First Time

Growing up I'd lived a fairly sheltered sex life mainly due to work and lack of females in country NZ at the time. Then as time went by while living overseas I'd met the lovely lady that is my wife.

After being married more than 10 years we hit a rough patch like many. My wife developed a medical condition which lead to no sex. After two years without any sex, with her permission I signed up to a website similar to this. There were plenty of time wasters but eventually I got a message from a lady and we began chatting online (neither of us had photos on our profiles) which I think made it more exciting. A couple of months went by and I had been booked into a conference in the city which also included an overnight stay. So with some excitement we had arranged to meet that night after chatting online and some sexting. Although hadn't swapped face pics at this stage. The sexting certainly created the desire after this lady telling me she had a sensational rack.....

Tonight was the night....I was so nervous...then there was a knock at the I opened here stood a beautiful petite blonde lady...about as nervous as I was....with a great smile.

After entering the room we decided to have a glass of wine each to calm the nerves. We chatted quite freely and both became relaxed in the we sat and chatted on the sofa, she got up and straddled me and our mouths locked, kissing and I thought, that pent up desire was certainly on show...and that sensational rack...god they were FF Cup...we kissed like that for what seemed like ages, kissing her neck as he breathing became heavier. She then stood up and pulled at my belt and proceeded to release my rock hard cock, where she knelt door and started to stroke it, licking the head with the tip of here tongue. During our sexting she did allude to enjoying giving head.....and it was very good head....she sucked and wanked my hard cock til I nearly cum....I motioned her to lay on the bed, I pulled down her dress....there were no knickers...I then slowly licked and kissed her inner thigh all the while getting closer to her beautiful pussy lips...she was very wet...her back ached as I run my tongue up and down here lips...she moaned as my tongue found her swollen clit...I continued to tongue her until her whole body shuddered and her petite legs gripped my head.....with my face full of her sweet cum juice....I then released these huge FF breasts and began to lick, kiss & suck them (as a boob man this was heaven) I pleasured her big breasts she motioned that she wanted my had I went to grab a condom, she said no I want you natural...with her legs spread I teased her wet lips with the shiny head of what was now a rock solid cock....I slid into her tight pussy...slowly at first and then as time went on thrusting in and out she wanted it fast as she was nearly ready to cum....I was nearly ready to blow as she cum I was about to pull out and cum on her when she said fill me, let it go into my pussy....I thrust hard and filled her with cum.....

We lay together on the bed...cuddling, kissing and smiling...we talked more then I went and cleaned up, returning to the bed laying beside her she asked if I was ready for round 2...jesus I thought...this is new for me...then she asked if I wanted to try anal....(I was an anal virgin at that stage)... she had mentioned during our sexting that she liked anal...I was still hard from round one....but was another desire about to come true? She again took my hard cock into her mouth and and gave another great head job....she reached into her bag on the bedside table and grabbed a condom and some lube....she slipped the condom on and lubed it up....straddling my...with her hand holding my cock she lowered arse onto it....god what a feeling as she took the length of my cock into her arse....looking up at those beautiful tits and the twinkle in her eye as she rode my cock knowing she was my first anal.....she came very fast....shuddering and moaning as I filled the condom with cum again....

Spent again we lay together on the bed, kissing and caressing each other...and I'm thinking she will get dressed and head off....but no she stayed the whole night...round three was in the middle of the night and we had round four for breakfast. An unforgettable first up experience..!

Needless to say this was the first of many sessions over the next few years when time allowed...!!