Written by Anonymous


Wife looks after the home while husband is at work – a very normal situation. He travels and so he can’t always be around to fix things around the house despite being a handy, practical guy. It was while he was away on a trip that there was a problem at home. Wife calls him and says there’s a hissing noise and some water coming from under the sink. He obviously can’t help so he reluctantly says she will have to call a plumber in.

The plumbing receptionist says a tradesman can’t be there for hours but they can send an apprentice to see if it’s something simple. Wife agrees – she just wants the noise and leak to stop. She quickly gets changed and freshens up. She always likes to look her sexy best regardless of who’s coming over. She puts on a tight fitting top that hugs her breasts and a mini skirt that shows off her shapely calves and great butt. She applies fresh makeup and puts her hair up in a pony tail. She's a very sexy milf.

Shortly thereafter there’s a knock at the door. She opens the door and is met by a tall, well built young man. He introduces himself and doesn’t hide the fact that he’s checking her out. She turns around and smiles to herself and leads him to the kitchen. While he’s under the counter looking for the leak, she’s checking out his youthful physique. She loves her husband and they have a great sex life, but this young guy is very attractive – and he knows it. She feels herself blush while they both make small talk. She’s giggling like a school girl. She can’t help it – she finds herself daydreaming imagining digging her nails into his butt as she pulls him into her.

He’s on his back and as he slides out from under the counter he can see up her skirt. She has no panties on. Her pussy is freshly waxed. She makes no move to cover herself and instead widens her stance just a little to give him a better view. He reaches up and gently touches her clit. She feels like an electric shock has gone through her and her knees weaken. He stands up and they kiss. He’s fingering her pussy and she’s rubbing his cock through his shorts. She takes his shorts off and releases his hard cock and starts to suck like a woman possessed. It's obvious she's hungry to be fucked - now. He picks her up and lays her on the counter.

He slips her top up and plays with her breasts, licks and sucks her nipples. He kisses his way down her stomach. He goes down and licks her pussy and fucks her with two fingers until she cums. He stands up and flips her onto her stomach and eases his cock into her. He slides in and out of her gently to start with. Soon enough he’s grabbing her pony tail and fucking her harder & harder and slapping her butt. She squeals with pleasure.

She wants to face him so he slides out and she sits on the counter. He enters her again and they hold each other and kiss passionately while fucking. She reaches climax and he cums too.

They get dressed and tidied up. He lets himself out. Never did know if the leak got fixed…?