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25 Jan 2020

Me time , on impulse



7 minute read

To my new friends – You know who you are…………… “ME TIME” and “ON IMPULSE” I had been working really hard this week and every part of my body was aching. I had muscle pains in my back and arms and all I wanted to do is sleep, rest and relax. Our house is usually busy with one activity or another. People getting up and making lunch for their days work . Children clanging around preparing breakfast. Cups banging on table tops and cutlery drawers being rattled open . The usual life and noise expected of a house with many people in it, all fighting for their place on the ladder to use the sink or toilet. This week had been exciting as we had joined a new club, which had been recommended to us by others. We had posted a number of photo’s and both my wife and myself were not expecting very much at all. Oh I was so very, very wrong with that. We had been contacted by a naughty couple who appeared to know how to get up to mischief. We have had long sexy conversations and my wife had a new look in her eye, where she had found someone to push her buttons and who was prepared to take her to another level. I could see her chats going well as she was smiling and her hand would, softly rub up and down on her leg and thigh, so I knew she was getting hotter and hotter. She would occasionally grab her crutch which meant that she was getting wetter and wetter and the tell tail sign for me was when I caught her re reading the texts that she had received and her index finger was sentually stroking her bottom lip caressing the corner of her mouth and occasionally stopping to slip her finger deaper into her mouth to feel the wetness inside. I know who ever she had talked to had pushed her buttons and raised her lust levels and I smiled as I knew that she wanted more. Me on the other hand, well I was pushed for time as usual about to head of to the next job and trying to keep the next client happy. I found myself at my bathroom sink. It was my turn. My moment to wash away my dirty thoughts that were now swimming around in my head. My naughty one had planted seeds of desire. She had let me know some of her most inner thoughts and sexual desires. She was not a tame one but quite the contrary. She didn’t want to just be taken, she wanted to be devoured. She didn’t just want a quick lusty shag. Oh no, what she wanted was much more and I was scared. Really , really scared……. She was so pretty from the photos, her breast shots were increadible and I got hard looking at them. She had a big thick main of hair and it flowed down over her shoulders, a little curly, which fitted her cougar character. She was starting to make my blood boil in my loins and I could feel myself leaking. My boxers were wet, oh so very wet and my cock was rising up its head, almost like it knew something was storking it. I found myself standing in my bathroom alone pulling out my old style shaver. You know the ones with really sharp Wilkins Blades. The type where if you slip an accident would occur and blood would run down your face. You don’t feel it untill the drip of blood hits the corner of your Jaw. Sometimes you catch it in your hand and other times you miss it and the drip, drops and makes the long journey down past your chest, passing your hips and splashing on the grould beside you only to make a mess. I wonder how hungry my Naughty One would get. I run the water and it splashes up out of the sink and it hits my naked body. It was cold, the door was shut and I was alone. Just me and my naughty thoughts. I grabbed the soap and I put my finger on the trigger almost like I was the hunter ready to shoot. I pushed the trigger a little but nothing happened. Maybe it wasn’t hard enough. I pushed it more and the can sprung into life with a hiss of air and instant cream all over my hands, it was everywhere. It was blue, cold,wet and sentual all at the same time. It was calling me to do something to it. It had also blown out and landed on my feet beneith me. It was a mess but I didn’t care and no one was there to tell me off. I knew if someone had come in they would wonder what I had done to make this mess and why I had not cleaned it up. I press in, on the cold porclean sink and I could feel my Johnson get squashed but the ice cold bowl, which was very erotic. I had other problems which was, what to do with all that soap. I lifted my hands and closed my eyes and gently rubbed my skin. I could feel it sliding all over. The alcohol and smell wofted up my nose an intense feeling. I had put soap in my eyes but I really didn’t care. I could feel my penis getting larger and I found myself rubbing the porcelain bowl. It was curved at the front and shaped like a womans ass. My cum was leaking down my rod and all this time I could hear those around me carrying on with life If only they knew what I was doing. !!!!!!! I had not rinced my hands and I found them starting to touch my body. Soap was being wiped over everything. My hand found the top of my hard muscle and soap was being pushed down all the way to my ball sacks. I couldn’t help myself and to be quite honest I simply didn’t want to. What was happening made me warm all over and I damn well liked it. I caressed myself and I could feel my body pumping, it was throbbing so hard like the drums in the wild banging to the beat. Someone knocked on the door, it was one of my children and they asked a question. I could hear them talking but not what they were saying. I hope they couldn’t see me through the window on the door. The only thing between us now was a piece of wood (and this wasn’t mine) and a small piece of glass. If I was caught I would never live this down. Soap on my face, around my groin. My cock was covered and my hand was in full grasp. The question resolved. I could breath, I wasn’t in trouble today. My pre cum was everywhere and was mixing with the soap and I was stroking it harder and harder. I could feel it rising up more. I was imagining the picture that had been sent of my play mate, hanging from the ceiling by a strap. She was naked and alone, her long hair draped down her back it was too late I had released myself in my hand and the warm liquid was flowing out like a river, hot, sticky and it smelled like me . I stood there trembling, it was so relaxing, I couldn’t see. I could feel soap and cum everywhere so I took my razor and started to shave it off one stroke at a time. I felt really naughty and it was but I realised that on impulse I had wanted every bit of it. My own me time I think……. It was wonderful and enlightening and it was all because of you a new friend in deed. Gooddane 69……….

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