So I was out parting at a night club with a male friend and his friend joined us , we drank heaps and decided to go back to my friends place , his friend insisted on coming with . I just thought , his friends drunk so will just pass out while him and I go hard out ... Boy was I wrong !

We get back to my friends place and him and I literally start as we walk in the door , he pushes me onto his couch and sits on top of me playing with my boobs and kissing me passionately, I've got a skirt on and my legs are slightly open in anticipation. The next thing I feel this warm hand rubbing my inner thigh and the sensation of it makes me so wet and horny , this hand moves up and starts rubbing me nicely through my panties , my breathing changed and my friend picked up on this and looked behind him with a cheeky grin on his face , he took off his pants and his cock popped out of his undies , he gave me "the look " and I knew that look all to well so I start sucking him as he is leaning over my mouth , the hand thats rubbing my pussy suddenly moves my panties to the side and he slips 2 fingers into me , this makes me so close to cuming I start swaying myself back and forth like I'm fucking his fingers . I'm blowing my friend so nicely and he's close to cuming and without warning he shoots a big load of cum in my mouth and I feel lips on my pussy , the cum in my mouth and the licking of my clit makes me cum instantly !!! I'm lying there gasping for air cuming over and over again when his friend suddenly stops . He lookes at me and gestures me to get up and follow him , so I do as I'm told ( I've a very obedient woman you see ?) and off we go to the bedroom , I hop on the bed on all fours and he stands on the edge of the bed and pulls down his pants and out pops a huge cock !!! I immediately start licking him and tease his monster cock with my tongue , I feel my friend get on the bed behind me and assume he will start licking me , I've got this huge cock in my mouth and without warning my friend thrusts into me with such force it pushes me forward and Suddenly I've got this huge cock hitting the back of my throat, I'm gagging uncontrollably and tears are streaming down my face but this guy is literally fucking my throat ! I pull my head back to get air and he shoots his load all over my face , it's warm and the naughtiness of it gets me so horny I have to touch my clit to release all my tension , my friends pounding into me and I'm stroking my clit , with every stroke my pussy tightens and he moans with pleasure , I start cumming and I can feel myself going really tight around his cock ,Chocking it ,i feel his cock go really big and then we both scream out in pure pleasure as I cum again and he cums . I lay flat on my stomach while my pussy is pulsating and I'm seriously out of breath and all sweaty . A little time passes and I think "wow that was awesome ,I better get ready for bed " when his friend enters the room again and tells my friend to move over and he gets on the bed ,turns me over lifts up both of my legs so they are in the air and closed and just starts thrusting into my dripping wet swollen pussy , the force of that huge cock going into me sends me over the edge and I get a tingly feeling all over my body , I need to touch myself so badly but he won't let me , he carries on fucking me hard and fast and as he feels he's getting close he opens my legs and says " there you go , cum for me " I came within seconds and as I was done he let out a mighty moan and came , slowing down his pace until he was just lying on top of me waiting until he was soft enough to pull out . We all just lay on the bed hot ,sweaty and satisfied !!!

Who would have thought that many many years later I would be living out these fantasies again , going back to that place where deepthroating was a hobby and swallowing cum was my staple diet ?