So we meet up with with another couple about 3 days ago. It was one of my most erotic and fun sexual experience with another couple. Very hot couple, around their early 30's

We met at their house had a few drinks. Very easy to talk to couple and very bubbly. After a few shots the wife started touching me, I was never so horny to a fellow woman before. Her eyes was as blue as the ocean staring at me with that smile, next thing I know I was pinned to the carpet floor her kissing me and her hand was on my boobs. I thought I return the favor and I flipped her on her beck and went down and ate her pussy. Both our husband were jacking off at this stage.

Then the husband took out his wife's collection of dildo and we started playing with them. Next thing she said "fist me" initially I did not know what that meant but she held my wrist and pulled my whole fist in her till my wrist. I did not know that was a thing....

She is about 5'8 (pakeha) and I was 5' (asian) She was absolutely gorgeous. Next she told me to sit on the couch and she'll play with me next. So she went down on me. She tried to fist me but I could only take 4 fingers and was struggling with the 5th which is the thumb. The husband took out a huge dildo which called John Holmes??? dildo. I might get the name wrong.

That thing was so huge it was thicker and probably longer than my forearm. But she took it like a champ. Came my turn and even with lots and lots of lube I could barely take the half of the head. Then the wife said you this might fit you better and called her husband in to fuck me. I was on the couch with my legs spread that time and the husband positioned his cock to put it in and said " can you put a condom on?" and he said "nah, I'd like to feel every bit of you"

While the husband was fucking me we heard my husband and his wife laughed and my husband apologizing. My husband already came just a few minutes of blowjob. But the wife was a sport and just said wow that was a mouth full. Then she mounted my husband and not long came again. I guess he really could not take her. SO they were on the side touching each other while they watch us fuck.

Couple of position changes later we ended up on the coffee table ... His phase was getting faster and faster and he said I am cumming. I was about to orgasm as well." So I told him "I'm about to cum as well, don't pull out yet" . He tried to hold on but I was really close, I kept telling him no no no no.... When he said I'm going to cum, I gabbed his bum and pulled so he can go deeper so I can orgasm first and he pull out, but he could not hold it any longer. We came at the same time with him cumming inside. It was a great fuck... I told him. Then the wife came over and ate me with him man's cum.

It was the most fun night I had...