Written by Anonymous


The sun has been out all day and it’s been a busy day in the garden and doing chores around the house. Wife and I are hot and over it and stop for a break. She suggests we down tools and go and get some meat & beer for a bbq. We both shower and get changed. I’m just wearing shorts & tshirt and jandals. She gets dressed up and looks hot in jeans, heels and a white Levis top that shows off her great tits.

We head to the supermarket. She looks great – as usual. I love it when she dresses like this. She knows guys check her out. I like walking a few steps behind her and laugh to myself when I see guys trying hard not to be obvious when they scan her up & down. Even funnier when their wives give them “the look”. Then the cheeky bitch stops and bends over in front of them. I don’t mind them perving because I’m the lucky guy who’s going to be fucking her. I must admit to wondering how I’d react to some other man fucking my gorgeous wife. Little did I know what this afternoon would bring.

While we were there we met friends we haven’t seen in ages. We chatted and caught up on all the gossip. He can’t keep his eyes off my wife’s tits and I don’t blame him. Not that I could really pay attention. His wife was wearing a bikini top and shorts and she knew very well I was checking her out. My mate says we’ll meet the girls at the checkout and we head to the booze section. I say to him that I’m sorry for perving but fuck his wife is looking hot. He says he wanted to say the same thing. We laughed it off but I sensed there was something he wasn’t sharing.

When we got to the checkout and joined the girls my wife looked at my mate and said they should join us for a bbq & have a catchup and listen to some music. Why not? It’s a long weekend and we have plenty of room for them to crash. We all agree to meet at home.

It’s obvious when our friends get to our place that they’ve pre-loaded and have had a few drinks. To be honest, so have we. We cook and eat some great food, have drinks and have a great time catching up. When I get back after topping up drinks, they look at each other in a conspiratorial sort of way. He looks at us and then his wife who nods at him. I ask “what the fuck are you guys on?” They get a little serious and he tells us that they have recently decided to live out sexual fantasies with other couples. He sits back as if to say “so, how’s that for news?”

I go to respond but my wife takes the lead. We’re all a bit taken aback as she can be a bit shy talking about sex. She tells them that she has had this fantasy for ages of meeting a guy at a bar while I’m away with work. She wants to get him home and just have sex. No feelings, no calling the next day – just a fuck. She says she just wants to feel sexy and enjoy the feeling of another man finding her attractive then fucking her and cumming inside her. We all look at her obviously impressed and then my mate asks me what fantasy I have.

“Well guys” I say “My fantasy is pretty basic I think. I would like my wife and I to have one or two couples who we’re friends with, but not just friends in the usual sense but friends with benefits”. My wife and our friends are looking at me and I feel compelled to go on. “We all love sex. We like each other and I know damned well we’ve thought about fucking each others partner”. My mates wife looks at me with a whimsical air and says “go on”. I go on to describe in probably too much detail that I’d like to have friends with benefits where we could catch up for drinks one weekend and then the next could be a themed sex weekend. “like what sort of theme?” I get asked. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable about opening up about this – I haven’t even shared it with my wife. But on I go and I describe a night where both girls perform a strip and give us guys a lap dance. Or we go to a concert and get lost only to be found by each other’s partner and end up having sex.

The one thing that seems to shine through though is that I want my wife to tease me by dressing in sexy clothes like tight leather pants, tight top, boots, glossy lips or parade around in a bikini with other guys wanting to fuck her.

The girls excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. My mate teases me a bit and says he’s “shocked” that I want to fuck his wife. I try to downplay it and say “No, no mate. If that ever happened, I’d make love to her. She wouldn’t be like a random fuck”. He laughs at me and says he’s just teasing, there’s nothing wrong about good old fucking. With them wanting to explore the “lifestyle” he says we were at the top of the list to play with. In fact she and my wife had met for coffee the previous week and shared their fantasies. He said he shared the fantasy of his wife dressing in sexy clothing and watching other guys perve at her.

Then I hear from behind me “You mean like this?” I have my back to the patio door and my mate is looking past me with wide eyes and open mouth. I turn around. There’s my gorgeous wife dressed in a leather crop top, leather mini skirt, black stockings and thigh high boots. His wife is dressed exactly the same. Both of us guys were awestruck. Both women paraded in front of us. They looked amazing and I got hard imagining my wife being bent over with her little skirt pulled up and fucked by my mate. His wife stood in front of me at the same time my wife stood in front of my mate.

The movie reel of my all time favourite fantasy was playing out in front of me. Neither my mate nor I needed any encouragement. Both these women needed to be fucked. His wife gave me a fantastic lap dance, I loved the feeling of my cock being massaged between her arse cheeks. I had reached around and was playing with her ample breasts. She leaned back and we kissed with tongues exploring each others mouths. My hands moved down and lifted her skirt and I rubbed her pussy through the silky material of her thong. I then pulled it aside to feel her wetness and play with her clit.

My mate and my wife were doing almost the same thing. I suggested we all head for the bedroom. The four of us get on our bed and I see my wife taking my mates cock in her mouth. Fuck she was hungry for cock! I’m lying down and his wife straddles me and gives me a view of her pussy & butt. She starts to suck my cock and I bury my tongue in her pussy. She tastes great, I can’t get enough. Then she cums and I have her pussy juice all over my face.

Next to us the others had swapped over and my wife was getting her clit and pussy dealt to. The look on her face was enough to let me know she was ok and having a good time. I’d wondered how she’d feel about seeing me with another woman – there didn’t seem to be any issue. With that I got my new playmate on all fours and started fucking her from behind. The others beside us had done the same, it was like a scene out of a porn movie. It was fucking great!

I was getting ready to cum. I wanted to play with her tits and kiss her again so I flipped her onto her back. As she lay there I looked down at her and just took the sight in. The crop top had gone but she still had the skirt, stockings and boots on. Fuck what a stunning woman. My cock was twitching like a divining rod as if to say “come on man”. I moved forward, and put just the tip of my cock into her to tease her then kissed her glossy lips. I kissed slowly down her neck and breasts while she tried to wriggle herself further on to my cock. I winked at her and smiled then rammed myself into her as hard as I could. I pumped away and was getting closer & closer. She was too – I could feel her pussy tighten around me and she dug her nails into my arse to pull me further inside her. Her back arched, her eyes opened wide and she let out a “Fuck yes!” at the same time I came.

Beside us my wife was riding my mates cock. She was leaning back with her hands on his legs. She was bucking and gyrating like I’d never seen her do before. He was holding her arse and she came with a yell and then a giggle. He came too and like me and his wife, they both relaxed into that post-orgasm breathlessness.

That was the first of many sessions together. We all seemed to develop a sense of when it was on or not, depending on where we were and what we were doing. We’re all still great friends. The change to the sex life of my wife and I is amazing. We share so much more about fantasies and have great sex. Our friends report the same thing. In fact both of our relationships are stronger.

Here’s to lots more!