming a hot wife.

Frankie and Jack cuddled into each other on the bed where she had just been very well fucked by another guy. “That was so incredibly hot !” Was all the two of them could say as they embraced each other in the after glow. Frankie was starting to cool down and regain some control over her limbs which had turned to jelly. She casually reached down to Jacks groin and grabbed hold of his still semi erect cock. A few soft tugs was all that was needed to turn the semi into a full hard cock.

“Want to fuck a naughty little sluts very wet and slightly puffy pussy?” Frankie purred as she pushed her self back on the bed and spread her long legs for another pounding . Jack was in heaven as he slipped himself into his wife’s very wet well fucked pussy. He lasted about four minutes which was enough to time to send another three body shaking orgasms through Frankies body. As Jack pumped another load of hot cum into her well pounded pussy they noticed their mates had joined them on the bed and were admiring the action.

“I think we all need another bottle of bubbles” Frankie said as she looked around the two beds to find her lingerie which had been strewn all over them during this epic sex session she and Jack had just enjoyed. The foursome drained another couple of bottles of bubbles at the bar that evening before returning to their respective hotel rooms down and the Sofitel in the viaduct . Frankie knew she and Jack would be awake until the sun came up re living tonight’s erotic action and planning their next trip to CCK