Written by anon


M: Maybe it’s the whisky ... but I could bend you over and slide my hard cock deep into you, hearing the slap of balls coming around to match your heavenly contours. Mmm slowly slapping away rhythmically ... making you moan in pleasure over and over again. Grabbing at your beautiful tight ass, switching between that and your breasts swaying to the same rhythm as my thrusts … still my balls keep slapping you … what a sound! I stop for a second to control myself, so I don’t cum to soon...I sink my now throbbing cock deep and hold it there; you feel my heart beat from it.

F: Mmm you pull out and admire my delightful ass then delve into licking my juicy ass and pussy holding me tight not letting me wriggle away.

M: Inhaling your sweet aroma … only turning me on more and more (sneakily I’m wanking my hard cock, so turned on by it all)

F: Before spreading my cheeks and pushing your hard cock into my ass taking my breath away. Pushing in firm and slow then slowly speeding up the rhythm x

M: Feeling you fight at first then release, to encompass the pleasure, your legs are going weak, due to the immense pleasure your clitoris is feeling, I hold tight to your hips and keep you at that perfect angle where I can give you my all and fill you with pleasure ..don’t faint on me now !..I’m pounding you ..you are at my whim … you can’t fall down .. and have you in my control!

F: I’m loving the pounding, totally under your control want you to take me wholly and fully as deep and far as you can go. You reach down and rub my throbbing clitoris and maintain the pounding, I’m wanting more and more of you x

M: I take a breath, my balls and your breasts pause their relentless sway in unison ....’wow’ we say enjoying the moment together, oh the heat, the connection. We are amazing ... I slowly start to plough my engorged penis into you, slowly increasing pace, here goes our team of balls and breasts again in unison … like some poetic script, I feel you’re about to cum ...I reach around and start to tease your clit, you nearly jump back at me!... I continue faster and faster until I feel and hear you orgasm with a total body quiver and such a polite feminine scream ...

F: Overcome with excitement I scream out in primal pleasure I don’t want it to end x I can feel you are about to come my back arches your pace fastens again, you are lost in the moment I feel you quicken then empty your hot load into me groaning in pleasure. I want you to fill me with every drop

M: Wow!... yes, yes… what a release!... mentally, physically… I’m done !!... wow!! The communion!...

F: We collapse on the bed spent. We sleep until later when I wake to find your hard cock nudging my arse gently .... but that can wait till next time ….

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