He would have usually stopped his play by now, moving onto the physical, in fact, he’d never gone this far before, it was all new territory. Part of him felt well out of his comfort zone but the other half was excited about where this was heading. The other unusual thing for his was having this beautiful woman calling the shots, she was definitely in charge here and strangely this really excited him. Somehow he’d always taken the lead with other women, and he was unsure why this happened, but here now was different. She was in control. Holding onto the basin, she lifted her hips and arched her back, pushing her ass towards him. The hidden camera would be picking up all of her from this angle and he was sure that she knew exactly what she was doing. He slid his thumb under the g-string and pulled it sideways over her ass cheek so it took a weird curved contour across her ass, black lace against her pale skin.

He started lightly kissing the area just below the small of her back, where the skin always seems the most pale. He’s always thought it’s like a arrow pointing to the ass crack, inviting you to “put your face here.” Soon his kissing have become more licking and she has started pressing up onto her toes and back onto her heals, encouraging him to lick deeper and deeper.

“Now who’s in a hurry?” He mummers.

“Oh but it feels so good, I want you to fuck my ass with your tongue and make me cum!” She moans back at him.

This seems all the encouragement he needs and now he slides his tongue down her ass crack and onto her pussy. The taste of her hits him and he’s now lost at sea. His tongue travels slowly up and down her ass, never stopping, never slowing, just gliding over her anus and pussy and onto her clit and then back again.

Their tempo is increasing, as his tongue licks up over her ass, she’s pushing down and she’s pushing down as his tongues going up. They keep in sync for ages but he worried it’s not going to last, his knees are screaming with the cold terracotta bathroom tiled biting into him and he can tell she’s approaching her first orgasm. Moving his his hands around her front, he pulls her clit onto his tongue and changes from a licking movement to a tongue flick and pushes as hard as the tip of his tongue can take. Her breathing was coming in shorter and shorter bursts and mumbling “yes yes!” as encouragement into the stainless steel basin. Her orgasm comes with a uncontrollable rush, and it seems for a second all of her body is in spasm. Her legs have almost given up and are having trouble taking her weight, so he helps her turn and sit on the toilet seat to recover.

She takes a second to finally focus, the intense pleasure still clinging to her, “That young man was very good, not excellent, but a improvement from your previous efforts.” She says gathering up her clothes and beginning to redress. “So what is your name, what do I call you?”

“My name is Hayden.” He says wondering I’ve he should dare ask hers.

“Ok Hayden,” she said, “They call me Ava, so you can call me that too.” By now Ava had her lace bra and panties on a starting on the rest of her clothes, and Hayden felt a little sad. Ava was beautiful, by far the most stunning woman he had ever been with and it was quickly coming to a end.

Almost heading his mind, Ava said “I’m not from around hear and I need a place to stay, when are you finishing work?”

“I’m due to clock off soon, I just need to get my laptop from the office,” he replied.

“Good.” said Ava, “We can go back to your place and watch your movie, and fuck some more.”

Hayden headed to the office and retrieved his laptop and shut down the toilet cameras. Just in time as the next shift coordinator had come in a little early. Normally he would have done it much sooner, but it meant he was able to leave straight away, no one aware what had happened in the last hour.

Outside in the car park Ava was leaning against his car, how did she know it was his car? He was starting to wonder if she could read his mind. As he approached his car he unlocked it from the key and Ava slipped into the front passenger seat.

“How far away do you live?” asked Ava as Hayden turned his car onto the main road.

“Oh, about fifteen minutes at this time of the day, longer in rush hour,” replies Hayden.

“Ok, that’s long enough,” says Ava.

“Long enough for what?” asks Hayden.

“To go down on you while you drive us home,” she replies and moves her hand onto his leg and up to his cock.