We're sitting on the deck at your house. The one we built together. It's hot. You've made two cocktails in tall glasses with lots of ice. Your wearing little shorts and a bikini top. Not the kind of thing you usually wear but you know I think your tummy is sexy so you're doing it for me.

We've been friends for a while and lately that friendship has taken a more intimate path. We've kissed and I've confessed to having feelings for you. You've said some things that make me believe that you feel the same way.

You stand up and walk over to me. You have a smile on your face. I know you well enough to sense that something exciting is about to happen.

You lean down and kiss me. You have an ice cube in your mouth. Your lips are cold and fresh. Im hot so it feels wonderful.

You use your tongue to pass the ice cube into my mouth.. Your tongue is cool.

The ice cube is full sized. It's only melted enough to have lost its edges and it's smooth and slippery. You stand up, you're still smiling. You are so beautiful.

You take my hand and lead me in to the living room. You lay down on the sofa and pull me to you. I hover over you, my legs either side of you, leaning forward so we can kiss. The ice cube is still in my mouth.

Only our mouths are touching. It's just too hot. Your kiss is passionate and I feel brave. I move to undo your top and you help me. You throw it onto the floor. I've never seen your breasts before, they are so sexy, I love women with small breasts and yours are just perfect. I run my cold tongue over your nipple. It hardens as I circle it with the ice cube. You make that lovely purring noise you made the first time we kissed .

I sit up and look at you. I don't need to say anything. You can tell by the way I'm looking at you that I think you are amazing.

I move my hands to the waist band of your shorts. I pause so you can be the one who decides what happens next. ......

You lift your hips.

I slide your shorts down to your ankles. You're not wearing any underwear. You lower your hips down to the sofa and lift your feet so I can completely remove your shorts.

You're naked. I can't believe how stunning you are. Your pussy is completely smooth.

I gently push your legs apart. I flick my cold tongue against your clitoris. You make a little squeak. I slide my tongue down between your legs. You are already soaking wet. You writhe against me.

I cover your pussy with my mouth and push the ice cube inside you.