I selected the men who came around home to fuck Jane the teacher on a Friday or Saturday night - mmf, mmmf were the most common arrangements. She wasn’t much interested in that side of our little hobby, the organising. She set the age range, basically 40-50 like ourselves, medium build, and she said she preferred big dicks but it turned out that personality mattered most. Quelle surprise!

Why single men? We just found couples too much trouble and too unreliable for a hassle free evening. It was generally easier for me to just go to clubs, and it was fun watching Jane getting fucked in our own bed and joining in the fun.

Usually as those sex-filled nights wound down, we would all sit on the bed and talk over a final drink. During one such conversation with our ‘guest’ that night, Fred, enjoying his second or third visit, he mentioned he was seeing a woman whom he met through his work, just as bonk buddies, but as he was now going overseas for a while, would I like to take his place? He gave me her number, told me where she lived, and said to just call her and say you know Fred. Jane was, like, that’ll be nice for you, dear.

Well, it sounded good to me, too. The following Friday, mid-morning, I called the number.

“Hello, June speaking.”

“Hey, June, this is Pat. Fred gave me your number…”

“Oh, yes,” she interrupted, keenly, I thought, “I’ve been wondering if you would call, or when…” Her voice trailed off.

“Are you free tonight?” There was no need to piss around, she knew what I was calling about.

“I’m babysitting for my daughter till about 10:00. Is that too late for you?”

Yep, definitely keen! Fred had only been gone three days.

As it happened, I was on twilight shift, and although she lived a long way south of our place, my work was about in the


“No, not at all. I’m actually finishing work at 11:00, so I can arrive soon after that.”

“Ok, great. Umm, I’ve never done this before, meet and, you know… straight off, I mean.”

“”Fuck, you mean?” That was to rub the point in, so to speak, and get the idea firmly planted in her mind.

“Yes.” Although it was more of a croak of assent than an actual, spoken word.

“Are you getting wet at the thought?” Let’s see how adventurous she is.

“Soaking,” she whispered, surprising even me, “sopping wet. I’ve been fucking flooding since you told me who was calling. I think I’m getting a wet patch on my office chair!”

I understood what she meant, about “never done anything like this before.” The zipless fuck. Meet and fuck, with few, if any, preliminaries. Let’s face it, few women do it. If you’re a woman reading this story, though, I bet you would love to, right now.

She meant she wasn’t a swinger, wasn’t addicted to sex. She just dated men she liked and went to bed with them if she felt like it. I thought this was now an opportunity to have some more fun pushing her boundaries.

“Well, you’re going to be naughty tonight. Really naughty.”

“Yes, I will be, won’t I?”” June replied, softly, “What do you want me to do?”

Ah, there was the submissive tendency Fred had talked about.

“First, let me in the door, don’t say anything till I speak to you.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

"Be naked."


“Then take me to wherever you want to fuck, lie on your back and open your legs for me.”

“Oh my God…I’ll be so nervous…but Ok…sounds like fun.”

“Be wet.”

“That won’t be a problem,” she giggled, like a tinkle from deep in her throat.

“I’ll get my cock nice and wet in your pussy, then you’re going to suck it clean.”


“And I’ll tickle your lovely tonsils with my cock.”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

“Then you’ll go on your knees and I’ll rim you with my tongue and use my fingers on your clit.”

“Oh, fuck, stop, I’m going to come!” The urgency in her whisper spoke to the truth of this statement. It wasn’t actually a demand, she was imploring, begging.

“Squeeze your legs together.” That should do the trick.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, “too late…fuck…fuuuck.” She was breathless, panting into her phone.

And I added her to my list of women who have come like that for me, over the phone, either before even meeting or after one chaste coffee meet and greet. Those early days of the beginning a sexual relationship are such fun!

So I waited for her to calm down, just a half-minute or so.


“You’re so naughty. I told you to stop!”

“Ah well, too late now…

…Oh, one more thing. Hand me a beer at the door. I’ll be thirsty after work.”

“Sure,” her voice almost normal again. “I’ll get some on my way home from work. Heineken?”

“Fine by me. Are you shaven?”

That was two more things, but who counts when they’re having fun?

“I can be.”

“Cool, be shaven and I’ll see you a bit after 11. Bye for now.”


She did as she was told, like a good girl – met me with the beer, took me to her bed with her freshly shaven pussy. I let her speak after I was well and truly embedded, finally leaving her place at 3:00am. Our next meeting was at home, me, Jane and June, three in a bed, all night. But that’s another story.