Written by normal_guy


It all began when Rob, my boss (6 foot, dark hair, good body, 30,s) asked me to go out on the piss with him one night. I (James, 5,9 dark hair, ave body) needed a night out so said yes. 6 guys went into town and had a great night drinking, being rowdy and flirting with any ladies that came near. The guys drifted off over the night till it was just Rob and I. He asked me back to his place for some more drinking and said I could crash on his couch. I walked in to his lounge to meet Sue (5,3 short hair, cute smile, large boobs, fit body and an ass to die for) his hot wife. She was wearing a t'shirt and tracky pants and slippers. We all sat around and chatted for an hour or so, drinking the whole time. I felt a funny vibe in the air and when Sue went to the kitchen to get more drinks, Rob followed her, He soon came back with a big grin on his face. When I asked where my drink was and he said Sue would bring them in a minute or two. A few minutes later Sue came into the lounge with the drinks, but she had changed, now she was wearing black heels, black stockings, garter belt, and a sexy black see through body suit. My mouth hit the floor, and as she leaned over to give me my drink she gave me a good look at her cleavage. She sat back down next to Rob on the couch and motioned me over. I felt a bit sheepish, but Rob gave me a wink , so I sat down with Sue now between us. She put her hand on both Rob and My knees and started to rub the inside of our thighs through our jeans. Sue said she wanted to get a bit more comfortable and left the room, Rob told me to follow and I asked if he was sure, He told me to relax and just have fun. I walked in to the bedroom to find Sue in just her stockings, she looked dead sexy. Rob and I striped down and jumped onto the bed, 1 of us each side of Sue. We both took control of a breast each sucking, licking, and nuzzling, she had nice stiff brown nipples and I loved licking them. I looked at sue's face to see that she had her eyes shut and was biting her lip. I slowly moved my hand down to her pussy and dipped a finger to find the wettest pussy I've ever felt. I used my damp finger to start to rub her clit, then Rob brought down his spare hand to finger her. She started to push against our hands. It was such a hot site, both boobs being sucked and us both working her pussy. After sometime we were both working her pussy hard, she started to grunt and Rob pulled his fingers out, she squirted everywhere!! This was the first time I've seen it, so had to go straight down and have a taste. It was sweet and sticky, I lapped up as much as I could. I lay down beside Sue and Rob laid down between her legs and started to fuck her. I've never been that close to a couple fucking so I played with her clit some more, Rob lasted quite sometime and blew a huge load into her. Then Sue grabed my cock and started to suck me soft at first then harder, slowly she moved up me and dropped her slick pussy onto my cock. It was so tight and she rode me hard. I couldnt contain myself for long, I blew my load. We all snuggled and fell straight asleep. A few hours later I awoke with a hard on and Sues ass right in front of me. I started to kiss and lick her back and grope her ass. She reached back and grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy again. I fucked her warm hole till she moved up to her hands and knees and I started to pound away . Rob woke up to us fucking away and gave us a big smile. I again couldn't contain myself for long, this was amazing, I came deep inside her. This was followed by more sleep. In the morning Rob got up to have a shower and I started to finger her again she pulled me on top and spread her legs wide and high, She held them against her tits. I fucked so deep and she had a huge grin. I came again quickly and rolled to the side, Rob came in so I showered. Rob said he would give me a ride home. On the way he thanked me for an awesome night. I said it was the other way round and said I had fucked his lady when he was in the shower and hoped he did not mind. He laughed and said it was all good and asked if I would be keen for another night soon cause he wanted to try a DP. I said shit yes! and promised not to cum so quick next time. He laughed again and said it was all good. I can't wait till next time........