Texts were exchanged over the weekend:

Jean: Sorry for the interruption last night. How did the rest of your night go?

Matt: No worries. Until Mel joined it was amazing. Beyond amazing. All ok with Mel? Maybe we can catch up this weekend?

Jean: Mel’s ok. She’s great. She just needed a friend. Thanks for understanding. I’ll make it up to you. Busy this weekend with Mel sorry. See you at work. xx

Matt: So Monday, usual timing?

No answer.

So Monday morning comes around. I’m totally gutted and confused when there’s no sign of Jean. I enter the quiet, empty shower. There’s a pair of black knickers in the corner. I can’t resist myself and pick them up, examine them, see silver stains and hold them up to my nose inhaling deeply. It’s heavenly, musky, dark and sexy. I wrap them around my cock and revel in the feeling of the fabric around my dick, leaving a large pool of cum in the gusset and putting them back in the corner. No sign of Jean at work. She’s out at client visits all day.

Tuesday. The black knickers have gone. In their place is a close-up picture of a shaven pussy with swollen lips wide open, a finger inserted into the pussy, red g-string pushed to the side, and another finger on the clit. After that, it’s a hot shower for me and for obvious reasons I’m late for work, with a photo in my pocket, which I pull out several times during the day to make sure I’m not imagining it. Jean's away again.

Wednesday. I find black knickers and red g-string in an envelope on my desk with a note. “Take tomorrow off sick. You have had a covid test and need to self isolate for 2 days.” Somehow I get through the rest of the day.

Thursday: I’m at home in 'isolation' and delighted to hear the doorbell around 10 am. No sooner has Jean stepped through the door we’re locked in an intense kiss. My hands are immediately on her glorious ass and her hands grip the back of my head and neck. We explore each other’s mouths feverishly. I’m ready to rip both our clothes off when Jean steps back, takes a deep breath, smiles and laughs. It’s an infectious laugh and I join in, thankful for the break in tension.

It’s only then that I take in her appearance. She looks like she’s come straight from work in a tight skirt that goes to just above her knees, black high heels and a fitting white blouse. Aside from slightly dishevelled hair and smudged lipstick she looks professional, and sexy as hell.

She kicked off her heels, undid the top 2 buttons on her blouse and walked past me to check out my apartment, deliberately brushing the bulge in my trackies with her hand on the way past with a giggle.

We settle down on the couch, kissing and touching, hands everywhere. A tweak of her nipple elicits a moan and intensifies the grinding of her hips. My other hand roams down her back to her ass - feeling no panty line which excites me - and I start to pull up her skirt. Again, as everything builds intensely she breaks off and pushes herself away. As frustrating as it is, I’m loving the build up.

She tells me that she didn’t remember offering to have me join her in the shower on Monday morning. Seems she was drunker than I’d realised. She asks me about the knickers in the shower, knowing I’d come in them. She wanted to hear in detail how I’d wanked myself with them, what I was thinking about while doing so. She was getting visibly more excited by me telling her how I’d stroked myself, and had used a finger just inside my ass. I could see her breath quicken when I told her I’d imagined myself on my knees in the shower, holding one of her legs up, licking her pussy, fingering her and flicking her clit with my tongue while reaching up to tweak her nipples.

I was getting so horny telling her, that I started rubbing myself without even realising it. Jean was captivated, watching my hand rubbing my crotch. She started to rub her tits with one hand while the other moved down to her own lap. Frustrated by the constraints of her skirt she stood up, breaking the spell.

“I want to watch you” she said, grabbing my trackies and boxers and pulling them down. I lifted my hips off the couch and watched as Jean stared at my hard cock, her mouth only inches away from it. She paused and blew on the head making it twitch, and making Jean smile. I loved seeing that smile as she stood up and took a step back.

I started stroking my cock slowly, watching Jean. She was transfixed and while watching me she undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and threw it aside. Still watching me, with her mouth slightly parted, she unhooked her bra showing me the most perfect tits I could imagine. Not huge, but firm and shapely, smallish with gorgeous large nipples that were getting bigger as I watched.

