She walks forward towards him, until they are intermittently close, her breasts almost touching his and his gun almost rubbed against her sex.

“And who are you anyway?” She asks.

“British Secret Service,” he said, “I’m Bond, James Bond...”

His gun now rubbing against her pussy he puts his other hand behind her neck and pulls her head towards his and begins to roughly kiss her lips.

After a minute he let’s her go and pulls back a little, and looks into her eyes, but she grabs his neck and pulls his head to her and bits his lip and the kissing starts again.

He wants her even more now so with his hand against her neck and choking her, he pushes her against the wall. His cock is rock hard and he rams it to her pussy.

“Fuck Me,” she pleads, and her hands a on his cock, trying to unzip his trousers.

“I need to get you to safely,” he moans into her mouth.

“No. Fuck me first,” she says.

He slides his hand down her stomach and inside her panties, his finger finds her wetness.

“Now!” She moans...“Now!” She moans, “I want you in me now.” She has his pants open and his swollen cock in her hand, her finger nails are biting into its skin.

Bond removes his finger and pulls her panties aside, they spin around and crash back into the plate glass window, her bare arse is pressed hard against it for anyone to look up and see, he lifts her leg on to one hip and she guides Bonds cock into her waiting pussy.

He still has his hand around her neck, choking her against the window but his other hand is gripping her lower thigh and it pulling her towards him.

Bonds cock thrusts home, and they are both locked together, faster and faster they move.

With each pump it feels like she is slowly moving higher on the window, which is flexing in and out.

“Yes,” she breathes as her body tightens on his, as if her whole life depends on his, “Yes, yes!” She pants and explodes around his cock and they both cum together.

There’s a long pause while they hold themselves against the glass, but eventually Bond lets her neck and leg go and they inch apart.

“Give me a minute and we can do that all over again,” she says, “my legs have all gone to jelly.”

“That’s why they call it a knee shaker,” Bond explains, “But first I need to get you to safely, get dressed and come with me.”

She quickly dresses in another room and grabs a bag.

Bond has tired the unconscious men on the bed and called in the clean up crew, they have little time as they’ll arrive in minutes, and bodies will be moved, floors cleaned, damage repaired, walls painted, and drapes replaced, all in the space of a couple of hours.

“Ready?” Bond asked.

“For you yes!” She smiles, so Bond puts his arm around her waist and steers her from her apartment and across the street, checking every entry and exit along the way.

“Oh not far?” She asked,

“Just a safe house, we’ll be able to see everything that goes on,” replies Bond.

She looks out his window across to her apartment, she can clearly see everything, the man on the bed, her vibrator on the bed side table and the nude portrait on the wall. She looks quite shocked.

“How long have you been watching me?” She asked Bond.

“Over a week,” he replies, “does that worry you?”

“Fuck no, it really turns me on!”.

They look at each other for what seems like hours, so many thoughts are running wild between them, but eventually they both walk together and embrace.

This time it’s not so frenzied, it’s controlling and deliberate. Bond takes the lead slowly undressing her and kissing every new bit of skin revealed until she’s only in her bra and panties. As he loosens the bra straps off her shoulders, he kisses down her back until he reaches the clip which he opens, he doesn’t let it fall but holds it to her so it still cups her breasts. He kisses the round of each breast until he reaches each nipple and sucks each hard.

She moans aloud, but Bone says “Control, don’t cum yet, let it build.”

Bond finally lets the bra drop to the floor and helps her to the bed.

He keeps kissing her breasts, licking her nipples, thumb always massaging the other nipple.

He starts licking and kissing down her stomach, feeling the rise and fall of her chest with sharp breathing and abdominal muscles tighten under his lips. The reaches her sex and starts taking off her panties the same way he removed her bra, slowly uncovering new skin to be kissed all the way to her feet and at last they too are on the floor. He starts his way up licking and sucking on her toes, each one having its time and none missed, then the ankle, lower legs and finally her inner thighs. He pushes his hand on her knees and moves her legs further apart, he’s looking straight at her sex, it looks beautiful and he has to control himself not to dive right in.

Instead he starts to blow on her sex, his fingers open her pussy lips and he blows long and hard. She starts to buck and push her sex closer to his lips for his tongue to touch her, but with his arms over her thighs he easily holds her down, the blowing continues, cool jets of cold air aims straight into waiting hot pussy. Bond has taken his time and still hasn’t touched her pussy, and it doesn’t matter how much she pleads, how much she calls him a beast and tells him to stick his tongue in her pussy, he doesn’t listen and tells her not to cum and have self control.

She settles down a little and that’s the moment he’s been waiting for and bends his head forward and kisses her clit. Bonds tongue starts to lick she sex, starting with little licks like a cat licking milk and slowly working up sucking on her clit, he’d held her back so long that she cums almost instantly. But Bond doesn’t let up, if anything gets stronger and faster, he’s gone from kitten to tiger.

He’s lifted her legs up and can now run his tongue even further, from the top of her pussy to arse and back up her pussy, up and down and diving deeper every time. Still Bond wants deeper so he make her kneel on the bed so she can sit on his face and grind her sex into his tongue, nose and chin. At times she cuts his breathing, her pussy making a perfect sealed mask over his face.

