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Unwanted mmf

"But by whom? And why? And will they change their mind...."
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This story is based on true events and a version from the other party is a story on this site might be surprised at the different perspectives! I’d been looking forward to this night for weeks. G had brought us tickets to a degustation dinner and I’d been planning my outfit for days. The restaurant was a 20 minute drive and on the way there we had a massive row and our car broke down to make things even worse. We needed a ride back home desperately. We’d only just moved to the area and only had 1 friend living nearby and he hadn’t answered our texts yet. We barely spoke to each other through dinner and I had a few more wines than I normally would. Halfway through the night, G came to me with an odd look on his face. “We could ask that guy we’ve been chatting to on KS if he could come and take us home?” I was shocked as it would be our first mmf and we were barely speaking to each other. I sent the text straight away but our friend came to the rescue and was already on his way with a tow rope. As I finished another glass of wine, I found myself continuing to text S and because the thought of finally getting 2 cocks was so hot, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. I organised for S to meet us at our house when we got home. As you could imagine, G was not very happy with me. “That was only going to happen if he helped us out tonight! Why would you organise this without telling me?” I immediately realised my mistake and insisted that we call him off as I felt so bad that I’d organised this meet outside the boundaries we had set. “Oh hell, no - you started this and you will see it through” - my punishment. Within 10 minutes of arriving home, there’s a knock at the door. “Go and answer it” I was ordered. I was so nervous, not just because I was about to fuck a strange man in front of my partner but also because we were still in the middle of a massive fight. I could tell that S was just as nervous as I was but G was still just angry. I sat down next to S and started rubbing this thigh slowly as we tried to talk to each other. “Stop talking and get your mouth around his cock” G’s impatient and in no mood to muck around. “That’s what he’s here for.” With no hesitation I’m on my knees in front of S, hands expertly unbuckling his belt, his button, his zip and pulling free his massive hard cock. I can’t help but exclaim “Holy fuck, your cock is impressive!” I’m surprised, delighted and concerned that my reaction would upset G. I don’t even look his way, instead I eagerly take S’s cock into my mouth, licking, sucking, kissing his rock hard cock. “I can see you showing off, baby” G's watching avidly from the couch, his own rock hard cock straining against his pants. I stare into his eyes, trying to read the situation, with my mouth full of another mans cock. Suddenly, he’s up behind me, lifting my arse up to expose my dripping pussy, using his tongue, his lips, his fingers, working his magic until I come hard, S’s cock still getting the royal treatment. “Has anyone ever been able to deep throat you?” G asks S. “Sadly, no” “You know what to do, baby.” I’m not even showing off, I’m loving every second of his cock in and around my mouth, slapping against my check, and now, permission to deep throat this monster! I adjust position slightly and take his whole cock, right to his balls, and bounce a little bit before coming up for air. “Oh my god, how did you do that? You’re so tiny!” “That’s enough,” G orders. “Do you want him to fuck you now?” G asks me. I know he’s still furious with me, but I want S’s cock inside me so bad “Yes, please.” “Go and get a condom.” As I leave the room, I see G move over to the bed where we were and start talking quietly to S. I come back and look at G questioningly. He just nods toward S and says nothing. I quickly put the condom on, straddle S, eager to go for a ride. His cock slides into my wet and waiting pussy, he’s stretching me so wide and it feels amazing. I reach back for G and he’s right there behind me, watching this stranger pound my pussy like he’d never done before. “Remember what I told you, bro, she wants it hard and fast, don’t you baby, you wanna be fucking pounded by his huge cock.” “Oh my god, yes,” I whimper almost on the brink of coming again. “What do you want baby?” “I want you inside me, I really do babe, I want you to fuck my arse while S fucks my pussy.” “Yes, you do,” as G slams into my arse and I’m being fucked by 2 rock hard cocks. I am so turned on and my orgasm is so intense I’m left shaking and need to take a breather. “When’s the last time you fucked a tight little arse?” G asks S ”Ah, it’s been awhile..” I can’t quite believe what I’m hearing - will this be the 2nd rule broken tonight? “Do you think you could handle his big cock in your little arse baby?” “You know I can and you know I want to..” S pushes his massive knob up against my tight arsehole, he’s so eager, but I reach behind me and grab his cock hard, I’m controlling this entry. I guide him in slowly, pushing out to try and accommodate him. Holy fuck, I’ve never had my arse fucked by a cock - or anything - so big before. I start playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and in no time, S is gliding in and out of my arse. G’s voice rolls over us “Now fuck her pussy bro..” “Now fuck her arse...her pussy…” Each time I climaxed G told him to change holes. “Oh my fucking god, S, just fuck my arse, I wanna feel you come so deep in my arse!” I cry out and my own orgasm starts. S is fucking my arse with intent now, and I’m rubbing my clit furiously, and I explode and S explodes inside me. G’s right there with his hard cock, guiding my head into his lap “You look after your man now baby, you show me how much tonight means to you...” Directed at S, “You’re all done here bro, cheers for your efforts.” He tries to thank us but we’ve only got eyes for each other now, he leaves, and I worship G’s cock with my mouth, and G explodes with hot cum, filling my mouth and I swallow his load, just like he likes me to. P.S We actually got this guy back again, we were so impressed - but that’s another story!

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