The next series of encounters were almost like Mary ticking off her sexual bucket list. It also gave me great insight into her shitty sex life with her husband. The Monday following our encounter in the classroom, Mary came up to me in the staffroom. She whispered, " I have never felt a guy come in my mouth." To which I replied, "reading room at lunchtime."

Sure enough during the lunch break I had my cock out and Mary's mouth working on it. My hips were trying not to thrust to hard as I realized that if She enjoyed this, I would get more of this kind of action. Mary worked her tongue both around my penis head whilst firmly working her hand along the shaft. The sight of my cock going in and out of this married woman's mouth was incredible. I started to feel that familiar feeling and said, " I am close." She tried to gobble as much of my cock as she could. I couldn't hold back and exploded in her mouth. She swallowed and proceeded to make sure my tool as clean. After this was done, Mary got up and said "thank you."

Our next encounter involved her masturbating fantasy. She sent a little note that she wanted to play but only her. I was slightly confused until I entered the book room. There was Mary on a chair. Her jean skirt hitched up, with her panties on the ground. She had one breast out with one of her hands working her nipple. She motioned for me to sit in another chair. She said, "today we show each other how we play with ourselves. Not touching the other person." "Ok" I replied.

Mary then started by rubbing her clit vigorously, her hand was almost like a blur. She moaned loudly but kept up the intensity , then just as I thought she would come just thorough working her clit, she shoved two fingers up her love canal. Her legs closed around her fingers and her leg muscles twitched as she began to orgasm. Her head leaned back as she came. I was sitting there with an iron hard cock, watching this Married Lady bring herself to orgasm. I freed my cock from my trousers and stroked it hard and fast. Just as Mary started to recover from her orgasm, my balls were tingling that familiar tingle. Mary quickly placed her mouth on my cock head and I exploded into her mouth.

Unfortunately our play that week was then interrupted by the "time of the month."

Please feel free to comment or ask questions as there is only one part left in this experience.

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