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Ep 3: A quickie

"An impromtu meet up in the dark of Lucy"
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Lucy's phone vibrated, signalling a new message. "Hey, are you still in Devon?". She couldn't help smiling, sensing something adventurous coming her way. Though she had decided to pop over to Devon tonight anyway to go dancing as there was a live jazz band there, she was almost sure that would be it, that she would just have a night out and then go home. After all, it was communicated to her that this man who just texted her would be busy all weekend. Aurelio has been on her mind since the moment she knew she'd be alone tonight, with Ed having a weekend away with his colleagues. She just couldn't resist playing in her head the picture of spending the night alone with him, naked, wrapped in his arms and body, and getting lost in the senses of sensuality of him and herself together, not worrying about the time, the place, or anything else. He had already told her he wouldn't be available, not until next month, so she had already decided to stop putting her hopes up since the morning. The message now brought back the tingling sense of potential. "Yeah", she texted back, not wanting to sound too excited. "How long for?" he asked. "Around 10 or so", she replied. Waited for a minute, she continued, "What do you have in mind?", now feeling ready to jump on board wherever this train shall take her. Aurelio said he's trying to get a bigger car from a friend and see if he could manage a quickie with her in it. A quickie, she toyed with the word in her mind, feeling aroused and at the same time slightly nervous now that the reality seemed to be just around the corner, that momentarily she'd be with him. Truthfully she would have loved to have more than that, but the idea of playing with fire in the dark, without Ed knowing, and the impromptu essence of this sudden change of plan excited her. "So I guess he wanted me after all", she thought victoriously to herself. 15 minutes or so passed, and her phone vibrated again notifying her of Aurelio's arrival. "Here", read his message. Packing her bag and coat, she walked out of the club to the open air. It was a lot cooler out here compared to the densed air in the dance hall, but the entire carpark was dark and silent. She looked around but couldn't tell which car was his, so decided to walk out slowly to the main road where the street light was shimmering through the trees. There was a van at the front gate but she could swear it was empty. Feeling slightly anxious, she looked around for any sign, and as she was gazing back to the dark road from where she came, she now noticed two headlights approaching. A black car was slowly driving out towards her. "Hi", she heard a voice calling her and saw a familiar smiling face leaning out of the car's window under the weak yellow tungsten light. She greeted him back and popped in the car. "How are you?", Aurelio asked, in his usual soft and brisky tone, the one that to her always seems to carry a hint of mystery and adventures. Hearing his voice alone aroused her. She couldn't remember what their small talk was about, only that it was short as Aurelio turned promptly into a dark one-way alley not too far from the club. He silently parked under the thick branches of a tree on one side of the road and turned off the lights and the engine without much hesitation. It was as if he knows the spot like the back of his palm. "I have to tell you that I've never done this before", she spoke softly in the darkness, while removing her shoes and trousers, as Aurelio moved to the back of the car, preparing the bunk bed and spreading the sheets out. He told her he'd done this twice before, and she wondered if they were both in this vehicle, not wanting to think too much into other details. Once ready, he reached out his hand for her to hold as she stepped onto the bunk. It was almost pitched dark inside. She could only see the blinking stars in the clear sky above and the pale yellow lights in the main road afar through the car's windows. Aurelio wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug and she let her body sink onto him. They kissed softly. Once he had released her and taken off her t-shirt, she raised her hands out to touch his torso. Her senses remembered his warm body and his sweet smell, but she longed to see him with her eyes, and this darkness restrained her. "I wish I could see you", she said as she caressed his face. "You'd already know what I look like", he whispered, and softly asked her to suck him. She obliged, lowering her hands down to his erecting penis, then gently filled it in her mouth. Aurelio gave out a faint gasp. He had waited this moment for a long time, and now letting himself relaxed and immersed in the intoxicating sensation. Lucy moved her lips up and down the shaft, and though Aurelio no longer touched her, the energy from the tip of his phallus and her tongue twisting together awoke her cunt. She searched for his hand and directed it toward her vagina, signalling him to finger her. "You're wet already", he whispered as he caressed her vulva, then raised himself up and lowered her to her back on the opposite side of the car. After putting on a condom, he raised her legs, and thrust himself into her. Lucy moaned as Aurelio waved himself in and out rhythmically, as the temperature built up rapidly in the car. It didn't take too long before Lucy found herself overheated under her lover's body. She signalled Aurelio to pause and asked him to flip over, then crawled and hovered over his abdomen. "Give me your hands", he asked, and in the darkness Lucy found his hands, slipped her fingers between his and grabbed them, then started fucking him on top. Still she felt too warm and stuffy in the confined space to fully enjoy the experience, and she also hated that she couldn't see him. Aurelio seemed to sense her uncomfort, and though he would love to stay longer with her, time was running out on him. He made up his mind and asked her to go into a doggy position. Once Lucy had held tightly onto the back of driver's seat, he pounded vigorously into her. Feeling fully her tight wet cunt wrapped around his rocking penis and her soft round buttocks pushed against his groin, he felt his heartbeats raced rapidly, and released in the elevating orgasm. A moment or so passed, and Aurelio removed his penis and lay on this back, catching his breath and letting his mind slowly land back to the ground. Noticing Lucy still clinging to the back of the seat, he gently reached out his left hand to touch her shoulders and pulled her to his side. There they lay and talked quietly to each other for a short while in the darkness, before putting their clothes on again and drove out of the alley. Lucy made sure she had a full picture of at him, his eyes and jawline while he was driving her, and this made him grin. She tried to hide the melancholy inside of her but she could tell he saw it through her eyes. It wasn't long before they reached at the wharf and the moment of goodbye. Caressing his lovely face one last time, Lucy said to him "Thanks for meeting me. See you soon", and got out of the car. Aurelio looked on to her as she walked into the ferry building. "See you again soon".

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