She moved her gaze from my cock to my face and seemed pleased at my admiration of her tits. I was as transfixed as she was. The feeling was intense and electric. Back to watching me stroke my cock, she twisted her skirt around and unzipped it letting it drop to the floor. If she hadn’t been so focussed on my hand and cock, she would have seen my mouth open in admiration at her hairy mound. I enjoy a nice, shaven pussy but sometimes variety is even better.

She took a step forward and put one foot up on the couch near me. Still watching my cock she leaned back slightly and used both hands to open her pussy lips, showing me her sex. I could smell her scent and saw glistening moistness. I watched as she twisted her nipples, and fingered her pussy, dipping one then two fingers inside, then out to squeeze her lips together, then up and down their length before finally spending time back and forward across her clit. The pace of her rubbing matched mine and sped up. I wanted to bury my face and then my cock in her pussy so badly, but this was so intense, I was loving it.

I was so close to coming, I took my gaze from her pussy to her face and saw her gaze was no longer on my cock, but right back into my eyes. “Come for me baby” she said with a rasp in her voice. Her hand moved faster, and I matched her tempo and her eyes stayed locked on mine. “Come for me” she said again, this time with urgency in her voice. That sent me over the edge and I shot my load onto my chest without breaking her stare and saw her own orgasm hit her hard. I won the staring contest as she closed her eyes and tossed her head back, her legs weakening a bit causing her to stumble slightly and reset her footing, while splashing me a bit with her own cum.

I pulled her down onto me and kissed her hard. It was bliss. Our tongues playing together, feeling her nipples against my chest, my hand playing in the wet folds of her pussy and her hand pulling gently on my cock. I pulled her up my body, the cum on my chest helping her slide, until she was sitting astride my face. I lapped at her pussy, devouring her while playing with her beautiful nipples, her moans encouraging me. Her hands joined mine on her tits as I took my right hand away to finger her while I worked the flat of my tongue across her clit. In no time I was rewarded with her knees clamping hard around my head and a wonderful pulsing pussy on my tongue while she trembled and moaned deeply.

My cock was fully hard again and I had started to stroke it. Jean turned around presenting me with a different view of her pussy and delicious ass. She watched me wank briefly before taking my cock in her mouth. I was in heaven, tounging Jean's pussy while she was sucking me. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and she thrust herself back onto me in a glorious rhythm, my cock fucking her mouth and my fingers fucking her pussy. Feeling her slip a finger gently into my ass I did the same to her which sent us both into climax. I pushed my face into her pulsating pussy again and she sucked me and swallowed my cum greedily.

Turning around we kissed, smiled, laughed and played with each other’s bodies until we decided it was time to make our shower fantasy a reality. In the shower we played out exactly the scene I had fantasised about and described, making her cum again as I knelt in front of her, dialling up her orgasm with gentle tweaks on her nipples. She got to her knees and took my full length in her mouth but stopping short of letting me cum. She stood up, with my cock in her hand. “I want you in me” she breathed into my ear. Turning around with her back to me, she guided my cock into her pussy and moaned with contentment as I filled her. She leaned forward bracing herself with her arms against the shower wall. Reaching around her I played with her tits with one hand and her clit with the other while thrusting into her. Jean thrust back and shortly I felt the waves of her orgasm massage my cock bringing on my own orgasm quickly afterwards as my balls pulsed, shooting loads of cum into her.

Jean turned so we were face to face and we kissed softly and deeply. She reached down to play with my cock with one hand and brought herself to orgasm with the other, bringing her cum and juice coated fingers to my mouth. I was seriously loving time with this woman!

We soaped each other, joking about the presents she’d left for me in the shower at work. My cock was starting to swell at the memory. The musky smell of the black panties. The sexy picture of the shaved pussy and red g-string. That’s when it hit me.

“Jean?” I said, with my hands playing in the soapy lather of Jean's hairy pussy. “Who was in the photo you left me?” Jean looked at me and smiled wickedly. “Well”, she said, starting to lather up my stirring cock, “They were my fingers, not my pussy. I told you I had a busy weekend”.