Written by Anonymous


I dress in my sexiest corset, stockings and heels. Put on a plain black skirt and blouse, pack my bag of treats and drive over to his house, reaching down and rubbing myself now and then, feeling my excitement build.

I pull into his drive, walk up and let myself in. As instructed he is naked and waiting in bed for me, wine at the ready. I remove my blouse and skirt slowly, then take a moment to have a drink, allowing him to take in the view, admiring my outfit. His appreciation is easy to see. I lean down and kiss him, deeply and hungrily, feeling his want and showing him mine. He reaches down and strokes my heat through my knickers, making me moan. He pushes his fingers against me harder, kissing me until I can’t breathe…..

I stand up, reaching down into my bag and pull out my leather harness, his eyes widen as he watches me step into it, positioning it, tightening it. You like? I ask him. He nods, unable to tear his eyes off me. I push him back onto the bed and straddle his chest, stroking my cock in front of his face, letting him lick and taste it. Watching his mouth take it. Roll over baby, I tell him. Show me that gorgeous arse.

I slowly massage him, taking my time, wanting him to relax. Pouring warm oil over his delicious arse I rub him firmly, spreading his cheeks a little, watching his thighs part in anticipation. I spank him, a few sharp spanks, letting him know who is in charge. I lean down and run my tongue along the inside of his legs, teasing him until I push my face into him, licking and probing him with my tongue. He groans, moves back against my mouth. I reach up and rub him gently, slowly pushing a finger into his tight arse, moving in and out, allowing him to get used to it. I ask him…more? Yes he says…please. I slide another finger in, seeking and rubbing that spot which makes him writhe against me, he begs me not to stop. I withdraw my fingers, reach for the lube and rub it on my cock, rub it on his arse.

Putting a pillow under his hips, spreading his cheeks apart I bring my cock close to him, nudging it against him. He is in control, pushing back and I slowly enter him, bit by bit. Waiting for him to stop resisting, waiting for the moment that I can fuck him. I grab his hips and pull him against me, moving in and out of him. I reach around with one hand and stroke his lubed up cock in time to my rhythm. Hard, fast, slow and steady. The friction of my fucking is creating friction against my clit, I move frantically, chasing my own orgasm. It builds and crashes around me, I shudder and cum…squirting all over myself and him.

Fuck me babe he begs, make me cum. I let go of his cock, needing to hold onto him tightly. I ride him hard, knowing he is nearly there, his moans and words telling me how close he is to losing control. I lean forward and sink my teeth into his neck, whisper into his ear…..cum for me, like you’ve never cum before, cum hard my sexy bitch. He shudders, spasms, yells, spills his cum over and over, collapses in a heap. I lie next to him, holding him, stroking him, feeling him come back to me.