Written by up for fun


So I have not had sex in a year and a half. It is time to get my kinky on. I have been messaging an older guy and a younger guy (57 and 30) not sure what I am looking for so will interview for the job. Anyhow I am so freaking horny right now. I am 45 btw. I have arranged to meet both tonight at different times. Dinner with the older guy and hook up with the younger one. I really want some hot dirty 3 or 4 person get together but that can wait.

I am not feeling great and I am loosing my voice. This is my plan and instructions for the young one.

After dinner I am coming home, showering and making my pussy nice and smooth. I will jump into bed naked and fresh. I will leave the key out. Young one is to come in, help himself to wine if he needs it. Find me in the dark. NO TALKING and we will look at each others bodies with hands and mouth etc. I can not wait to have a hard cock rubbed all over me and tease my wet pussy. Some nipple biting and ball sucking and then he can slam that dick into me hard and fast till I orgasim 2 or 3 times before I am done. Then he can leave and let me sleep and I may never even see him. It is all about the sex not any romantic love. Will he be game enough and show up, walk into a strangers house? watch this space