Written by Sub


I am excited to see that we are driving through the street lined with bars and restaurants, my Master pulls into the parking area and I put my dress back into place as I exit the car. I am still contemplating what tonight might bring as we walk up the street to a bar my Master will not tell me the name of.

He takes my hand in his, I love walking up the street with him, he is six foot seven inches tall and with my five foot six inch body, even in three or five inch heels, I still cannot meet his eyes directly. I need to look up to make eye contact and that really excites me. In public he is the perfect partner, I trust this man completely, if I didn’t, I would have submitted to him. Still he is my Master and I am checking out every couple and searching my surroundings to see what might be happening tonight.

We walk into the establishment and go directly to the bar where my Master orders me a double Gin and a non-alcoholic one for himself, while he is getting our drinks, I am looking at all the people wondering if I am going to be enjoying their company tonight. With drinks in hand, he takes my hand again and leads me up the stairs. When we reach the top, it seems to be a very quiet evening as there is only one couple sitting at a table, drinks in front of them. A gorgeous blond with nice breasts and an attractive smile similar in age and height to myself, her partner looks like a manager or corporate businessman or something along those lines.

My Master heads to their table and I smile at the two of them, mainly to ease my nervousness, not that I would ever show my Master I was nervous. The conversation is strained to start with, but once over the first hurdle of introductions, Lisa and I get into a comfortable conversation. I slide my chair closer to my Master and spread my legs, so he has access to my naked pussy, I want him to rub my clit. Jason, who is a manager, watches as my Master puts his hand between my legs and does rub my clit, the sensation is so good, knowing Jason knows and that Lisa does not.

In the car trip back to the motel, I once again lift my dress to expose my pussy to my Master and show off my dripping wet, pierced pussy to his gaze. He smiles at me and I know I am in for a hot night of fun. I pull my dress down as we get to the hotel and I get out of the car and go into the hotel room.

Once in the elevator I automatically get on my knees hoping to suck my Master’s cock on the way to the room, but once again I am disappointed that the ride is too short for that and he obviously has tonight’s events on his mind as he does not undo his jeans. Once in the hotel room, I lift my dress hesitantly to see if I am to be unlocked by my Master, “Not tonight slut! Position 2 my sub whore” he states to me. I whip my dress off to expose my naked body except for heels and assume the position.

Position number 2 is on my knees, kneeling high, back straight, hands behind my back, tits out, heels on and eyes straight ahead.

I can hear my Master in the toy bag and am a little excited when I see the blindfold but also disappointed as I see the noise cancelling headphones. My Master puts my collar on before our guests turn up.

I am not sure how long it is when I am wearing the headphones and blindfold but it seems like forever before I think I hear the door and feel the air moving in the room, it is amazing what other senses become heightened when you take a couple away. I am sure I can smell Lisa’s aroma and perfume in the room and Jason’s masculine scent. I am waiting for something to happen and I am sure that I just felt someone touch my nipple rings and move my new rings in my pussy, oh that felt like a woman’s fingernail, I am sure Lisa smells closer.

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