Written by urewera


I hadn't been to the beach for three or four years; I used to try and

come across to the island at least once every summer but one thing or

another I hadn't made it for a while.

It is a great way to spend the day, up early in the morning, a trip into

the heart of the city, a forty minute ferry ride packed with holiday

makers, then Waiheke Island, bathed in sunshine. A short bus trip from

the ferry to the beach, most of the other holiday makers dropping off

at other destinations and those that remained stopped at the main beach

while I walked across the sand to the far end. A short track clambers

over some high rocks to reveal another smaller beach already dotted

with people.

I make my way to the centre of the beach, excited with all this build up

to one of the best bits of the day; I spread my towel, take off my

shirt and unbuckle my shorts. I then pull them down and then stand,

just for a moment, letting my cock and balls feel the warmth of the

sunshine and the coolness of the slight sea breeze. It felt wonderful.

Nothing had changed in the years that I'd been away, the same blue sky

with other islands dotted on the horizon, white sand and clear water.

I get out my book and prop myself up lying on my back so I can read and

still see the comings and going on the beach. My cock lies across my

thigh bathing in the sun.

I am always amazed at what nudity does to people's looks. Various women

(and men) of different shapes and sizes come and go through the day.

Some look over-weight or too skinny until they strip off and then there

seems to be a beauty released. A large woman on one side of me removes

her swim suit, without her bikini in the way her thighs don't seem big

and fit her body while her heavy breasts sway invitingly. Another

woman is playing with a bat and ball with a couple of guys; dressed I

would have thought her too petite and small breasted but naked when you

can see her large dark nipples and thick mat of black pubic hair she

looked very womanly. I occasionally have to roll onto my stomach to

hid my swelling member.

The other part of the day I love is the first swim. When the sun gets

too hot, I get up and wander down the water's edge, I find this one of

the most sensuous feelings in the world, my cock and balls having

soaked up the sun are now lowered into the cool water. A few powerful

strokes and I'm now in deeper water and can turn and face the beach,

the action of kicking my legs to stay afloat swirls the refreshing

water over my arse and around my balls. I am amazed how different

every thing feels without a swim suit. I get out of the water at the

other end of the beach and walk back to my towel, my muscles slightly

pumped from the short swim, my cock enjoying flapping in the warmth of

the sunshine and the slight breeze.

Setting up next to my towel is couple, slightly older than me, we

exchange greetings and settle down. The man roles onto his back, like

most people on the beach he has a great all over tan, I look down his

nicely shaped chest and flat stomach and glimpse his cock. It really

is magnificent, long but not too thick with a wonderful symmetry about

it and big enough to see that it too is well tanned. His wife is

between us, her face looks like it's been out in the sun more that the

rest of her but her body seems like that of a twenty year old, creamy

skin with pink nipples and a small bush of light brown pubic hair,

through which you can just see her labia tightly closed and pressed

together. Another example of someone that you wouldn't look twice at

fully clothed but very sexy naked. Looking back the man's cock I

remember that I've meet them before, years earlier at this same beach.

I feel a bit peculiar, recognising someone because of the size and

shape of their penis, I'd never thought I'd taken much notice - I

always came to the beach for the great feeling of being naked outdoors

and the mixture of woman on display. I start up a conversation and we

chat through the day, they introduce themselves as Dave and Barbara and

we continue to chat between swimming and reading most of the afternoon.

I don't mention that we'd done this before, I figure they must meet

plenty of people on this beach and there was no reason to remember me.

They tell me that they rent a small holiday house on Waiheke each year

and really enjoy the variety of people on the beach. As it turns to

late afternoon they ask if I was staying on the island, I tell them

that I'm catching a late afternoon ferry back to Auckland. They say

that that's a shame but I'd be welcome to join them for dinner at their

place if I wasn't doing anything else. I told them I hadn't anything

planned and would be delighted to enjoy their company. By this stage

of the day I'm quite used to being nude and didn't think the invite was

anything more than a invitation to a meal.

When it was time to go, both Dave and Barbara rap them selves in a

sarong each and lead the way back across the rocks to the main beach

and the road to their holiday house.

The house is small but with a large deck that looks out over the Hauraki

Gulf and surrounding islands. Dave lights up a BBQ while Barbara opens

up a bottle of wine. Both haven't changed from the beach and they are

still wearing their sarongs. We chat about life as Dave grills some

steak and Barbara throws together a salad before settling down on the

couch. We drink freely and I get glimpses of Barbara's pussy as she

gets up and down and when the slight breeze catches the edge of the

sarong. Even though I've seen her naked all day, it seems different

now, maybe it's the wine or maybe it's because now it's just

surreptitious glances.

