My ex and his mates invited me to a road trip around the south island and ultimately Duniden to their flat and back to Chch. It was a 5 day.

My ex and 3 his mates rented a huge campervan for the 5 day road trip.

We headed out Friday around 3am. The guys picked me up from our place.

We head out going to Lake Tikapo first as I love yhe lakes.

An hours drive and I was startingto get a bit horny with all the boys. This was around 4rish in the morning on the road. I said "So are we going to fuck?" While I took of my top, fro memory I heard one of my ex's mate said "Hell yeah" so I started kissing then and them kissingme allover while taking my clothes off. We all git naked and I started sucking their dicks white one ate my pussy. There was a dwsignated driver so there were 3 off the guys on me but the designated driver decided to park the campervan to the side and join in. After a long cock sucking and pussy eating. My ex positioned my to fuck and started penetrating my vag. I had a cock in my vag, one in my mouth and one on each hand. They took turns fucking me that way. One of them finally came afrer aound 2 hours of fucking . He came in my pussy then my ex fucked me then also came in me. One came in my breast as I was still sucking a dick and the last one came in my mouth and I swallowed. This was already daybreak around 7+am. I rested on the bed while everyone washed up and we continued our joirney.

We arrived in Tekapo around close to 9am amd had breakfast in that big motel by the road which I forgot the name. They had buffet breakfast, it was very nice.

We went to the hot pools after and enjoyed the hot water. I love the view up there just, so relaxing. We did not stay long as we have a long road ahead of us.

We were at the park and the guys decided to have another go at me. After we fucked, we were a bit already bored with gangbang. So we were thinking of other ways to make our trip unforgettable. I wanted it to be fun for the boys as well so I was all game but we have not really decided anything yet.

I sat on the drive side on our way next to Quuenstown while full naked finger fucking myself. A lot of motorist has seen that as I se them stare as they drove pass us from the opposite side of the road.

Lunch time we parked by a camping area and extended out the retractable roof beside the campervan, it's a really fancy campervan actually. They took out the portable bbq and started cooking. I only had my jacket on and nothing else. So only half of my bum and front is covered. I layed down the picnic cloth and I sat under the sun eating chips.

Wait for part 2 of m story... this is some public exposure.