This is a true story apart from the names.

The first time I met or saw Janet she was a customer in the general store I owned at the time, she would come in after school in her high school uniform for an ice cream on her way home from the bus.

A pleasant young lady with red hair and the odd freckle, not helped by the typically unflattering school uniform, she did not stand out as a head turner, but had an infectious smile and manner, that made her a pleasure to talk to, at no stage did I at that point have any sexual thoughts towards her, little did I know then that that would soon change.

Janet left high school and came into my shop in tight jeans and a T shirt which showed she had a very nice figure and nice petite boobs all of which had been hidden by that dreadful school uniform, I looked at her and thought mmmmmm you will have the boys chasing you before long, I at the time was 28 years old and married, and thought no more about this young lady,

A week or two later Janet let it be known she was looking for employment, and it just so happened I needed an assistant in the store, so I offered her a job which she readily accepted.

She duly started work the following Monday, and she was very good and picked things up very quickly, and I was able to leave her to mind the store while I carried out the delivery service I had to undertake twice a week.

One of my lady customers said to me one day what a nice young lady Janet was, but felt she needed some advice on her personal presentation re what she wore etc . and would I mind if she talked to her,

To cut a long story short with in a week she had my little red headed assistant looking absolutely stunning, and I thought wow I would like to get in to her pants, Janet was 15 yrs and 9 months old at this time,

It was not too long before I started flirting with her which she obviously enjoyed and flirted right back.

So one day when we were out in the store room I took her in my arms and kissed her, and to my surprise she kissed me back,

This happened quite frequently from that day and it was not long before I was touching her and wanting to fuck her, she was as keen as me for me to fuck her, but said I would have to wait till she was 16. my raging hard cock did not like this news at all.

But try as I might she would not do any more than kiss and touch, with my erect cock pressing into her as we kissed, it was a hard wait.

Eventually her birthday arrived and she turned up to work looking radiant, and quite beautiful, early that after noon we were out in the store kissing as we did most every day, I slid my hand up under her skirt to find she was not wearing nickers, and I finally got to play with her little ginger pussy, I should add that Janet was only of tiny statue.

I lifted her up onto the bench we were leaning against, and pulled out my raging hard cock, she whispered in my ear be careful darling you are my first, so I slowly entered her very wet pussy, I am not too badly endowered, and she let out a quiet moan as she took me in but was soon enjoying it, and thrusting her hips into me for maximum pleasure.

We fucked most days from then on part of the thrill being the risk of a customer comming in to the main shop. but we never got caught and my little shop assistant was in heaven. as was I.

Our little affair carried on for many months and little Janet was a very sexy lover, life in the shop was great until the shop was sold and Janet moved to the city, we carried on meeting for a time but she was starting to meet people her own age. and I of course was still married but only just, so after one last night of fucking we called it quits and parted friends.