The sounds of their sex is amazing, her moans and cry’s of an approaching orgasm and Bonds laboured breaths, licking, sucking and swallowing. She begins to tire and her legs are like jelly from to many orgasms so she leans on his legs which takes her arse out of his tongues reach, but not of his hand so he slaps her left arse and then pushes his thumb into her hole. Her arse instantly tightened around his thumb and she closes in on another orgasm. “Fuck!” She cries, “Fuck my arse, Yes”

Bond pushes his thumb deeper and massages her inner while slapping her right arse cheek too. The arse slapping and thumb fucking continue till Bond thinks she really is wasted so slowly they flop onto the bed together.

They cuddle together inches apart, Bond still dressed and she completely naked.

“My name is Natalia but my friends call me Nat,” She shyly says to Bond.

“I’m originally from Russia but came to London with my parents as a child,”

All this Bond knows, he had a briefing from M before the assignment. Her parents both spy’s working out of the Russian Embassy were both dead, car crash, suspended hit but never proven.

“Well Nat, you’ve been very naughty girl and had all the fun so far today, it might be time to look after me,” says Bond.

“Yes Sir!” She smiles and moves off the bed.

She goes to her bag and removes 3 things, a bottle of massage oil, a small silver vibrator and gem stone butt plug.

“That better not be for me!” Says Bond.

“These are for you,” and she holds up the vib and oil, “the butt plugs for me when you fuck me later, but why don’t you put it in me now.”

So Bond takes the oil, vib and plug and says, “bend over and touch your toes!” Which she does without saying anything, Bond stands there admiring the view, he’ll never get tired of that view.

Then he slaps her arse once on each cheek for good measure and sits on the bed behind her.

He the takes the oil and drips it on the top of her arse, it runs down her cracks and into her pussy, then he starts running his finger up and massaging with the oil and penetrating with each pass.

Nat moans and Bonds slaps her again on the arse check extra hard leaving his hand print and she moans even louder, rocking her butt closer and closer to him.

Bond then oils his fingers and insists first one then two into Nat’s arse, then he dribbles oil on the butt plug and starts to inserts it into her hole.

He has his one hand on the plug and the other now in her pussy, she’s close to an orgasm and he’s holding her back. He’s pushing the plug in an inch and out again, in an inch and out again, over and over slowly, all the time thumb fucking her pussy.

He knows she’s coming again so pushes the butt plug home all the way into her arse and pushes against her virginal wall at the same time, Nat screams out in intense pleasure and cums around Bonds hand. Bond helped her into the bed and they cuddle again while Nat recovers, “Your fucking amazing,” she whispers and kisses him hard on the lips, “now it’s your turn !”

She starts to strip Bond, one piece of garment at a time and like on her, as skin is revealed she lightly kisses and licks him naked.

Bonds cock is very stiff and waiting, there’s a small dribble of precum seeping out the top and she obediently cleans him up by licking and sucking on him, “yummy!” She purrs.

She then takes the oil and runs a puddle into her cupped hand, then starting at the top of his penis she spreads it down his shaft so to simulate the feeling of his cock entering her Pussy.

“On the scale of 1-10, tell me when you’re a 8 and I’ll back off,” she says “I only want you to cum in me, ok!” And she continues her massaging of gliding her hand down over his cock which stimulates him nearer and nearer to his first orgasm, as he gets close she changes to his balks and then back to his cock, over and over.

After 10 minutes or so she keeps massaging but moves so she’s sitting astride his leg and starts rubbing her pussy into him, he can hear her breathing change, she’s really turned on too.

The massaging continues for what seems like hours, the slowly downward movements which feels like the first time you’ve sticking your cock in a tight hot pussy, then the finger nails dragging up again which drives you crazy if you love finger nails dragged over your inner thighs, over your arse and down your back, then massaging your penis head over and over which feels like teeth it when you’re being sucked on and are going really deep, taking you all in, right to hilt.

Finally she add even more oil and moves off Bonds leg and sits onto his cock, riding it cowboys style, her pussy riding up and down the length of his penis, never penetrating but so so close, up and down her hips move and up and down his cock she rides, it being swallowed by her pussy and the his knob appearing massaging her clit and then disappearing being swallowed again over and over till you’re finger nails dig into the sheets and mattress.

But then it all came to much for them both, Natasha who had cum so many times and thought she could hold on and push Bond, found she was far to turned on to hold out any longer. She changed the angle of her hips and taking Bonds cock in her hand gently guided it into her waiting pussy.

The feeling as Bonds cock pressures on her butt plug is amazing and the movement against each other brings another mind blow orgasm. Bond too can feel the pressure as it’s different than before and after so much pleasure cums with Natasha.

They lie together in the a afterglow and touching each other, across the bedroom they can see directly in to her apartment, and can watch the effects of the clean up crew, though only a hour or so had nearly finished.

“You’ll be able to move back soon,” says Bond. Then his cellphone rings and it’s “M”...