She leans back into the chair and spreading her legs very wide and pulling her panties aside to reveal her waiting hot pussy.

“Please,” she says, waving at her pussy, “Please lick my clit and see if my there’s panties work for you, also please play with my nipples too, as the bra matches, they must work together.

So I move off the couch and between her beautiful legs and start licking her pussy, it’s been freshly shaved, maybe even just before she meet me, after only a short while I notice her breathing has changed and she’s beginning to arch her back, pushing her clit hard in to my mouth. She comes so quickly I was very surprised, it was like a release.

After a minute she recovers and ask, “So sir, is this lingerie set idea for you and what you had in mind?”.

“Are no I don’t think so,” I say, “I like more see though material.”

“Ok, I’ve an idea,” she says and hops off the chair and slowly removed the bra and thong, steps to the draw again and finds something else.

This is black and looks like lace, it’s stunning and there’s not much of it. The thong is almost strings except for a extra small triangle of see though lace fabric, and the bra is the same, strings and small triangles of fabric covering her nipples.

She moves the small amounts of fabric into place and then does her poses again, so I can see all of her body and lingerie together.

“How does my nipples feel though the fabric?”she asks.

She moves over and kneels on the couch so her gorgeous breasts are inches from my face.

“Here,” she says, “rub them on your cheeks and see how soft the material is.”

With that she is pushing them forward and rubbing her tits all over my face, and deliberately running her nipples over my mouth.

“How does the fabric feel against your lips,” she asks, and it’s not long before the tiny piece of black lace is peeled back and her erect nipple is in my mouth and I’m sucking for all my life.

“You need to try the other one,” she moans, “ it will get jealous with lack of attention.” And moves her other breast into my waiting face.

I realise that as I’m sucking she has moved and is now rubbing her sex into my thigh while holding onto the back of the chair.

I suck her left then her right nipples and back to the left, my tongue going around her nipples then sucking them into my mouth hard, then soft, then hard as she cums again in my thigh, shuddering she hugs my face into her cleavage and there we embrace for several minutes until she’s fully recovered.

“Ok.” She whispers, “What other fantasies do you and your partner want to do?, perhaps 3somes?, is your partner perhaps Bi?”

“Yes she is Bi,” I say.

“Oh good that’s a whole different set of lingerie you’ll be needing,” and she gets up and pusses a button on the wall and within seconds a rear door opens and in steps another two beautiful attendants.

My first attendant, still wearing her skimpy black lace lingerie walks over to the drawers and removes even more beautiful bras and panties and gives them to the new girls.

The blond girl receives a lacy blue set and the darker hair girl takes a bright red set, and like my first attendant, they slowly remove the clothes until they are both naked too.

The fitting room isn’t that big and while they’ve been slowly undressing they have been accidentally bumping into each, but it starts becoming even more deliberate.

My first attendant walks back over to our two seater couch and sites down with me, and seems just as eager to watch the show.

“These two sets of bras and thongs come from ” Fuckable “ series,” she says looking into my eyes, “Especially made for 3somes or orgies,” and puts hand and on my inner thigh, where only minutes ago she’d rubbed her pussy and strokes it in excitement.

By now the two new girls had started helping each other into the new lingerie, it was deliberately slow and as one helped her partner into her bra a far amount of touching and holding of the breasts were required, and with the thongs a similar approach was taken with lots touching of the others pussies and arses to get the garment just sitting right.

Finally finished they both moved slightly apart, as much as the room would allow and started holding poses like my first attendant.

Then the blonde turns to the other girl a gently embraces her and they starts to kiss, their hands are all over each other, what started out gently starts becoming more and more frenzied.

At the same time my attendants hand has moved from my leg to my penis, and she’s rubbing it on the outside of my jeans...