We met up again with Dan and Natalie at their place last night.

After after a few drinks we were at it again. Natalie started by taking off my hubbies shirt and pants off and giving him head. Me and Dan were watching as I rub Dan's bulge. Natalie is really good giving head, she swallowed me hubbies balls as well.

I then proceeded to undress Dan and give him head as well. I also sucked on his balls while jacking him off. Then Dan said sit on the couch and spread. He went down on me sucking my clits. Not long I orgasmed then.

He then picked me up and positioned me doggy style. Penetrated me quite roughly I can feel his balls slapping against my groins. The he told me to lay on my back and penetrated me missionary style with my legs in the air and he pushed in real deep but I could not accommodate him, I tried to push his hips but he pulled up my arms and continued to push deep. I could feel my insides being pushed up. I moaned profusely while he was doing me deep. Then he started putting one hand around my neck chocking me a bit while his other hand hold both my small hands.

On the other paid I saw Natalie riding me hubby bouncing up and doing having a good time as well.

Going back to us... He said, "Can I cum inside?" He was being rough so I thought to return the favor and sound slutty and I said "Oh Yes! fill me up then he moaned and tensed up and came inside me. I could feel his pulsating cock in me. When pulled out his thick sperm gushed out.

Moments later me hubby also came at Natalie while she was riding him. Then he laid back and asked me if I want to eat my man's cum off her pussy, so I went down on her and licked me hubbies cum on her pussy.

Then we all relaxed a bit and booze up some more.

Dan invited me if I would be keen to be a tribute to his mate on a stag party. I replied I actually wanted to try a gangbang.