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She was the type of slutty whore who will have sex with you, well, just because. She would have sex with pretty much anyone just because. She wasn't just the town bike; she was more like the town light rail. She loved cock, the way its hardness filled her throbbing holes, stretching her, using her. She loved coaxing a cock to give up its salty, sticky gift. She loved the way men would exhaust themselves on her, spewing their loads into her and onto her until she drained them dry. Any opportunity to get fucked was a good opportunity. She was a cock craving slut.

We met after I messaged her on a hook-up site. The first time was in a secluded carpark where we fucked doggy-style in the back seat of her car and she let me cum over her face. I figured i would be just another one-off hook-up but we kept in touch. She explained that she liked to fuck every few days, with a different guy each time if possible. Over the next few days she told me about each new guy she met including the time she had two guys separately on the same night. A week later I went to her place and she let me rim her. After we fucked she sucked my cock until I unloaded down her throat.

This continued for the next few weeks. She seemed to get off on telling me about her many encounters and I was happy to keep encouraging her. She told me how she loved it when guys came over her face and her tits and whenever we met I was happy to oblige, grateful to be one of her semi-regulars. She told me about her occasional threesomes but how, even though it had long been a fantasy for her, she’d never had more than two guys at once.

Which of course got me thinking.

The next time we met I outlined my idea: I had to go out of town for a couple of days for work and I asked if she wanted to join me and experience a gang-bang. We would find some suitable guys and I would be there for support. That way she got to be the centre of attention with the knowledge that someone would be there to keep an eye on things. The enthusiasm with which she sucked my cock that night suggested that she liked my idea.

She put an ad under her profile on the website and told me that she got over a hundred replies that evening. Over the next few days we decided on the six that she liked the best and messaged them back. The rules were simple - everyone had to be sober, they had to wear condoms when they fucked her, and they were only allowed to cum over her face. The trip was over a month away and I think for that whole time she was permanently aroused.

Finally the day arrived and during the whole flight she was squirming in her seat. After checking into the hotel I had to go straight to my first meeting so to pass the time she had arranged to meet someone. She sent me photos of her sucking his cock and of the load of cum he’d left on her tits. I couldn’t resist looking at them even though I was in the middle of a seminar.

The day seemed to go on forever but finally the last meeting came to and end and I hurried back to the hotel. She turned up soon afterwards having done a bit of shopping after the guy had left. We went out for an early dinner to give her time to get ready. Back at the hotel she modeled the lingerie she had bought that day - a dark blue lace bra and panties set. She looked amazingly sexy, but I doubted she’d get to wear it for long. Then her phone went off. The first of the guys was nearly there.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. She went into the bathroom and I answered the door. A tall young man stood there nervously. I invited him in and he sat on the bed. After a minute of awkward chit-chat there was another knock and I let in the second guy. Over the next few minutes the rest of them turned up and after all six had arrived I reminded them of the rules.

I then went and knocked on the bathroom door and took my seat in the corner. She came out to a chorus of approving murmurs. She did a little twirl to show them what they were about to enjoy and walked up to one guy standing in the middle of the room. She reached out and grabbed his crotch and all of a sudden she was surrounded by all half dozen of them. Their hands were on her, groping her ass and tits, pinching her nipples through the thin bra. In turn her hands went to each crotch in turn, testing them for hardness. From the expression in her eyes I could tell she approved of what she found.

She sank to her knees and unzipped the first pair of trousers in front of her. As she pulled them down a thick semi-erect cock sprang out. She grabbed the shaft and started sucking on it, bringing it to full hardness. As she did the others took off their pants until she was surrounded by a forest of cock. Keeping the first one in her mouth she reached out and started jerking off two more. They crowded around her, pointing their cocks at her head, rubbing the tips in her hair and against her face. She took each one in her mouth in turn, trying to deep throat each one. Helping hands pushed on the back of her head.

One by one the men undressed. One knelt behind her and reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Someone undid her bra and she took it off, freeing her magnificent titties. Hands were all over them, squeezing them, pinching her stiff nipples. She stood up and took her panties off. She turned to face the guy who had been kneeling behind her, grinding her swollen pussy against his face. Two mouths started sucking a nipple each. I was getting uncomfortably hard.

