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The ice cold northerly snaked through the alleyways and billowed up into the night sky.

Wellington has many nooks and crannies that reveal themselves if you look closely. There are a few bars that aren’t signposted. They lay behind innocuous doors and are typically located up on the second floor of nondescript buildings. Locals know them. There is one such door, in one of the alleyways off Cuba Street that leads down to a place like no other. Not a bar as such. More an underworld.

In the scattered rain and gloomy dark, Samantha scanned her phone for the details. No streetlight here. There’s a curiously highly polished combination lock but no obvious door handle. She typed in the code.

The latch releases with a heavy thud. She stepped inside and closed it behind her.

There is a staircase leading straight down. The stairs are softly down lit. All polished wood and victorian iron railing. At the bottom of the stairs a large room opens out that looks like a private men’s drinking club. Dark paneling, wing back chairs and the smell of polish and old money.

Who knew?

She was meeting a couple of friends who both sat waiting on the leather sofa. There seemed to be no one else around. Various doors led off this room. All closed. A mix of 1930s jazz and trance came from discrete speakers. A curious mix of old world and new.

“Sorry”, Samantha offered. “Parking has got ridiculous around here”.

Z grinned.

Z kissed Samantha and gently bit her lip.

Was this for real? She eased back into the sofa. This place is amazing. Z girl had insisted she come. She felt Z girls male friends hand rub up her thigh.

No anchor.

A smoky haze pooled around the dull yellow glow of the mood lighting. Samantha got up and glided effortlessly through the space. Danced to herself as the mood kicked in. Z girl fixed Samantha with her gaze. Her large unnatural eyes. Black pupils. Red beauty. She wore a pure white linen dress that swathed her serpentine form.

Samantha was restless. In a haze. There was a dragon fizzing beneath her skin.

She felt a hand pressing against the small of her back. It was a steady hand. Unyielding. She pushed back into it. Smiled.

She was no longer in the main lounge. She was in bed. Not her bed. A simple room with well worn wooden floors and a single lamp on the desk. Dappled colour. Reds. Greens. Christmas coloured shadows.

Z embraced her. Naked. The man had his hand on the small of her back. They were all naked. In bed. Together.

The world outside disappeared.

Samantha, back arched, surrendered. The three bodies moved in waves, legs entwined with legs, breast against stomach, fingers in mouths. Unison. Her mouth sought his. Then hers. Restless. Samantha breathed deep and sucked it all in. The black fur coat beneath felt like heaven against her bare skin.

A dance. Their bodies were in constant motion. Teasing. Moving back and forth in waves. She felt his hardness against her back. Her mouth locked with the black eyed girl. Tongues exploring. Circling. Oh, the taste of her. Her sweet, sweet scent. Exotic.

His fingers moved between her legs. A first caress. Then down her thigh and back up. Just stopping short. “Don’t stop short”. Please. Back down. Up.

And in.

She gasped.

His palm pushed hard against her naked flesh. His fingers reaching forward and deep inside. A subtle twist of the wrist. Pushing up. Searching. She moaned. He paused. He pushed up again, gently. Slow, deliberate strokes. She moaned. Deeper. She twisted her hips back and forth and matched his pace. His thumb and fingers worked together. She darted her tongue across black-eyed girls ruby red lips. She bit down. Released. And smiled.

Control was hers. She pushed his head down. His tongue gilded across her stomach. Down her thighs. Kissing up. Higher. Teasing. Higher. Ohh...yes. Sparks arced across her veins and deep into her heart. His tongue in and out of her. Circing. Demanding. She clasped her thighs tight around him. Let him go. Clasped again. Locked.

He broke free, pinned her and mounted her.

“Oh. Dear. God”.

She felt all of him. Thrusting in deep. His chest rising above her which she clawed like an animal. Dug her nails in. This only made him more fierce. Engorged. Dominating her. Z girl danced and gyrated in the gloom. Her fingers pleasuring herself. Her eyes remained fixed hypnotically on Samantha.

He flipped her over and took her from behind. Samantha buried her head between black eyed girls legs. Over and over. His hands locked on her hips, moving her back and forth. Deeper. Always deeper. Samantha devoured her pussy. Z girls head whipped back, hips thrust forward and her body shuddered. Samantha pushed forward. The shudder grew in intensity. Samantha writhed on the rhythmic certainty of the dance. The three became one. Locked in union. Diamond encrusted snakes burst forth from beneath the bed and shimmered across the floors.

Head thrown back. Pure. White. Light.

Then darkness.

Time passed. The morning alarm on her phone blipped. Samantha woke. Her head ached. She licked her dry lips. Was that real? She pulled the sheets tighter around her and snuggled down.

Just a few moments more before facing the work day.


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