Time to make a decision, normally I don’t fuck on the first date, but I’m thinking this isn’t normal seeing as she’s already got my dick in her broad daylight no less (ok the table is covering what she’s up to) but anyone sitting a couple of tables away looking in the right direction will see. Nice.

Ok so two can play at that game, let’s see how far this is going to go. I slip my hand off the table onto her thigh, nice short skirt. It really showed off her legs when we were standing, now it’s ridden up a little so it doesn’t take long to find out she’s not wearing any panties. I run my finger up the outside of her pussy, feels wet, good. I do this a few times, watching her expressions. The tip of her tongue comes out, softly licking her upper lip. I pull my hand away, watching the look of disappointment until I put my fingers to my lips and savour the taste on the tips.

She’s been slowly wanking my dick while I’m doing this, she stops when I do, so I tuck myself away and stand up, a puzzled expression crosses her face until I reach out my hand to her. Taking my hand, she rises, bending slightly at the waist affording me a look down her shirt. Those nipples are just begging for pegs but that’s for another time, we’re just getting to know each other...intimately it would appear.

Walking down the street, chatting away but I’m also looking around then I find what I’m looking for. Perfect...narrow alleyway, too narrow for vehicles so not going to get run over. Wide enough for what I’m thinking though, I start to pull her behind me down the alley. Yes it’s dark, not that dark. If anyone looks in on purpose they’ll see us. I stop and push her back up against the wall, one hand at her throat, the other up under her skirt, all the time she’s grinning which I take as a green light. All I can feel is wetness between her thighs as I slide my middle and ring finger inside her leaving my thumb to play above her clit. All the time watching her face, no sign of distress just pleasure,

Her chest is heaving as I tear her shirt open (gotta love snap closures) Wow! Even better in the flesh, but no time for pleasantries, someone could look or walk down at any time, I turn her around and push her breasts up against the cold hard wall placing her hands at shoulder height on the wall. “Don’t move your hands for any reason “ She nods, pushing her ass out, knowing what comes next. I step away, reaching into my jacket pocket for a condom (best to be prepared) and tear it open, I promised my wife I’d always be safe.