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It was set up. My darling had found a man keen to meet up and see where things go. I, while shy am always totally keen to see what will happen!

Hubby and I went to the agreed location and found our stranger standing at the meeting spot. I left hubby in the car and walked to meet the stranger on my own. Dressed in a mini denim skirt, no underwear and a spaghetti string low v-neck top showing all my cleavage and hard nipples poking through the silky slippery material. A feeling that was only about to get more slippery!

I introduced myself and hugged this gorgeous man..light brown wavy hair and brown eyes. Instantly attracted to him. He hugged me pressing his hot body against mine. I knew he wanted me already. Felt the heat of his bulge in his pants made my pussy tingle n drip down my thighs. We walked back to his car holding hands.

We had not long hopped in his car and I was rubbing his thigh when the back door opened and hubby hopped in the back seat. He said "hey bro, hey Slut what are you waiting for hurry up and get his cock out."

I pretended to be shy but began rubbing this strangers cock through his pants. Hubby was rubbing his own cock already so I kissed Sam and pulled his pants down to free his cock. Hes not a stranger anymore i want to get to know his cock!

There it was..his thick cock sprung out. He was bigger than hubby and had a thick lot of wavy brown pubes over huuuge balls. I rubbed his balls instantly then with my other hand I wanked his cock slowly. Hurry up said hubby. I asked my new cock if i could please suck it. He put his hand on my head and guided my mouth down to his cock. I was teasing it and tasting his helmet and was just getting used to this new size in my mouth when hubby said "Thats it. Lets get back to the house now. You need to fuck my wife."

Part two if you interested let us know....

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