After the meal Barbara is sitting on the edge of the couch and Dave is

standing next to her after clearing away the BBQ. Barbara then asks if

we've met at the beach before as I looked familiar and she doesn't

usually forget a nice body. I said yes, that I believe we sat next to

each other at the beach three of four years ago. Maybe it was the wine

or Barbara's compliment about my body but I then confessed that I had

recognized Dave's cock before I recognized anything else. Barbara

smiled and said she wasn't surprised as her husbands cock was the best

looking one on the beach and she felt she was very lucky having access

to it. While she was saying this she had reached up and had parted

Dave's sarong and was weighing his cock in her hand. The best on the

beach she repeated while leaning across giving it a slight kiss on the


Barbara looked back at me and smiled, all the time holding Dave's cock.

I wasn't sure what to do so I smiled back. She seemed to take this as

a signal and turned and kissed it again with her mouth slightly open

this time, and a flicker of tongue. "A very lucky woman", she

repeated. All the time Dave's cock was expanding with each kiss and

was soon hardened to a magnificent thickness and length. Barbara was

still only lightly sucking and kissing the end but had started to

stroke the base with her hand, holding it in place and feeding it into

her mouth.

Barbara's sarong had spread and her legs were parted exposing her pussy

to full view, her pussy lips that had been tightly closed all day were

now puffing up and parting. Dave's sarong had been completely removed

and Barbara's was slipping off as she turned to better accommodate Dave

in her mouth. Dave was grinning as he looked at me and said, "You seem

a bit overdressed don't you?". I stood and removed my shorts and sat

back down again stroking my hard member watching a superb display of

cock sucking.

Dave looked across and said, "It looks like I'm not the only one from

the beach with a good looking cock".

Barbara look up from Dave's cock and beckoned me across. I stood up and

with my cock leading the way, approached the couch. I walked directly

at Barbara who turned to face me and opened her mouth, all the time

with Dave's cock still in her hand. As she expertly sucked and licked

the head of my erection, she gently pulled Dave by his member until he

was also in front of her, standing right next to me. She had Dave in

one hand and me in the other taking turns, slapping our cocks across

her cheeks, licking and sucking. She then brought our cocks together

and tried to jam them both into her mouth, I could feel the warmth and

hardness of Dave's cock up against mine as Barbara unsuccessfully tried

to fit both in her mouth at the same time.

Barbara's expert sucking and the feeling of my cock being rubbed against

Dave's brought me close to the edge. I didn't want to cum too soon so

I withdrew my cock and knelt down in front of Barbara's tits taking a

hard pink nipple in my mouth. Barbara's sucking had turned her on and

her legs were writhing as she was thrusting her pussy searchingly into

the air, all the while attending to Dave's cock. I slipped my fingers

in my mouth and then reached down and spread Barbara's pussy, exposing

her clit while I continued to suck on her nipple. I stroked two

fingers either side of her clit, occasionally dipping them inside her

dripping cunt for lubrication then back to her clit.

Barbara's writhing intensified and she thrust each time my fingers

entered her, her head went back and she released Dave's cock from her

mouth but she still held him in her hand. I moved my fingers into her

while she pushed and thrust her clit against the back of my thumb; her

whole body was writhing now and she had pulled Dave's cock down and was

rubbing it hard against her other breast.

Barbara was rubbing Dave's cock all over her breast, his foreskin was

pulled back exposing a magnificent head. Barbara brought his cock

closer and closer to my face and then pushed it up against my mouth, I

had never taken a guy before but I was so turned on by the whole day I

opened my mouth and gently sucked the end. It was so hard and a lot

warmer than I expected, Barbara pushed it further and it filled my

mouth. The sight of her husband's cock in my mouth pushed Barbara over

the edge and she came is a series of violent shudders.

Barbara pulled Dave's cock out of my mouth and pushed me down on the

couch on my back, she then expertly grabbed my cock and placed it in

her now very wet cunt. She gently lowered herself down it's length and

started grinding slow but hard. Dave walked around and knelt on the

edge of the couch and placed his cock in reach of my mouth. I didn't

hesitate, keen to again get that superb head in my mouth, I stretched

and started to lick and suck. I was more vigorous this time, thinking

what I liked when someone was sucked my cock; releasing it

occasionally, licking and sucking and playing with it's whole length.

Whatever I was doing, it was certainly impressing Dave, he was moaning

and leaning back with his eyes closed. Barbara was also getting very

turned on by our display, her thrusts were starting to pick up and she

was leaning forward occasionally tonguing Dave's cock when it slipped

out of my mouth.

Now when Barbara leaned forward I could feel her pushing her clit into

my pubic bone while my cock was thrusting in her hot cunt. She left

her mouth just above mine while Dave's cock was driving between both

our mouths. It was the height of sexual contentment, the whole

sensuous day had reached it's perfect climax with everyone both giving

and receiving pleasure. Dave was first to cum, shooting his load

across both Barbara's and my faces, his cum hot and sticky. Licking up

Dave's cum off my face, Barbara was now pushing hard and starting to

shiver, I thrust hard and deep which set us both off . I came and came

in the best orgasm of my live. We all rolled back panting in a sweaty

cum soaked mass.

I certainly won't wait another four years before I go back to the beach