Velvet had a shower, a long relaxing shower, with plenty of time for reflecting on the three most exciting mornings she has ever had.

Velvet questioned why her? Does she look cheap and easy to buy? Does she look so average that a man would not care to hurt her feeling by asking her to have sex for money? Is he a psychopath that is going to kidnap her and kill her after torturing her?

Wait, batch 18, started service six days ago. Velvet was on her last night shift, she entered the room to set it for the night. Tony was just entering the batch when she was about to leave. Or was he? Has he been there all along watching her bend over the bed, climbing on the stool to pull the curtains and ...... o no! She smelled his pillow! She noticed a wonderful scent of leathery aftershave perfume while moving the cushions and she buried her face in it!

No point in wondering any of it now. Velvet is ready to play the game one more time.

The black and gold kimono like dress is Velvet’s favourite: short but elegant, a sexy split on the left thigh, hugging her curves and accentuating her bum and breasts. It’s perfect for teasing. Natural makeup is always making Velvet feel comfortable in her skin. Red lipstick is a must tonight. No underwear. The black leather high heels are high but comfortable enough for a few hours and they make her legs look long and sexy.

The taxi is taking her to the agreed location. A busy restaurant in the middle of town. Velvet is punctual as always and she is hoping Tony will not make her wait on her own. On the contrary, Tony is waiting outside for her. The taxi pulls over on the other side of the road, giving Velvet enough time to admire her date: beige trousers, black shirt, brown leather belt and shoes and a clean shave. He is handsome and absolutely charming.

As Velvet crosses the road, Tony spots her and quickly approaches her, offering her his arm. They make a great couple. The sexy vibe they emanate makes the crowd look at them with envy. They sit at a table that Tony has reserved earlier. It is by a large window looking onto the street and is closely surrounded by other tables.

Tony starts the conversation by complimenting Velvet graciously. He asks if she is comfortable and then starts the game: “Tonight’s rules are simple and I hope you will find them fair”. He continues “During the course of the meal I want you to uncross your legs slowly and give a flash of your pussy to the passing crowd outside. I want you to take your shoe off and place your foot between my legs and stroke my cock. At the end of the night I want to fuck you on the car bonnet in the park. If one of us reaches orgasm before the end of the meal, loses, and will have to obey to the other till the other comes”.

Velvet found the rules appealing and wanted to add some of her own: “I want you to put your hand under my dress and feel my pussy”. Tony had one more rule “ I want you to insert this remote controlled vibratory in you. I will hold the controller”.

Velvet was hot, wet and ready to play. Tony had a bulge in his trousers that was impossible to hide. Velvet added her last rule “ I want you to move slightly away from the table when the waiter comes over so she can see your hard cock”.

All rules agreed, Tony gives Velvet the small vibrator. Velvet opens her legs just enough to slide the tool in her dripping pussy. She is expecting Tony to turn it on right away but the object is still, giving her just enough pressure on her g spot to make her want more.

The waiter soon approaches the table for the couple to order their drinks. Tony moves away from the table as agreed and at the same time pushes the on button on the vibrator. Velvet jerks a little in surprise and clutches the sides of the table.

The waiter is keeping her composure although she has notice something is happening between the couple.

The vibrator stops, Velvet exhales as she is not far from climax. A group of passers-by is closing in by the window and she quickly opens her legs. One of the man sees her and winks at her.

As the waiter places the first course on table, Tony’s hand reaches for Velvet pussy and a finger joins the vibrator. Velvet is almost coming so she closes her legs and instead she takes her shoe off and starts stroking Tony’s cock. Dinner is delicious and the couple is having fun teasing each other. Velvet is confident she can control her screaming groin a little longer.

Tony is in to win. He grins, moves closer and takes one of Velvet’s nipples between his fingers, his other hand on her clit. He squeezes her nipple and turns the vibrator to full speed. Velvet loses control and comes on Tony’s hand. Tony puts a finger in the freshly delivered chocolate mousse and licks it clean of mousse and pussy cum.

Dinner is over and the couple make their way to Tony’s car. Once inside, Tony unzips his trousers and says “Remove your dress and touch your tits when we see another vehicle, make sure they see you doing it”

Velvet obeys to the new rule and soon enough they come to a red traffic light where a truck is waiting as well. Tony stops besides the truck. Velvet looks up at the driver and starts touching her tits. The truck driver’s mouth is stuck between a smile and a gob smacked expression. Velvet loves the feeling of teasing from a safe distance.

The light goes green and Tony adds another rule “Get on all fours and suck my dick”.

Only a few hundred meters away, another red light awaits and with it the truck driver. He can see Velvet’s naked arse and her head going up and down on Tony’s cock.

Tony takes a turn and stops at the town park. The lamp posts are far enough to leave a patch of semi darkness between them. Tony orders Velvet to get out of the car, he bends her over the bonnet and fucks her, holding her tits, until she comes with a loud moan. Tony has noticed the truck driver has parked just ahead and is enjoying the show.

Tony grabs Velvet’s hair so that she is forced to arch her back. Now the truck driver can see her swinging tits while Tony is fucking her hard. Velvet is almost screaming and gives a yelp when Tony’s cock, harder than ever, hits the top of her pussy walls and Tony comes with a groan.

Velvet, exhausted, sits on the park log fence, trying to slow her breathing down, when she hears a truck start up. Looking over to the noise she recognises the truck from the traffic light and has a giggle. Tony winks at her and places a warm blanket around her saying “I think we have the same taste as sex goes”.

Tony brings Velvet home. He opens the car door, helps her out of the car and gives her a hug. His warm strong body makes Velvet feel safe.

Is this the end of it? Velvet wants to ask Tony if she can see him again. Not for money.What if he doesn’t want to? After all this was just a game.

Tony walks Velvet to her door and says “see you in a couple days”

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