I arrive at the playroom and am instructed to change out of my street clothes into a black corset, garter belt, stockings and heels.

Once this is done I am blindfolded before being led into the playroom and strapped to the St Andrew's Cross where i soon feel the gentle swish and thud on my back from a luxurious flogger.

The rhythmic flogging soon hypnotizes me and I find I am day dreaming when all of a sudden THUD I am hit with force and then once more before the gentle lashings continue as before. Of course this starts me from my reverie and I begin to pay more attention to what is going on, straining my senses to get an inkling of what is happening.

The flogging stops for a moment and I feel a hand reach between my legs to feel my wetness, a murmur of “good girl” is uttered as a finger is slid into me. That same finger is then pressed into my lips and I lick it clean, I taste good.

The flogging continues, soft, harder, THUD, soft, fast, slow, I cannot discern a pattern but I let myself embrace the slight stinging and feel my back and buttocks warm.

Once more a finger is slipped into my wetness and an appreciative grunt is heard. I find myself being finger fucked for a while which makes me groan.

Just as I was really enjoying the cross with the alternating flogging and fingering it all stops and silence. I hear nothing except the faint pulsing of my blood in my ears, has my Sir left me?

Seconds pass into minutes, it feels like hours and I am alone and bound, helpless. Is that a foot fall I hear? Could that be soft whisperings? “hello?” I call but no answer. I resign myself to the fact I am going to be in this position for a while. I can feel some moisture start to trickle down my thigh. I am wet and I want release.

Finally, I feel hands on my ankles releasing the restraints where they attach to the St Andrews Cross, they are not removed from my ankles though. My wrists are freed as well and I have a feeling of slight pain as the blood starts to flow back into my hands.

I can feel a hand on the back on my head and then a cool glass touches my lips and I take a sip of icy cold water, it feels good going down my throat.

I am then led again, still blindfolded, to another part of the room and guided to what feels like an ungainly apparatus. I quickly recognize it as the spanking bench and I am lowered onto it with the greatest of care, I know i am cherished and it makes me feel warm inside.

Once positioned correctly I am once again restrained, this time my bottom is proudly on display reading for a spanking, what will be used I wonder, please not the cane, it hurts so bad. I know that pleading for something other than the cane will only provoke Sir into using said cane and using it with some vigour so i keep my mouth shut. After all I am a good girl and I know my Sir has my best interests at heart, I am his to toy with for his pleasure.

SWISH, oh it’s the flogger again.. side to side in that delicious rhythm, intensity fluctuating. I love the flogger and I make noises of happiness.

Wrong move. All of a sudden I feel the intense sting of the cane on my bare bottom and I squeal in shock and pain. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Each stripe that is laid on my pale flesh emits a cry of pain from my lips, tears start welling in my eyes. But I hear Sir tell me what a good girl I am and how I please him so.

The cane stops for a moment and I feel the warm caress of a hand on my bottom, it is smarting and hot to touch but I relish in the smooth touch of Sir's hand. That hand soon slips down a once more I feel a finger delve into me, I’m still very wet and I find myself pushing back to encourage more than just that finger but alas it’s a wasted effort as it is soon removed and the cane is back..

i do not know how long I am caned for, intermissions of one or more fingers into me, more groaning on my behalf as well as crying. I hurt but that is just what I want.

Then something changes, its not a finger sliding into me but something else, thicker, harder, I gasp as Sir slowly slides his hard cock into me. He fits me like a glove and I am complete.

His thrusts start slow but gradually build in pace, each thrust coming harder and deeper; I cry out at each thrust. Suddenly he stiffens and a low moan escapes his lips, a few more hard and oh so deep thrusts and he is spent. Sir leans over and kisses me softly on the cheek. “my precious girl, my good little slut, you were so wet today. I am pleased” upon hearing those words my world is complete.

I am released from the spanking bench and lead to a soft bed and helped to climb on and lay down in such a position so as not to aggravate my welts. I feel a blanket pulled over me, my blindfold removed and Sir lays down next to me, cradling me in his arms and praising me, rewarding me with kisses, kissing away my tears and gently stroking my arm as I feel myself drifting away..