She got onto the bed on all fours and directed one guy to stand in front of her. She took his cock in her mouth and reached underneath herself to spread her pussy lips open. Another of the men put on a condom, knelt on the bed behind her and started fucking her. As she was being spit-roasted another guy stood in front of her, and she reached out to guide it towards her already stuffed mouth. With a little effort she managed to fit both cocks in her mouth.

One of the others lay on the bed next to her, holding his cock upwards. She moved sideways and settled her pussy on top of him and started to ride him, her mouth still full of two cocks. The one who had been previously fucking her grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside table and squirted some over her ass. He loosened her up with his finger before he eased his cock into her, causing her to squeal in pleasure from being double-penetrated. Once he was fully inside her he paused for a moment before slowly starting to fuck her ass. The feeling of being filled with so much cock was proving too much for her and she reached down and started to rub her clit and before long was moaning and bucking as she came. This pushed the guy who had been fucking her ass over the edge and he cried out that he was about to cum. He pulled out of her and took the condom off. She straightened up and turned to face him as he stood on the bed next to her. With a few strokes he shot his load over her hair and forehead. As the flow of cum slowed she opened her mouth to accept every last drop.

After he got off the bed she got off the guy under her and rolled onto her back, her head near the edge of the bed.. One of the guys she had been sucking stood over her and started pumping his cock faster and faster, and soon he too exploded over her face, with spurt after spurt of cum coating her cheeks and chin.

The guy she had been riding got between her legs and started fucking her missionary style. Her shoulders were at the edge, her head hanging over the edge. The fourth guy stood straddling her face, allowing her to suck his balls while he squeezed her tits. He then pointed his cock down, sliding it into her waiting mouth. He pushed his hips forward until he was all the way inside and then started fucking her throat. He was so deep that his balls slapped against her forehead. She was gagging and choking on his cock and her saliva ended up dribbling down her face, mixing with the cum. She was moaning once more, rubbing her clit, so turned on by being deep-throated that she soon came again.

The guy fucking her pussy pulled out, got up to stand next to her, and rubbed his cock against her face while she still had a cock down her throat. He started furiously stroking his cock and when he came he aimed at her lips, so that some of his cum landed on the other guy’s cock. Soon he too pulled out and after a few tugs shot his load into her open mouth.

After a moment she sat up. Her freckled face was a mess of cum and saliva, which was dripping onto her tits. Her hair was matted with white goo, and she was surrounded by four happy, exhausted men. I sat amazed, scarcely believing how sexy and desirable she looked at that instant, my own cock threatening to explode in my pants.

She looked me in the eye and blew me a creamy bubbly kiss before motioning to the two remaining guys to the bed. She lay on her side and one of the two lay behind her, guiding his cock to her asshole. She gasped as he eased it in and startedslowly fucking her. The other knelt in front of her, first rubbing his cock and balls over her face coating it with cum before shoving it into her waiting mouth. As he fucked her face he leaned over and stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy

After a few minutes of watching this the first group of guys started getting hard again. One of them rolled her on top of the guy fucking her ass, exposing her pussy. Putting on a fresh condom he spread her legs and entered her pussy so that again she was being DP’d. The guy she’d been blowing got onto the bed and squatted over her face so she got to suck on his balls while he jerked off. His hand started moving faster and faster and soon he came over her chin and tits. The guys fucking her pulled out and helped her to her knees. Taking the condoms off she started sucking each cock in turn, pumping a cock in each hand and before long they both exploded over her grateful face.

I was amazed at the stamina each of the six had and they continued to take turns using her for the next hour. Eventually she managed to drain them all completely and the evening came to an end. As they dressed she watched them sitting propped up on the bed. She herself was exhausted and barely recognizable, her face covered in a mask of cum, her tits a sticky mess. Her legs were spread exposing her gaping swollen pussy, and lube was oozing from her ass.

Once they all left I stripped naked and lay next to her. I stroked her face, rubbing the cum into her skin, periodically letting her lick my fingers clean. She bent down and gave me a gentle blowjob. After I came in her mouth we fell asleep.

The next morning I got up early to get ready for my second day of meetings. She was still asleep when I left. During my afternoon seminar she sent me a message. It was a photo of the fresh cock she was about to suck. She was such a glorious slut.