There are 2 things about waiting for two minutes. First of all how long that time is. But more importantly how aware you are of the erection in your pants whilst waiting. In fact you feel as if people around you notice you have a boner and then gossip away. Yes that was my head space. Whether I waited 2 or 4 minutes I don't know. It was I had a need that required urgent scratching.

My next challenge was walking normally across a room filed with colleagues with said erection. I made the journey mumbling continuously saying, "I need the loo."

Finally I opened the staffroom door that led to the office and the staff toilets. Next dilemma, which of the three toilets was Mary in?

Luck played a part. A door open and there stood Mary, her pants around her ankle with her panties on the same leg. I saw for the first time her beautiful pussy, moist and glistening. I walked into the cubicle and dropped my jeans. My penis sprang out from in front of me. Mary said "fuck me quick."

I bent a little bit and then pushed my cock straight into her moist married pussy. I placed my hands around to her ass and then impaled her on my cock. I covered her mouth with mine to silence the groan she made. We tongued and kissed whilst being pubic bone to public bone for a minute. Then I started to slowly thrust in and out. I watched her eyes close in pleasure as I sawed my cock in and out of her pussy. Her legs started to shake as she had a tiny orgasm.

I could start to feel that tingling in my balls. I started to quicken. She said "no not in me tonight." So I slowed down.

Mary pulled my cock out of her snug warm pussy. She then pushed my so I was in front of the toilet. She gripped my cock and started to rapidly jerk me off. I was just about to come when she shoved two fingers up my ass and I spurted a load of come into the toilet bowl. She kept fingering and jerking me until I had nothing left.

I turned around to kiss which was passionate. She then said, "stay here for 30 seconds, then come back. " With that her beautiful married pussy disappeared from view as she pulled her trousers up and went back into the staffroom. I waited and then flushed the toilet ensuring all evidence disappeared. I wandered out to where some of the staff had set up the BBQ and so did not make it back inside the staffroom for 20 minutes. So I was shocked when I walked in and there was Mary sitting next to her husband. I went over to him and said "hi." She looked ok so I went to join another group. They soon left for home and a few of us did indeed hit the town,

The next morning feeling a little worse for wear, Mary's husband rang me up. He apologized to me if his wife's behavior had caused me any embarrassment. I assured him that there had been no embarrassment at all and that I still thought very highly of Mary. With that the call ended and I knew I had to find out what Mary had told her husband. But that is a different story. (Please let me know it you want to read what happens next)