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CCK dare

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After an evening at some Auckland bars we were a little tipsy and decided to head up to CCK. Enroute Anna whispered "tell me three naughty things you dare me to do while you watch.. "

After some quick thought I told her... "I want to watch you kneel in front of two strangers and suck their cocks". "easy" she replied. OK then I upped the ante with the second one telling her I wanted to watch her on her hands and knees being fucked by a guy while she plays with his wife. "wow that's more naughty" she replied "but is that the naughtiest thing you can come up with to dare me?". Seeing she was enjoying the game I thought some more and responded "for the third one I dare you to be handcuffed and blindfolded in the tent and see what happens.."

"Well a dare is a dare" she said with a seductive wink as we walked up to the door. I was incredibly turned on with her sexy confidence. Watching her walking inside in her black skirt and stockings, heels and sexy top I knew anything was possible.

We had a couple of yummy cocktails at the bar as we looked around at all the couples, then she pointed out the two guys she had chosen for her first dare.

She slipped off her barstool and went over to the first couple, happily talking to them both before she got up and led the husband up to the top room. As she walked she just pointed at her second choice and motioned him to follow her too. Her confidence was such a turn on.

Both myself and the guys wives walked up the steps to to find her already kneeling in front of them both. She had one hard cock in each hand and was gently stroking them as she looked up at them both. Seeing me watching she winked seductively then slowly took the first guys hard cock in her mouth.....


Written by Matt

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