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Civil servants drop off

Years ago before I met S the lads were on a pub crawl around Hawke’s Bay and (because I lost a previous sessions drinking games) I was the sober driver.

It wasn’t as fun as drinking but it needed to be done. While the team were drinking I was killing time and ended up talking to two rather drunk older women because why not and they were friendly!

They were two civil servants who’d come to Napier for a meeting and were having a few drinks and were very flirty, as you can be when string-free in a new city!

The drinks went on and the two ladies were hinting they wanted to go and were talking about taking a taxi...well I couldn’t let them waste their money! I offered to give them a ride and they happily accepted! I told the lads I would be back in 5 and took the two women 2km back to their hotel.

They invited me in to “see the place” and before you know it the flirting became direct and they said they’d like to pay me for the lift. I started pashing one (G) while the other one (K) stripped down to just an open blouse and leggings.

K came over, pulled my trousers down and started to stroke and suck my cock while I kept kissing G and rubbing my hands over her body. K had gotten me incredibly hard by sucking my cock the way only a middle aged woman can (and she also knew just how to treat a mans balls)

I took G over to the bed, bent her over, hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her knickers and entered her tight, wet pussy.

K positioned herself on the couch and began to finger herself while watching us go to town. I tried to get her to come and let G munch her as I fucked her but apparently K didn’t “do that lezza stuff” and she was happy to finger herself while waiting for her turn.

I was getting close to cumming and hadn’t fucked Ks pussy yet so I pulled out of G and just fingered them both while taking turns to pash them. Once enough time had passed that I wasn’t edging I rolled over K onto her back and began to fuck her from behind as I kept fingering G.

Eventually I had to cum and they both dutifully got down on their knees and I finished on their faces and they sucked my balls dry.

Having been fully repaid for my good deed I left them and returned to the lads who gave me high-5s, asked questions, and did all the stuff you’d expect drunk rugby lads to do and say.

My only regret is not seeing if the ladies would have been interested in me bringing the lads around. 6 drunk 20 year old athletes and 2 horny women...could have been a fun gangbang. But oh well. Can’t cry over could have beens

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